The Holy Grail – Yep She Has It All

Holy mackerel. I have stumbled upon the holy grail.

I know, I know – I profess my undying love for chicks on this website constantly. But seriously, this is THE ONE.

The perfect chick:
blonde hair
blue eyes
smooth skin
busty – big boobies but not tooooo big (it’s a fine line, brutha)
nips that aren’t too small, aren’t too big, and aren’t shy about getting erect

The perfect photo:
gotta have some cleavage
gotta have pokies – we want those nips
candid is pretty awesome – if she doesn’t know we’re looking it give a bit of an extra thrill
what the heck, while we’re dreaming let’s say there’s a cameltoe

Whoa, what was that? Cameltoe you say? Have I lost my mind? As a boobie specialist, bralessblog obviously doesn’t delve into the world of the mooseknuckle very often. But it’s quite titillating and fun to check out. We’ve touched on it before…
There’s a brief mention about the chick in the red swimsuit.
And also, it’s hard to miss the pudenda riot going on in this lady’s pants.

It’s just damn rare to come across a photo where it has everything at once. It’s the bralessblog holy grail. The new trifecta – hotness, pokies, and cameltoe. I’m gonna print some decals for this soon, and we’ll see them on minivans all over America.

I should go ahead and give you guys the juice:
holy grail

There, see what I was moaning about?? She is gorgeous, but not super-model unapproachable. I mean, anybody is approachable when you are a stud-muffin such as myself. Rico Suave, yo. But she’s sort of grimacing off into the distance thinking “Damn, it’s hot. That dip in the ocean hasn’t helped, in fact my ass sweat has reached defcon 9, aka high alert. I wonder if anybody is going to notice that this wet, sweaty bikini is so adhered to my crotch that the dude sitting on the Star Wars towel way over there can count the wrinkles in my lips? And dang, my nipples, which were previously hidden, have suddenly popped up and made an appearance.”

Bravo. That’s what I say. Thank you, beach goddess, for serving as our Holy Grail. Everything we want, everything we need, juxtaposed into just one photo. We’ve waited, not very patiently I might add, for you to come along. Here you are, and we bow down. We salute your absurd hotness, and your undeniable wardrobe malfunctions. We can only hope you remain hot for several years, and also let your husband take photos of you wearing that negligee he bought you for Christmas, and then he posts them on the web where we can find them.

Shoot, while we’re hoping, we’ll hope that you’re a freak like us, and will willingly show off that body from now until the end of time. Hey errbody, check out my mogambos, want to watch me shake and jiggle?


Hold on. I found another one.

In the depths of my hard drive, the very bowels of ickiness, I found another “holy grail” shot.

Admittedly, if that first one is a 9.9 on a scale of 1-10, this one is only an 8. But still, wowzers.

It almost looks like this is some kind of sports bra ad. Professionally shot for a certain underwear brand? But surely they would not publish a photo of this chick with her hooha lips bulging out like that. “Excuse me, dear? The pokies are fine, they are great in fact. Dudes love pokies, and our research shows women can’t actually stop looking once they see them. We use these in ads all the time, at least in Europe. But, ah, the cameltoe? That’s kind of a problem. Do you think you could, I don’t know, kind of tape those things down? Yes, this it duct tape, but honey everybody does it. And yes, you’re right, it will hurt when you pull it off. But jeez, look at your crotch. The FCC is liable to throw us in prison. Have you birthed a baby lately? Not trying to be rude it’s just… you look sort of swollen down there. Ok, enough, I’m sorry. Just cover your action up and give us a break.”

holy grail 2

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Braless Video – a Superhuman Effort

It’s time. Time for another braless video. I sank a ton of time into this, so I hope you enjoy it. Also, I hope no Nancy Boys flag it because Youtube definitely gets wicked when they want to. If you enjoy this one, you can obviously see previous entries on our braless video page.

Some details:

Segment 1:
Hot blonde in a bikini, delicious pokies

Segment 2:
A construction chic in a g-string gets hot and strips down while she works

Segment 3
A perky/pokie blonde on the beach bounces around while braless

Segment 4
A busty teacher fantasy results in a detention

Segment 5
Blonde mamma records herself with pokies in the dressing room

Segment 6
Busty gal tries on varies clothes that accent her figure

Segment 7
Tanktop blonde

Segment 8
Redheaded lumberjack dances in the woods

Segment 9
A jumprope experiment

Segment 10
Curvy girl tires on clothes and offers fashion advice

Segment 11
A weird problem on an airplane

Segment 12
Healthy and busty looking models on the catwalk at a fashion show

Segment 13
Newscaster gets chilly

Segment 14
A girl with gloves on does some serious gardening

Segment 15
Two ladies laying by the pool evaluate each others chest

Segment 16
Doing some housework with her shirt unbuttoned an no bra

Segment 17
Braless gal dances

Segment 18
Trying on some goodies to squeeze the boobies

Segment 19
A girl slips into a negligie and bounces her braless boobs all over her house

Segment 20
Yes, please show us your tattoo busty braless girl!

