Nipple Pinching Expertise

For just a second, stop worrying about wrinkles and gray hair and sag, and just sit back and enjoy this happy little braless milf. Those nipples are pretty epic. I think we should be concerned about them ripping right through the fabric of her dress and causing a ruckus.

You might have noticed her wedding ring. I would guess her husband is mighty proud that she runs around flashing that cleavage around and making guys half her age lick their chops.

Speaking of milfs, here’s one who is mighty proud of her hefty D-cup ta-ta’s, and loves thrusting them out against the thin fabric of her tanktop. I’m kind of wondering why she didn’t put a little makeup on to spruce up a little bit.

Doesn’t really matter. I would happily motorboat those girlies until the end of the decade.

Do you think she pinched her nips to make them stand at attention like that? I feel like I could help her with that, too. I’m an expert at nipple pinching.

I might as well stick with the braless milf topic while I’m on a roll.

This hot mamma is not shy at all about posing with her coffee mug and her tits on display. We can guess that she’s just hanging out at home, hoping that her husband wakes up from his football nap on the sofa and pays some attention to how tight her jeans are and how appealing her nipples are.

I find it hilarious that we can see photos of her pregnant belly in the background. Clearly she is ready to make another baby. In fact, her body may be perfectly attuned to making babies.

All this talk of pinching prompted me to go back to my nipple clamp review and thoroughly enjoy the topic.

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Dove Cameron’s Boobs Get Bolder

I got surprised the other day when I stumbled across this image of Dove Cameron on the interwebz. Seeing her nipples poke out of that white shirt made my hairy toes curl up, and I was immediately interested in finding out more about her boobs personality.

Her eyes are greenish, and she’s 5’2″ tall, and she’s 26 years old as of this post date, which is about as far as I got into anything not related to her cleavage.

I got pretty serious once I saw this see-through selfie she took of herself in a mostly transparent nightgown thing in a dressing room in Beverly Hills. She has graduated from pop princess to a new level of “touch yourself while you think of me” with that nastiness. I might want to take her to prom.

She isn’t built like a Mack Truck or anything, no top-heavy mogambos for this girl. If you want to see that (and honestly, who doesn’t??), you’ll have to click on over to Anamaria Dodan. But Dove is obviously proud of her little B-cups, and that makes me like them even more.

She apparently started out as some kind of Disney actress. I’m guessing they keep you on the straight and narrow, make you wear underwear and not slut it up too much. But since she grew up and got away from Disney’s clutches, she started getting a little wilder and a little bolder. Some tattoos here and there, public bra burnings, hell she might even be giving her boyfriend a handjob in the back of the home improvement store these days.

Or girlfriend for that matter. Cause she has come out to say she is bisexual. And I don’t want to discriminate. She’s welcome to do hot dirty things with whoever she wants, and I’m happy to enjoy it from afar and post up pictures of her cleavage or her leaked nudes.

Haha, kidding. I might have downloaded a few pics of her perky little nakedness, but I won’t post them here. But she ain’t shy about posing topless. Spicing it up with a little bit of goth or alternative, ex-Disney Dove Cameron topless action is just what the doctor ordered.

The way that she is cupping her boob like that makes me think about her pinching her own nipples and moaning. But I digress.

I find it interesting (in my perverted kind of way) that she seems to be so focused on her tits. She has 48 million (!) followers on Instagram, and she’s so thirsty for attention that she posts a picture of herself somewhere on line every 28 seconds, yet I had to try really hard just to find a basic pic of her butt in a g-string or a thong. As you can see, her butt looks mightyfine, so if I were her I would get with the program and put that thing up on some billboards or with some flashing neon lights somewhere. Shoot, she would probably double her drooling little IG followers if she started flashing those buttcheeks around.

I kinda thought she was cousins with Cameron Diaz, but I was just confused.

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The Search for Ethereal Lovebug Nipples

This started out as just another “Daily Braless Video” post. But I ran across the gal that calls herself Ethereal Lovebug, and her titties were so bouncy, free flowing, and delicious that I lost my mind and fell down a rabbithole.

While it’s not unusual for me to disappear down rabbitholes associated with boobies, this was indeed a deep and dark hole. I’m just now climbing out, so I risk having a relapse just posting some of these goodies up for ya’ll.

