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Kate Upton Pre-Hack

Yeah, I’m sure you guys have all heard about how some dude hacked Kate Upton‘s phone and swiped several hundred megabytes of photos and videos. Those were nudies, and we try not to stoop (?) to those levels here on … Continue reading

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A Couple of Jennys

I forget, especially when I’m drunk, how the plural vs possessive thing works. If it is two of a lady named Jenny, but it is not possessive, there’s no apostrophe right? Except, really it is possessive, since both Jennys possess … Continue reading

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Braless Ain’t Overrated

I know all ya’ll have been desperate to find out what happened to Samantha, and get a peek at our next installment of the epic story Braless at the Office. But alas, I’ve been lazy. Well, not lazy in general, … Continue reading

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Senior: your pokies are here

I like this girl rocking the off-the-shoulder red shirt with no bra and crazy pokies. One option is for us to return to nature. Where everything is pure and clean, and there’s no hormones in the chicken, and gals don’t … Continue reading

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Braless at the Office

Samantha is one of the product managers. She probably makes pretty good money. She’s certainly in a position of authority. If I had to guess, she got where she is according to the following formula 15% brainpower 15% hard work … Continue reading

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Excited to be Braless

Braless girl gets crude and flips the bird: I could’ve sworn that we had another post around here somewhere of a braless girl flipping the bird. But I’ve looked and looked and can’t find it. Email me if you guys … Continue reading

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