Segment 21
A busty darth vader comes for us on a train

Segment 22
Model with nipple jewelry poses in the park

Segment 23
Busty gal flops around underwater

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Imperfect Braless Boobs

Imperfection. Let’s talk about it.

Honestly, I’m tired of perfect boobies. When I say “tired”, granted I won’t be kicking anybody out of my bed regardless of what kind of boobs they have. Well… unless they are hairy. I do not like hairy boobs. Other than that exception, I just mean the whole plastic surgery thing has been around for so long that I’ve gotten “used to” the perfectly round, perky boobs, and now I like more diversity.

A little droopy. Some projectile action. Yessir, sign me up.

I think that’s why the amateur thing is appealing. Celebs and models are yummy, let’s not front. But amateurs, with their more imperfect boobies, ring my bell these days.

So obviously, this post will be amateur focused. What’s that? Less talk and more action, you say? Get on with it, already?

potato chip cleavageWhile I cannot condone eating snacks in bed, as it tends to get mucho debris in the sheets and grosses me out, I certainly CAN condone enjoying delicious braless boobs while lounging and munching on potato chips. This girl has some massive hooters, and she doesn’t have to dip her chip into sour cream and onion goo to make me thing of other white liquids that need to be in the field of study. I think she might be wearing a romper, one of my new favorite words, articles of clothing, and future post topics here on BBlog. This girl’s boobs make me happy, bam there it is.

tanktop boob droopThis girl may be the epitome of Amateur Droop Action (ADA). Here she stands in her worn-out, stretched-out, thin white tanktop, large melons drooping and nipples pointed downward at ohhh I’d say about 15 degrees. The whole marlboro thing grosses me out, I think we can all agree smoking is a turn off. But we’re back to imperfect – yes she smells like an ashtray but she has big mojumbos that droop and sway and she’s ready to try and shake her ass in your lap like she’s in a MTV video. This kinda leaves me wondering if she’s wearing any panties underneath those sweatpants. But I guess that would be more of a topic for pantylessblog, haha.

cocktail pokiesNow I know this example has zero signs of droop, but this little cuties is imperfect due to size. I don’t routinely feature A-cup ladies on here, not because I don’t like them, but because, well, there is less to talk about. But my-my-my, look at the naughty gleam in this girl’s eye. She seems to be saying:
This is my third cocktail.
After I finish this one, I’m going to go into the bathroom and take my panties off.
I will primp in front of the mirror, reapply my lipstick, and then tweak my nipples.
When I return to our table, I know you’ll be mesmerized by my pokies.
As will the entire male population in this restaurant.
That’s ok. Keep staring boys.

braless pot scrubberI sincerely spend a lot of time thinking up file names for these braless gals. We should use the term “thinking” loosely – possibly it’s more like daydreaming with one hand in my lap? This is the “braless potscrubber”. Seriously, know idea what the hell she’s doing. I think she belongs on an infomercial or HSN selling some of that solution that you use to scrub your silverware and pots. Now that I mention it, that would be a fabulous marketing ploy. Have some unshowered gal with big floppy boobs and yellow rubber gloves demo your product on HSN so that all of the late night male shoppers won’t be able to click away. Your sales would probably increase by like 990%. I’m gonna try this. I’m gonna walk down to the dollar store, buy all of the pot scrubbing stuff they have, then hire a broke braless lady to sit on a street corner and sell it for me.

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Braless Update for the Masses

Since today is the first real NFL day, I thought about doing a braless cheerleader special. But as usual, I got distracted by a bunch of other hot chicks. It’s hard not to be a little ADD when you’re horny.

pink bikini pokiesYep, it’s the total package here. The messy pigtails. The tricky but sweet smile. The ample boobies lovingly embraced but not impeded by the pink bikini. Annnn pokies for the win. But not too big, not too crazy – pokies that a man can deal with and dream about. Let’s not forget about the crotch that is shoved way out there and is openly saying “put your mouth on me, dirty boy”.

college coed pokiesIt’s back to school time. At least on some of the southern campuses, frisky little coeds still have warm enough weather to be bouncing around in absurdly erotic attire. Isn’t it yummy? Finally away from home, wanting to explore a bit, testing their limits. These days cell phones mean they feel compelled to take photos of themselves in all kinds of raunchy activities. This little hottie didn’t make do with a cellphone selfie, instead she’s busted out the white dressshirt, buttoned up but with grrrreat pokies and a braless look. And of course you can just catch a glimpse of her naughty little polkadot panties. The glasses sort of polish the look off, studious but slutty 🙂

braless negligeWell, well, well – what do we have here? I very naughty blonde with milky white skin and a fabulously floppy pair of coconuts with no hint of a bra and some satin-shine pokies. This may be my favorite photo yet today. This little blue-eyed hunny is practically broadcasting the fact that she is deliciously submissive, likes having her hair pulled, her ass smacked, and will happily call you daddy. Not that any of that is a fantasy of mine. I’d rather see her jump rope with that cleavage after she shotguns a beer.

