Boobs and Crotches [and the REAL reason you can’t look away]…

The pic I posted the other day of the gal in the black panties with the mirror behind her got me thinking about crotches.

Well, let’s be honest, I think about crotches a lot.

I created a category awhile back for braless cameltoe posts. I enjoy them so much, maybe I should change the name of my website!

Anyway, I thought we should go through a few today. You don’t mind do you?

1) This mature lady is doing her very best to completely bust out of her tanktop and her underwear.

Those nipples are rock hard, and I’m worried we should be wearing safety glasses around her. And her underwear is yanked so tight, it could possibly be cutting off the circulation to her nether regions. Probably, she needs me to check.
Me: Feel this?
Her: Nope.
Me: How about this?
Her: Ouch!
Me: You’re good.

2) Yowza, if this isn’t a serious cameltoe, I don’t know what is.

A visitor to the site sent this to me a few weeks ago, and I contemplated printing it out and taping it to my bathroom mirror.

What has gotten into this lady? Why is she pinching the bejeezus out of her crotch? Why are her lips so thick? Am I allowed to see more of her boobies?

Sigh, so many unanswered questions.

3) This crotch goddess gave me the shivers.

The way her boobies are hanging is perfection personified. A little hint of some pokie nipples. A little hint of some tanlines.

Her abs have just the right amount of definition. Her waist is semi-small, and her hips jut out like handles. As in “grab me right here and hold on tight and have your way with me”.

Her vadge is cleaved oh so prettily by that little g-string. And I’m sure once you click on the pic to expand it you will love the phrase that’s on her undies.

Do you remember a few years ago (2016 to be precise) when I was trying to explain to you why it’s an instinctual thing for guys to look down the shirts of women?

Well, it’s the same thing here.

We have this instinct to sow our wild seed, to procreate. Going back to caveman times, we are trained to check out the gal’s crotch, make sure it looks healthy and appealing. If something doesn’t look right, caveman moves on to the next little hunny.

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What the Hell is This?

What the hell is this?? Click HERE if ya gotta know…

I’m not going to tell you what this is. Lol, I know you are thinking dirty thoughts.

I’ll give you a few hints…

1) It’s a dirty job, and this thing doesn’t mind doing it.

2) You are going to need to clean it quite frequently.

3) The more you drink, the worse it gets.

Give up? Hahahahaha, click the link if you simply must know.

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Why Boobs and Mirrors are a Perfect Match

I have a mirror fetish.

As a visual guy, I like checking out the ladies. And if you have a mirror that is positioned just right, you can see twice as much, twice as many angles, as without.

This deserves an example or two, yes? Let’s get started…

1) She’s cute
Look, I can forgive a gal that’s a bit on the ugly side as long as she’s rockin’ a bangin’ bod. Thank goodness that in this case, we don’t have to worry about that. She’s actually pretty. And the little hair bun on top of her head sort of elevates her to “cute” status.

2) Those boobs!
Yes, her boobs are magnificent. They are quite weighty, and clearly unrestrained. I’m sure you noticed the pokies? Ahh, the benefits of thin cotton t-shirt when it comes to hard nipples.

3) Crotch sniffer
Well, I’ve talked about braless crotch shots before, and I’m happy to have fun with another one.

It’s hard to get quite so up close and personal with this gal’s labia, since the black g-string doesn’t show off as many details as white panties. We’re not treated to a cameltoe, but still. I kinda see some lips.

4) Curvy hips
The curve of her hips is setting me on fire.

If you look at the level of her belly-button, her waist is pretty skinny and tight. Then it swoops out, with wide hips almost like handles.

See the little folds at the tops of her legs? Those creases are like black hole sucking me in.

5) Mirror
The view in the mirror just makes this shot perfect.

We can see her hunched over, her shoulders and her back rounded. We can see the globes of her buttcheeks, with that thong yanked up and separating them. Her legs spread and welcoming my dirty perverted nature.

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10 Outrageous Sextoys You Should Not Live Without [Kinky New Stuff!]

I know I’ve been a little slack about posting lately. What can I say, I wore myself out doing all the video stuff.

In addition to a few braless babes, I’ve had my eye on sextoys lately. The search for the novel, the outrageous, the titillating, the awesome, the oh-my-gosh-ya-gotta-be-kidding. And I found a few that I earmarked for sharing. Honestly, some are so perverted I dare not share.

1) Full stroke sex machine
I know at first glance this thing looks like it would be more appropriate for the ladies. And in full disclosure, my first exposure to it was when I bought it for my lady. But come to find out, the manufacturer makes a zillion different attachments. This particular kit comes with 8 attachments. One of them is like a fleshlight thing. And it wasn’t long, my good friends and neighbors, before I lubed up and slid in. The beauty of this thing is it does all the work. I can just lay there and it strokes me. I’m not that big on vibrations, and that’s why I like this machines pumping/stroking action.

And by the way, if you turn it all the way up, prepare to get your brains boffed out. I would like to think after a few decades of wanking my own weenie I had seen it all. But this thing at full tilt is literally more than I can handle!

