Summertime Boobies

Yep, it’s Summertime. And wherever you are, dear reader, I live right here in the US of A. Regardless of the current political climate or administration, one thing never changes and that’s arousing summer boobs.

I picked these photos out because that’s precisely what they remind me of.

Now yes, it’s possible to get a little gross with cleavage sweat and cheese smell. But clearly, when you look at these excellent examples, we have nothing to worry about.

swimsuit pokiesIn fact, about the only smell to worry about with babe number one is chlorine coochie. Yep, that’s a real thing, and nope you won’t find it on google. I mostly just now made it up. But having experienced it firsthand, I can tell you to be careful. I had a girlfriend awhile back who had all of her teeth and real-life boobies. One time after we went swimming in a pool, she strongly encouraged me to put my face between her legs. I of course helped her out, but there was a problem. Tha’ cooch smelled like chlorine. Something about the female anatomy and a swimming pool tends to invite the absorption of chlorine. I thought I was going to faint. Luckily, I was able to finish the job. I’m not necessarily saying this hot blonde has the stank, but it’s possible. Oh, one more thing to worry about. What the heck does she have written on her arm? I know, I know – I should quit distracting you from those wonderful pokie nipples.

blonde cleavageWhile we’re on the blonde topic, holy mackerel at the cleavage on this blonde. Her boobs have just enough droop to them to convince me that they are all natural. Not that I would discriminate, just saying. The fact that she has this much cleavage even though she has natural boobs, and no bra squeezing the girls up into the rare air, tells me they are quite large and ready to rumble. She looks beautiful, and those nipples look like they would be something to contend with. Possibly eye-poking. Imagine taking her on a summer lunchtime date. She would sit across from you with that shirt unbuttoned all they way down to her waist, with those magnificent boobs on display, and every virile man and women in sight would stop and stare. And then she would whisper to you… “Are you paying?” And you would smile and wink and say “I forgot my wallet.”

gray dress pokiesI will freely admit that gal number three is not the stunner that the first two gals are. But what she lacks in insane hotness, she makes up for with naughty smirks. That half-smile that says: I’m also not wearing panties. She certainly has the headlights on. In order to have pokies that prominent, despite our perceived warm summer day (hence the fedora, gotta block the sun from her flawless creamy skin), she must’ve pinched them a bit to wake them up. I have no doubt we could count on her to slide that skirt up and sit in our lap and give us a friendly frolic.

There are a few more swimwear pokies here for those of you who are in the festive summertime swing.

I realize I haven’t posted anything in almost 3 months. It’s all your fault. Well, not really, but if you would like to encourage me to cease the neglect, feel free to contact me or post a comment below. I’m all about submissions, so find some cuties and let’s see them!

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Deep-V Braless Dress

braless dressYep, just one photo.

Sometimes that’s all we need, isn’t it? One really great photo.

And frankly, this one says it all.

Let’s go through this one in excruciating, perverted detail shall we:
-Beautiful landscape, with lush green grass and a clean patio.
– Gorgeous and I do mean gorgeous babe.
– A smile that says “I’m pretty naughty, and if you’re really lucky you’ll find out soon”.
– Some dangly earrings that hopefully aren’t heavy. I don’t like it when women get older, and they’ve worn heavy earrings their whole life, and their earholes get all stretched out. Gross. I realize those young whippersnappers these days are sticking things in their earholes to purposely stretch them out progressively over time.
– Fantastic freaking cleavage. Are those fake boobs? I mean, I would think not but the inner cleavage looks suspiciously, near-perfectly round. Regardless, awesome.
– A hint of nipple. Maybe more than a hint. Don’t lie, you’ve already spotted this. Her nipples appear quite protrusive. That’s my new bralessblog word for they stick out. Hard to really cover those things up when you’re wearing a silky dress like this.
– Perfect skin tone. I mean perfect. Has this photo been photoshopped? I mean, I didn’t do it and I wouldn’t think whoever casually snapped the photo and posted it would have. Do you see a single freckle or mole on her yummy tan skin? I sure don’t.
– Now if you’re like me, and thank god if you aren’t, you are also thinking about what this photo implies. Like backless. I bet you can see an arousing slice of skin around back. And also panties. Think she’s wearing any? I do. But I bet they are black, and tiny, and probably a little moist.

