I’m not much of a paper-pusher. I make a crappy adminstrator.

After 10 years, I guess I’m finally getting around to publishing a privacy policy for BralessBlog.

I thought about copy/pasting an “official” privacy policy from a “real” website, but man that seems like a lot of administrator crap for a cool moron like me to deal with.

So here’s my privacy policy, totally not approved by any official legal guardian of any country ever in existence:

  • I like privacy.
  • I hope you like privacy.
  • I don’t want to know anything about you that you don’t want me to know. And if you want me to know something about you, well I still probably don’t want to know it. Let’s both mind our own business!
  • I don’t know shit about cookies and tracking and servers and shit. If you have cookies turned off, good for you (except if you are missing out on peanut butter and chocolate chip and maybe sugar, which are my favorites). If you have them turned on, great you should try them with cold skim milk. Short glass, I like to dunk them and ya can’t reach in as easily with a tall glass.

Any info that’s collected about you is totally non-personal, except where you volunteer it. That exception, as far as I know, is just our mailing list. I like getting your email address because in a bizzarre way I enjoy sending folks bralessblog stuff via email.

I won’t sell any info you voluntarily submit to another website. Probably ain’t worth much anyway, dude 🙂