First let me say, Ethereal is not your pink clothes wearing princess who never gets dirty and never utters a swear word. She may look cute and nice, but this girl is nasty. She’s like that girl you knew in high school that didn’t shave her bits, had superchronic halitosis, but could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

She has a really terrible tattoo on one arm that says “home sweet home” with a stick figure of a house that it looks like a 3-year old drew. You have seen better tattoos done in a dimly lit Russian prison with a melted BIC pen laced with gray toilet water.

But it ain’t all bad, because pardner she’s got some titties. And I mean, wow. They are big, they are all natural, they are droopy, and it became very necessary for me to see her nipples. Were they big, were they small, were they pink, were they brown? I had to know.

I would’ve been willing to pay some amount of money through her (these days quite typical) OF subscription, but thank lil baby jesus I stumbled across some stuff for free.

You may have seen those girlies of hers bouncing around back in the Daily Vid #7. If so, I’ve pasted here yet another one where she bounces and sways her way into our hearts and pants.

Her little body is only made for one thing, and it’s not working behind a desk. We all know what she does for a living, and it involves showing off what she inherited in the way of curves and chromosomes. If you are able to watch this video with that little body flashing around without touching yourself, you are a goddam saint.

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Braless Anecdotes

1) Braless milf gets mad
She was definitely a milf. Her reddish blonde hair was perfectly cut, but the wind had blown it around. Her designer sunglasses only partially hid her carefully-crafted makeup. But the best part was her boobs. They were massive mommy jugs, and just barely contained in her black tanktop.

I kept watching her as the game went on. She would jump up and cheer for her kid when he was at bat, and the effect was delicious. Her boobs would bounce around and sway back and forth. Every dad in attendance would hold his breath and fidget when she went into motion.

When her kid was called out, she got mad. She had a right to, considering the ump made a bad call. But storming onto the field was a little much. One of the other moms went out there to pull her out of the ump’s face, and things got crazy. The milf scratched at the other mom’s eyes, and then they started fighting. Somehow her tanktop got yanked down, and one pink-nippled breast popped out. It was the best kids’ baseball game I’ve ever been to!

2) Braless customer boobs
“How can you not have an opinion?” she demanded.

“Ma’am, I’m just hear to fix your dishwasher,” I insisted.

“The only reason you wouldn’t be able to say whether you prefer real boobs over fake boobs is because you haven’t studied the topic thoroughly.” She unbuttoned yet another button on her sweater, and I swear I thought her massive jugs were going to pop right out. “Can you tell mine are real?” she asked me coyly. I nodded, and tried not to get hard. She pinched her nipples through the fabric, and they immediately stood at attention. “See how they jiggle?” She cupped them from underneath and shook them at me. “You don’t think they are too droopy, do you?” she asked me with a pout.

“Um, no way. I think they are perfect,” I reassured her.

3) Unhappy with her boobs
“I just don’t like them,” she admitted. She was my coworker, and had invited me over to watch a TV show. She seemed a little drunk, and was complaining about her boobs. She was in a white t-shirt, and clearly wasn’t wearing a bra. Her short shorts were way to short, and the way she was sitting with on the couch with her arm propped up on her knee made me very aware of her spread legs, her smooth, creamy white thighs.

“Your boobs are fine,” I told her. “What do you have to complain about?”

“They are too saggy,” she insisted. “The size is okay, but see how they droop off to the side?” She cupped her tits and squeezed them up and together in a breathtaking display of cleavage. “And my nipples are always hard. It’s embarrassing. Everybody stares.”

“People stare because you have great tits.”

4) Lemons and boobs
“Please don’t kill me!” I begged her.

She laughed. “Do you want some lemonade or not?” Her braless boobies jiggled as she chopped the lemons on the cutting board. Her white tanktop was thin and practically see-through.

“You look pretty dangerous. One minute you might be cutting lemons, the next minute you might chase after me with that giant knife.”

“Well you better mind your P’s and Q’s. If you give me any trouble and take this thing and cut your schlong off.”

“Schlong? Nobody calls it a schlong. Except for Lorena Bobbit. She probably called it a schlong right before she chopped it off and then took it and threw it out her car window as she escaped.”

“I’m just kidding you. I like your schlong way too much to ever cut it off. Why don’t you bring it over here, I have an idea.”

PS – I also updated the Alexandra Daddario post with some cleavage action.

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