The Top 5 Things I Love About Kendra Rowe’s Boobs

I realize that Kendra Rowe is only 20 and I’m old enough to be her great-grandfather’s gardener, but I just can’t help looking at her boobs.

And also her pouty lips. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

It’s okay if you’ve never heard of her. It looks like she has around 100k followers on her IG account. It it were like 2 million, I’d call you dumb. But she hasn’t exactly gone mainstream yet.

On her website, she seems to sell memberships that allow access to regular photo and video updates. At least according to what she promises, she shoots with photographers and does updates frequently. Like many youngster’s these days, she is very digitally connected and very multi channel. She has her own website, she has the IG account, she has an OnlyFans account, and also a Youtube account. She has 210k subscribers on Youtube, so that may be her most popular media form right now.

Here are the top 5 things I like about Kendra’s boobs:

1) They are braless. Yep, you knew this one was going to show up here. Even though they are all-natural and wobbly, Kendra frequently titillates us by going braless. Check out the video I’ve embedded below for a fun look at her taping those braless yummies up for slightly improved discretion. It’s not that I don’t like her boobs when she’s wearing a bra, I just like them free even more!

2) They are natural. Trust me, I can tell. I like the way they squish, I like the way they wobble and bounce. Yes, fake boobs can look nice too. But natural boobs usually feel better, and that makes me dreamy and desperate.

3) They are the right size. Hey man, Kendra’s boobs ain’t small. Depending on what she’s wearing, they can go from big to really big. Part of that is just being natural and squishy, part of it is just being young and perky. We all know boobs can be too big, but Kendra’s are juuuuust right.

4) They play peek-a-boo. There’s been talk of Kendra doing topless stuff. I haven’t paid to join her website or access any of her premium content because I’m broke and live in a mobile home and eat ramen noodles and can’t afford new batteries for my hearing aides. But as far as I know, she’s still not baring all. But I kind of like the tease. You see a lot of pokies from her, a lot of grabbing of the boobs, mashing them together, an occasional downblouse. Occasionally we might get an accidental nipslip, and the video is subsequently deleted. I like all of that. Keeps me on edge and hungry.

5) Kendra likes showing them off. Hey, come on, if you looked like Kendra you’d make a living with your boobs too. Attitude is at least as important as looks, and she definitely has the right attitude. She is not shy about having big boobs and shaking them in your face. It gets her views, paying members, and presumably gets her a paycheck. I like that she is amateur-ish but not afraid to work her best assets.

braless Kendra RoweKendra’s boobs are way, way too big for this tanktop. The tiny little straps look completely overwhelmed, and I expect them to break with a twang like a guitar swing. If you look close enough, and I know you are you bunch of dirty perverts, you can see some veins just below the surface of her skin on her boobs. I swear I don’t know what’s the matter with me, but that makes me want to rub my face on her chest.

cameltoe Kendra RoweWhile we should all admit that we’re here for the boobs, I can’t help being a dude and all dudes look at women’s crotches. It’s just an instinct. We are trained by our genetics to look at the baby-making (and baby-feeding) equipment. I thought I should go ahead and post this photo of Kendra climbing out of her Toyota with her bikini bottoms jammed up in what is a bit of a candid cameltoe. Hey it happens to the best of us. I hate it when my tighty whities get jammed up in my ballsack and makes people think of funny mammalian appendages.

Kendra Rowe nudeOn your luckiest of days, you might be able to catch Kendra nude. The technical term in the modeling industry for this type of pose is “implied nude”. That means yeah she’s nekkid, but you can’t really see that much. I think we are all pretty interested in seeing her do implied nude, or pretty much any kind of nude. This photo makes me think she just woke up and might have morning breath. But I would be willing to overlook that. And you would too, trust me.

I think I’m going to sit around for a few minutes and stare at this see-through picture of Kendra’s nipples. Can ya’ll keep it quiet so I can focus??

Kendra is still super popular these days, and she’s really been doing a lot of modeling and showing off her body. Here are a few more shots for you guys that can’t seem to get enough of the curvy little goddess.

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