I have always adored women in dresses. What’s that you say? I adore all women? Well yeah, I guess I am an equal opportunity pervert in that way.

I actually posted a fairly popular “dress” post back in December. You can find it here:
There are a couple of photos there that I don’t mind revisiting from time to time. They bring a smile to my face and a bulge to my johnson.

But THE dress photo that all men past the age of puberty on the entire planet should see is right here. You should make sure you are reclining or at least in a sitting position before you click on that. Also, have a cold shower ready.

Not to muck up a solid 1-photo post, but I am working on another video. Youtube hasn’t shut us down yet, possibly because you kind folks keep thumbing up my videos and keeping them popular. Give me a few days and I’ll post up some more braless goodness.

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Another Gigantic Braless Video

I meant to just hook ya’ll up with a bunch of braless pictures today, but I couldn’t help myself. I edited together another gigantic video.

Yes, this sucker is almost ten minutes long. And yes, it took my weasely little computer about four bazillion years to edit this together. But the results speak for themselves, yo.

Segment 1
The first segment, which is the longest, features a cute blonde crossfit chick with giganto F-cup melons. Those things are at serious risk of doing some damage to somebody. When she flips the weight bar up, she also can’t help but flip her boobies up. And that’s after strapping those girls down with an industrial strength sports bra. Dang.

Segment 2
The second segment shows another blonde sitting in here bedroom talking about clothes. There’s a little yappy dog running around, and he can’t help but stare at her boobs. Because they are So. BIG. And she’s wearing a shirt unbuttoned to her navel, which means motorboat boobies are everywhere. She actually has the audacity to show a bra, and then hold it up to her boobs. I’m kinda dizzy right now.

Segment 3
Segment 3 another blonde girl. I know, what’s gotten into me? She is pretending to jump rope, and her purple sport top is pretending to hold her boobs. Nice pokies on this one, and the bouncy bouncy makes it all better.

Segment 4
The next segment shows a college gal rooting for her team in the stands. Fortunately, she is built like a top heavy brick shithouse, and when she claps her hands, her boobs wobble to and fro so much they also clap. This is erotic. This is why BralessBlog.

Segment 5
Here we see some kind of Columbian-looking chick in a sweaty white shirt. She has rolled it up to the point where it’s barely covering her nips, and she has long ago discarded her bra. Those boobies are getting flung all over!

Segment 6
Some chick with a huge rack is washing dishes in the kitchen, and manages to get her white tanktop soaking wet. She has some big mean looking nipples, those things would probably scratch your teeth.

Segment 7
Back to the Segment 3 blonde girl, who is once again bouncing around in the floor, and god bless her boobies they are bouncing straight up and down. There are a couple of good angles here that will bring tears to your perverted eyes. You may also salivate on her black lycra clad booties. Yep, this girl has it all.

Segment 8
Segment 8 shows a smiley Asian-looking girl with a nice rack who appears to be prancing around in the airport in a camisole with no bra. Why don’t I ever meet girls like this in the airport? It is true though that every chick ever born thinks it’s her god-given right to be “comfortable” when flying and they always seem to wear booty shorts or stretch pants and no bra.

Segment 9
Ahhh, and finally, we have the busty goddess on the balcony. She can’t unbutton her blouse any more without it falling off. And of course she would then fall out. Not that we would complain, because wow she looks like she has some magnificent mammaries. I’ve included a scene where she’s sitting on the stairs and her legs and that mini-skirt kind of make your boobie-trained eyes bug right out.