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Braless Labor Day Special

Happy Labor Day to you, if you happen to live in the United States where we get random holidays for no reason. Let’s celebrate. We’ll go with some relatively artsy-fartsy stuff today, to make up for my stinky armpits, beer squirts, and general lack of sophistication in the non-virtual world.

braless helicopter picThis chick is standing on a helicopter because – well, why not? If you had a body like that, not only would you also wear a strappy thing that shows off your navel in a color like gray so that your giant nipples would poke out, you would also rock some wacky high-tops, some zip-off cargo pants, and a faux fur hoodie. Judging by her abs, this gal did not eat as many cherry pop-tarts as I did today. That’s good, cause when she jumps out of that helicopter, she’s going to want to be as light as possible.

braless porch picHey bay-beh, it’s me. The Braless Mastermind. Just call me BM for short. I’ve been staring I mean appreciating you all day. Would you mind shucking your jeans off? Mmm, thanks. Now how about tossing that bra of yours over the porch rail? What’s that, you say you just clobbered somebody on the head with a size-DD Victoria’s Secret projectile? No worries. If they come stomping up here banging on the door, you can answer it dressed just like that, and I suspect they will be 100% speechless. I am pretty sure your pokies could cut glass, and my oh my what a wonderful day it is.

braless bicycle picStill need more artsy stuff? I know, I know. You can’t get enough. Your therapist has a phrase for this, but let’s not worry about it right now. Let’s just enjoy this photo, shall we? Wow, what a beauty. Here she stands in this flowing dress with her pouty lips and her perky nips. (Hey, I think I’m rhyming.) Even through the halo of light glinting off her hair, and the carefully constructed bokeh effect which blurs the area outside of our focus, I can’t help but think dirty thoughts. Such as, hmm I wonder if she’s wearing any panties, and if not when is she going to climb on that bike seat? If she were to unbutton that little dress and then bounce around on that bike, I’m reasonably confident I would have an immediate wet dream.

braless smileSpeaking of art, you know the Mona Lisa right? This girl’s smile reminded me of the Mona Lisa. I think for centuries people have started at that painting trying to understand that little half-smile, and wondering what the secret was. In the case of our cute red-head here, I think we already know. In fact, she has a couple of apparent, very dirty secrets. She is way too busty to be going braless like that. She unsnapped the crotch of her lingerie. And last but not least, she isn’t wearing any panties. Wow what a hunny. I’m picturing those red lips doing all kinds of dirty things today.

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The Braless Experiment

Note: this is a post that was guest-written by Christy.

When I stepped out of the Uber car and swung my purse onto my shoulder, the guy standing on the sidewalk having a smoke immediately said “Oh, my…” with his eyes trained on my chest.

Five minutes into my braless experiment, and I’m already feeling extremely self-conscious.

I was wearing a filmy blouse material, with a short skirt and high heels. The point was to de-emphasize my boobs, drawing attention to my legs. Because I had my natural c-cups unfettered today, I wanted to see how it felt to spend all day without a bra.

Let me tell you: it feels great. It’s the height of summer here, and the last thing I want is a bra making me sweat. The straps dig into my shoulders and my back. The underwire pinches and pokes me. And sometimes the bra material rubs my nipples raw if it’s too lacy or too loose.

Besides the comfort, it really seems the rage. All the celebs are doing it. And my friends, who admittedly have smaller boobs than I do, claim it’s awesome.

“Are you wearing a bra?” my friend Audrey asked me, first thing, when I met her at the coffee shop.

“No, can you tell?”

“Yep,” she answered. “I can totally see your nipples.”

“No you can’t!” I refuted. Again, I had chosen a blouse that I thought hid the fact pretty well. I headed to the coffee shop’s bathroom to give my nipples a thorough inspection.

Mid-morning, my co-worker Mike hiked an eyebrow and said, “The bouncing Bolshevik Bears today?”

“Pardon?” I asked.

“Your boobs,” he pointed, unabashedly. “You seem to have sprung them free. And they are bouncing all over the place when you walk.”

“Oh god, can you tell?” I asked, horrified, as I wrapped an arm around my girls.

Like I said, I’m a C-cup. I really can’t imagine anyone with boobs bigger than mine doing this. Some women do this every single day, despite bouncing around D-cups (or larger).

I wouldn’t want to go braless on a first date. Too self-conscious. I wouldn’t want to do this on a job interview. Surely they would notice. I wouldn’t want to do this when going to visit family. Can’t hide it.

Here’s when it would be awesome: when traveling via plane! You know how us girls are always breaking out the yoga pants and the soft t-shirts when we head to the airport? We want to be comfortable, and we want to be able to sleep/nap. Braless definitely equals comfort and naps.

Maybe just because it was new, I was very aware of my boobs, and kept checking myself out every chance I got. Quick pee in the bathroom? Check out my boobies in the mirror. Nobody around when I’m sitting in my cubicle at work? Play with my nips for a second and feel them harden up. Easy access! I kind of like that part.

braless milf picbraless t-shirt picgiant braless boobs pic

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