CLICK HERE to check details of the full stroke sex machine

2) Electric shock stick
Yeah, I know this is freaky with a capital F. But get out of your own head, and broaden your horizons, and check this thing out. They sell it as an “acupuncture” thing, but in some places you will see it advertised as a legit sex toy. Whether you are using it on yourself or your hunny, you can dial up anywhere from a 1 setting to a 9 setting. The 1 is sort of like, hmm that feels odd. The 9 is more like, ohmygodyouareelectrocutingme. It uses a simple AA battery, isn’t very expensive, so it should be added to everyone’s arsenal.

CLICK HERE to find this shocking device 🙂

3) Tablet masturbator
I actually got one of these from one of my dirty uncles as a Christmas gift. Yeah, I have a f’d up family. Everybody had their laughs, but when the crowds departed and I tried this thing out…


I’m too cheap to buy a real ipad or a real fleshlight. But my normal, el-cheapo tablet fits just fine in the dock. And my regular rubber masturbator sleve fits too (I tweaked it by rolling it into a washcloth before clipping it into place). Although the promo picture below is a little generic, let me describe to you how I fell in love with this thing. Que up your favorite sex scene. I’ve found POV stuff works, um, really really well. Looking down while you are pumping away, especially with a two-handed grip on thing is sort of magical!

CLICK HERE to see how to set up your own kinky tablet/sleeve combo!

4) Heavy-duty sex doll
I started out calling this “full-size”, but then I realized it was misleading. It is only about 2 feet tall in the boobs to butt dimension. So I guess I really shouldn’t say full-size, more like life-size. In the areas where it counts, it’s the right size!

Sometimes I just want to bang something. Not like with my hand, but actually get some hip motion in and hold a big lump of (semi-realistic) womanflesh on the bed and bang it. And whoa-buddy, this life size doll works for that.

I actually can’t post the photos here without getting a chubby and wanting to lube mine up and slip right in. Oh, and the design allows for you to um, pic the hole. This is 20 or 25 lbs of silicone that is ready to take a licking and keep on ticking.

CLICK HERE to check pricing on this HD sexdoll!

5) Under bed restraints
Yep, sometimes I like to tie her up. These things have a few things going for them.
a) The are quite strong, and work great.
b) They are easy to install/uninstall. I can usually set them up in just two or three minutes, and pull them up to hide them in the same amount of time.
c) They are not expensive.

I have lots of different restraint systems, but this is sort of a staple, so I think errrbody ought to buy a set.

CLICK HERE to see how these straps work…

6) Labia spreader
Yep, this product is a little weird. I’m a little weird too, if you haven’t noticed.

I like to get my nose/lips/tongue up in there. And it always makes the gals feel taken care of when I break out some equipment to keep them spread open while I do my community service.

Admit it, you’ve probable never seen a labia spreader before. And that’s exactly why you should check it out. I’m here to open up your mind.

CLICK HERE to check out the magical labia holder!

7) Storage
Not as outrageous as some of the other sex toys you see here, but at least as important is storage. Nobody wants nosy busy-bodies prowling through their stuff. I keep mine locked up in my pervert trunk. That’s where I put all my perverted stuff. And truth be told, I have several trunks. Cause I’m a major pervert and I have lots of stuff I need to lock up.

So this is a giant, lockable trunk.

I prefer the Plano stuff. They are very solid. You can stand or sit on these, and stack them with no problem.

You probably want to buy a keyed padlock or a combination lock, too.

CLICK HERE to see what I store all my perverted sex toys in 🙂

8) Keychain cam
Another slight dodge down the path of sextoys, but I like my keychain cam.

I have a thing for watching myself do the deed. And the purty ladies I hang out with all love to be surreptitiously recorded when they are nekkid and moaning.

This particular one is better than some of the garbage I’ve tried. It has a 350 mAh battery which is good for up to 2 hours of recording. I used mine with a 64 Mb SD card. It shoots in 1920×1080 resolution at 30 frames per second.

The quality of the video is quite good, and the audio is always my favorite part.

CLICK HERE to see my favorite spy cam [keychain]

9) Sex bench
Strap her down and make her frown, that’s my motto.

So the bad news is, this does tend to take up quite a bit of room. The good news is, anybody that walks through my house just thinks of it as a clothes drying rack, because I usually have laundry draped all over it.

This elegant little beast holds 400 lbs and is very stable. The height is just right. And once she’s strapped in, she’s gonna love it!

Don’t CLICK HERE unless you like tying your ladies up!

10) C-ring plus one
My final item for the list is for the sophisticated male (that’s me) who ain’t afraid to let his freak flag fly.

I’m not really into c-rings, and I’m not really into vibrations. Let me assure you, this is an awesome exception.

The straps are stretchy and feel excellent when they squeeze your johnson and your scrote. Then there’s the taint stimulator. Ohhh yeah… there’s that.

Put this on right before you get busy with your lady, and you will soon find yourself wagging your ass around like a happy canine. That taint licker/stimulator is something you will chase around. I, uh, well…it’s hard to describe. Trust me on this one.

Quit messing around, CLICK HERE and get some serious pleasure!

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