Confused by the Boobies

I’m confused. Is this lady flipping somebody off? Or just doing a bad job of talking with her hands? And what could she possibly be wearing? How do you even describe that getup? I mean other than hot, sexy, wowza, etc…


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Almost Too Big

I didn’t say “too big”… I said “almost too big”. This gal’s boobs are so big they are squashing out of her sports bra!


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Morning Pokies

How about a bit of a morning stretch in a thin white t-shirt with no bra?


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Pink Pokies

Pink pokies anyone?


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Milf in a Sports Bra

I thought we hadn’t posted any sports bra feakiness since 2012, but then whew! I found something from 2013. Yeah, we can all agree that is too long of a dry spell. And what better way to break the dry spell than this nipply hot milf.

No, I cannot really explain why she is glistening or standing there in the mist. That sportsbra is very full of some well-aged breastacles, and she fo sho has the high beams on. Maybe she just ran a race and is cooling herself off at one of those cooling stations. If I were standing around, and she pulled a stunt like that with a pair like that, I am not so sure I would keep my Rico Suave hipshit going… might just break down and flip out. She is a curvy one isn’t she? Belly is nice and flat, but those hips and that cleavage, yummy.

sportsbra pic

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Braless Amateur Bounces Down the Street

Ahhh, to be young and free and busty and in college. This cute little coed apparently likes to be *really* free, because she has chosen not to restrict those big torpedoes with a bra. This is very evident in the way her girls bounce and sway every time she takes a step. The slow motion replay is very effective, yes?

Reminds me of this post from a few years ago.

And maybe this one too, from almost 10 years ago?? Now that I read those, I realize I start out pretty much every post related to college in the same way. Oh well, screw originality, on to the braless movies right?

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