Bikini Pokies Are My Kryptonite

If you think about it (and I do, a lot), bikinis are awesome because it’s like chicks are wandering around in their underwear. I mean, they aren’t wearing anything under their bikini, right?

The bikini bottoms, whether they are full coverage or thongs, are pulled tight against the sweetest little female bits. And those bikini tops, that have no assistance from elastic filled, wire reinforced brassieres. Sometimes they are simply overwhelmed, and the girls go bouncing around. And quite often, they aren’t padded or thick enough to hide those water-hardened nipples.

Which brings us to today’s special treat. I live in North America, which means it’s wintertime right now. I generally bitch about the cold weather in the winter, and bitch about the hot weather in the summer. I bitch, get over it. So I need a little pick-me-up, and you do too. What better way to enjoy the winter than to drool over summer bodies in summer bikinis?

Some yummy boobs in bikinis would be awesome, but here at BralessBlog I want to totally eclipse awesome and blow your mind. All while my hand is in my pants.

Big boobs aren’t enough, I also want pokies. Those hard nipples add a shock factor that is hard to ignore or resist. Why do you think I have an entire category for this? And this little amateur hunny is just what the (amateur gynecologist) doctor ordered.

Do you think she has DD’s? Or are those like F-cup boobs? They are all natural, I can definitely tell that.

Scrolling back through some of my old posts, I can see why I’ve kept this website going for ten years. It’s because I’m brilliant, and horny, and I like boobs.

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Early November Braless Update

Update to the update: I also added a bunch of photos to the dressing room page 🙂

You should stop ignoring the downblouse post, cause I just added a couple of awesome shots to the very bottom that I can’t stop thinking about.

Added some to Caroline Wozniacki’s page, and I’m still chuckling about the vadge.

I added a yummy purple swimsuit to this post

A couple more: updated this Jennifer Lawrence post with downblouse shots, and updated this Blake Lively post with photographic evidence of those puffy nips.

Hot chicks on bicycles has sort of been a dirty obsession for me lately. I updated our fairly popular post here with a bunch of new biking photos. If you slide past the video and the other batches of photos, you’ll see the “Update” at the bottom of the post.

I went back to this post on sideboobs and (after I um savored every minute detail of those yummy ladies) updated it with a special new shot.

I thought for posterity I should include this shot of some seriously big boobies in their natural environment. Now I realize that boobs can be too big. And these may be. But I’m sort of mesmerized when I see this photo and think about motorboating my nose between them, so enjoy.

And finally, I thought I should update the tight dress pokies post with a shot that includes not one but two little sweeties who just can help but makes us groan with those mucho grande mammaries.

PS – I had forgotten about my top 5 from a year or two ago. And you shouldn’t. You should go check them out, because dayum those gals are gorgeous and their boobs make my day. Again.

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Braless Video Roundup

I have picked through one zillion youtube videos to provide you with the most entertaining braless and boob-related action this side of Mars. Drumroll please…

1) This video has been viewed over a million times. And I can see why. The gal with the gigantic DD-boobs who comes bouncing out at 3:24 just cannot be contained by a mere lace bra. She needs something strong like steel, plus maybe an ace bandage to strap those puppies down. Big hooters at 5:00. Then at 5:24 my angel returns, and this time she stomps so much those boobs almost give her a black eye.

2) This chicka is doing an ice-bucket challenge. That’s all fine and good, but she happens to be doing it braless in a white tanktop. Now listen, we all know what happens when white tanktops get wet. You have to think she did this on purpose. She was just dying to show off those nips. She’s not bad looking, and she’s in pretty good shape.

3) Some great pokies on this short-haired gal in a white dress. She might possibly have a bra on, and if so her nips just rip right through it much like our crowd favorite Jennifer Aniston.

4) This is another ice bath challenge thing. Girl gets some rock hard nips. That’s a tough way to earn some boobies views. I would experience some serious shrinkage.

5) Gigantic Japanese boobie cleavage. This ain’t bad. Enjoy.

6) Finally, some tennis boobs! You don’t want to go too long without getting a gander at some sweaty tennis court pokies. This little blondie is built with a big rack, but I sure do enjoy staring.

7) A ta-ta towel. 9.5 million viewers cannot be wrong. We should watch this. With our hands in our pants.

8) Some squashed-together boobies in sportsbras. Loving the workout, ladies!

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Some of my Fave Braless Milfs

There is some kind of hormonal thing that goes on with women as they age that encourages them or basically mandates that they stomp around braless. It is a damn near certainty. And hey, you and I are not complaining.