I’m reasonably certain, given how enormously popular these videos are, and now R-rated they are, Youtube is gonna shut me down. You can help keep that from happening by thumbing the video up, or subscribing to me channel, or whatever you can manage while you surf one-handed.

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Braless Video Mega-Compilation

Thanks for being so patient – here is the giganto nearly nine minute long braless video I’ve been promising.

I will eventually go back and edit some background music in, but ya’ll know you’re here to see the boobies and could care less if you hear any guitars.

Come to think of it, I probably need to dub some music so that when you pervs watch it, it’s not so quiet you hear yourselves huffing and puffing.

As I mentioned before, this type of content is pretty risque for youtube. If you want it to stick around, signal its popularity by giving it a thumbs up, and/or subscribe to my channel.

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Eiza Gonzalez Braless Breasticles

A BB fan named Randy suggested I post about Eiza Gonzalez and those wonderful boobies of hers.

Eiza Gonzalez oscars bralessI gotta admit that I had never heard of her before. But once I got a load of the dress she wore to the Oscars, and the craaaaazy body, it was true luv at first sight.

Eiza was born in Mexico, and her mom was a model. Maybe one day when I’m not feeling so lazy I’ll look up her mom and post some photos of her. I’m guessing mommy had a body about this yummy. Genetics usually work out that way. Just look at Susan Sarandon, and her edible daughter Eva Amurri.

Eiza’s dad was a handsome son of a gun, but he crashed a motorcycle and sent himself to that barcolounger in the sky. She says that really affected her, and she struggles with depression and overeating. Well, let me tell ya, I know all about depression and overeating. I can cure Eiza. She just has to do exactly what I tell her. Probably several times a day. Actually, I’m not as young as I used to be, so let’s call it twice per day. This cure will totally prevent her from being depressed, and she’ll feel so full she’ll never get the urge to eat anything (else).

Eiza Gonzalez boobs defy gravitySince 2013 she’s been starring in From Dusk Till Dawn. She also flashes those pearly whites for Avon, Neutrogena, etc. I think she sings stuff too.

There’s been talk of cosmetic surgery. I think she was on a spanish-channel saying she got a nose job, but no word on those breasties. Sometimes they look big, sometimes they look medium-sized. When she has no bra on and they are about to wiggle-wobble right out of her dress, they look heavenly, that’s fo sho.

Eiza Gonzalez cleavageEiza Gonzalez braless boobsEiza Gonzalez side boob

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Girlfriend Pokies Video

I thought you guys might want to see this.

This cute little blondie decided to do a dance for her boyfriend. That kind of stuff happens all the time, just not to losers like me and you.

But there are two important, salient points you should be aware of:
1) the webcam was recording
2) she was not wearing a bra, and her pokies were just in-fing-sane

I don’t know what’s up with the purple porno couch, but let’s not let it distract us from more important things. Yes, she sucks her fingers and looks longingly at you like “ooh, I just wish this was your piece of manmeat.” Yes she jiggles and bounces around, as braless gals with perky boobs are wont to do. But the important part is the nipple tweak.

Annnd you’re going to find that starting at 3:25. Go ahead, watch the whole video. I’m not trying to interrupt your viewing pleasure. I’m just helping you out. When you get to 3:25 you’re going to see some areola circling, flicking, twisting, pinching. Ouch, doesn’t that hurt? It looks like it does. And we’re left to think… she likes it to hurt.

Her pokies needed no help before, but by the time she gets done twisting them and flicking them like there’s no tomorrow, those things could cut glass! And those little tiny panties she’s wearing? All jammed up into the crack of her buttcheek. Yowza. Driving me crazy.

This is not some kind of Matilda with buck teeth and a hairy upper lip. She is an A+. Some dude out there (her boyfriend) is already tired of putting up with her shit, I’m sure. That’s just how relationships go. But you and I can stand back from afar and admire the incredible bod.

The video is four minutes long, but I must’ve watched it at least fifteen times. Delicious.

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