Like this young lady, who is not that young, and appears to be somewhat pissed that somebody is topping to snap her photo while her nipples are threatening to rip right through that thin, white, stretchy top. It looks like she may also have a pierced belly-button, since I can see dang near every pore on her skin through that shirt. But it’s hard to tear my eyes away from those big raspy nipples, I’m sure you can commiserate.

This lady has to be 50 years old if she’s a day. The way she is staring at the camera is a little creepy. She seems to be shooting death-rays out of her eyeballs, or trying to convince us with her Jedi mind trick “you will come lay on top of me and bite my pokies through this tanktop”. And it seems to be working, cause hey that’s exactly what I want to do. Right after I fix her bangs.

This braless milf decided she would stop to eat a meal. No problem with that, we don’t want her hangry. The dress she is wearing is falling open, and it’s working really well with those all-natural double-D’s of hers. Now admit it, you would love to sit across from her and stare at her cleavage (and her nips poking through that yellow material) and you would buy her damn near anything she wanted to eat or drink.

Yowza! This milf mamma is striking just the right pose standing in her driveway in a red see-through dress. I’m guessing she knew that folks would be able to see her big cans? I kinda like the shape of those pretty boobies, and the way her nipples are pointing in slightly different directions. It makes me think she is natural, and a little loose and floppy, and it makes me want to motorboat her!

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Shailene Woodley’s Boobs Make Me Diverge on Perversion

Shailene Woodley is a hot little American actress who is blessed with all kinds of yummy boobage.

Not to sound like the perverted stalker that I am, but I happen to find Shailene’s eyes as sexy as the rest of her. We’ll start out with this photo because a) her eyes are glowing like gold-colored laser beams, and b) those glorious boobs of hers are braless and uncontained. In fact, she’s lucky those girls didn’t spill right out of her low-cut dress in this photo!

Shailene has recently turned into quite the activist. She does some stuff for greenpeace, and checks out ocean debris, and calls for people to stop polluting. All fine, all good, but it sort of distracts me from the softness of her cleavage.

And speaking of cleavage, here we have a shot of her with no bra and some delicious inner-boob cleavage. These girls are all natural, I can tell that from a distance. Like with my binoculars when I stare at her while she’s sipping coffee on her balcony in the early morning hours. I’m not saying I do that a lot, officer. Only when I am bird watching and accidentally do it near her house while she is provocatively clothed.

I’m sort of intrigued by this picture of Shailene dressed up like a little German beer wench. I like the glasses, and the squashed-up, soft-looking cleavage. Her nipples, by the way, are exquisite. I’ve seen her parading around topless in a movie called White Bird in a Blizzard. It’s worth seeing just because how else are we going to enjoy her cute little pink ones?

I liked her most in the Divergent movie. She was very active and athletic, and it was fun watching her try to keep those boobs under control during the filming of her fight scenes and running scenes.

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Lifeguard Nipples

lifeguard pokies 15What red-blooded American kid doesn’t grow up with a lifeguard fetish? I am particularly compromised, since I grew up watching Pamela Anderson bounce her rack around on Baywatch once a week. Going to the pool as a kid, the lifeguards always seemed so grown up and so insanely sexually charged. Seriously, do you remember ever seeing an ugly female lifeguard as a kid? Yeah, I didn’t think so. It’s like the hiring criteria involves grading them on a scale of 1-10 on hotness, and only hiring 11 and above.

lifeguard nipples 1So I guess there really is such a thing as a “female lifeguard convention”. All of these photos were taken at such a convention. In some of the pics, you can see a zillion photographers dotting the beaches. Maybe these hotties are so used to standing around half-naked in front of random sandy/sweaty strangers that it just doesn’t bother them? I definitely missed my calling if there is a real profession where you just take photos of lifeguard nipples all day.

Speaking of which, as you may have noticed, I have culled out all the um boring photos and I’ve focused – for your viewing pleasure – on the ones that seem to emphasize boobage. These ladies were really put through their paces, so it’s not unusual to see action shots of them jumping and running and surfing and making out. Well, maybe not making out, but still.

Some of these gals look like they are either professional athletes or models. Or both. Some have ripped abs and very toned bodies. About 75% of the photos are high resolution, so you are going to want to zoom waaaaay in and not miss a single mole, freckle, or nipple gland. Because, hey, perverts-R-us.

I have a few favorites, but really I’m just enjoying the thought of these little hunny’s prowling around the beach without much on and their pokies saying hello.

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