The 5 Secrets of Rita Ora’s Boobs

It was a good day to stamp out my ignorance about Rita Ora and those very heavy boobs.

I might be the only one who doesn’t know who she is, considering she has 15.8 million followers on her instagram account.

She kind of popped onto my radar when I stumbled across a news article that I just couldn’t ignore. The title:

Rita Ora Goes Braless Under Semi-Sheer Crop Top

Now come on, do you think I was going to pass that by??

rita ora sideboobSo once I fell into the dark cesspool that is the internet, I discovered a few things about Rita. Mainly I was busy looking at her boobs. Some of this is top secret, but hey I’m not good at keeping secrets. Let’s go through what I learned.

1) That cleavage is probably just too deep to be real. What I’m telling you jokers is that her boobs are fake. Not in the sense that you can’t touch them. They are real enough from that perspective. She’s probably “enhanced”.

2) Rita has a tattoo on the side of her boob. I wish I knew this first hand from groping it, but alas I had to peer/stare/slobber on dozens of photos to determine it says:

love all, trust few, do wrong to none

That’s very philosophical, and not as hot as saaaay “pinch my nipples while you call me dirty names”.

rita ora cleavage3) Rita was insecure about her boobs growing up. Here’s what she says about the time period when she started growing breasts:

I started maturing when I was 14 and so for me I hated my boobs and I went to musical theatre school so we wore leotards and did ballet. I was the first one to have tits and I hated them until the hottest guy fancied me and then I liked them!

That’s what every busty lady says about her boobs. And that’s what every flat-chested lady says about her boobs. All women are insecure about their boobies. This is not news to womanologists like me.

4) One time Rita was on a TV show and she wore a trouser suit with a top that was open all the way down to her toenails and nothing on underneath. It’s hard to hide those 34DD boobs. The network received over 400 complaints. I guess I can understand that. Maybe some parents were outraged if their young kids saw the cleavage and their eyeballs were burned out. I personally would’ve filed a petition to see more.

rita ora pokies5) Rita has made out with girls, and may be bisexual. I think that means she almost definitely likes boobs? She came out with a song called Girls where she talks about putting a liplock on a lady. A bunch of people got all up in arms saying she wasn’t supporting gay folks. None of this makes any sense to me whatsoever, but then again it is often difficult for me to think beyond a simple mammary gland.

Now the very best news about Rita is that she is constantly, and I mean *constantly* stomping around with her boobs hanging out and braless.

There are certain celebs out there who make my life tough. I need nipples and cleavage, and they are so damn stingy with it. Not Rita. She gives the gift of those wonderful boobs all day every day, even to weirdo pathetic perverts like me.

rita ora braless

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My Top 5 Braless Babes in Dresses

With no further ado, here are my top 5. At least for today. Until I stumble across some more and get worked up again.

dress pokies1) Ok, whoa. We should talk about this for a minute. This babe looks like she was plopped onto the street from one of my dreams. She is astoundingly gorgeous. And those gigantic, teardrop, braless boobs? Um, with the big nipples poking out? I need a cold shower. I’m not sure I can continue my “Top 5” because this chick has me all lathered up and panting.

Do you think she would marry me? Maybe if I vacuum her car and clean her toilet she would acknowledge my existence?

braless dress2) I don’t know where she bought this dress, but this little hunny knew what she was doing. It must be made out of material that’s thinner than tissue paper, because I can see every little pore, mole, bump, and follicle. Seriously, at full size I can take this photo and more easily map the fissures and ridges and details of her nipples than a cartographer can study satellite imagery.

I think I can even zoom in and see the bulge of her crotch as she is walking. Dang, that is a very revealing dress.

dress boobs3) I think I just blew frosted flakes out my nose. What a damn body on this chick. Is she Asian? She’s something, that’s for sure. I don’t have my glasses on, so all I can see is boobs. And maybe some nipples.

I was sort of thinking that’s a hell of a dress. But then I realized if you stuck a gal with a normal body, you know one like I see around my trailer park here, into that dress, I’m not so sure it would be particularly impressive. It’s all about those huge DDD-cups.

saggy boobs4) I realize this may be more of a nightie or sleepwear than a dress. And I realize she is headless. And I realize her boobs are sagging. So don’t write in just to alert me to those facts.

Sue me, sometimes I like big saggy boobs. And crazy pointy nipples. These things would feel great pressed up against my face and very slightly sweaty. Besides, it’s my blog, so I’ll post what I want to 🙂

braless blonde5) Let’s wrap up with a braless blonde who is hot enough to make my knees wobbly. The way she has her hair all plumped up, I’m guessing she was about to go out for a dinner date when she took this photo.

Yes, this is a dress. But I’ve added to my expertise and my vocabulary over the years, and I feel qualified to alert you that she is actually wearing a romper. I hope one day I can go on a dinner date with a girl wearing a romper who has solid, perky b-cup boobies that are half hanging out. I’m praying.

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Pure Nude Yoga Video Review

You probably need to watch this video.

For several years now, PureNudeYoga has been producing videos of nude babes doing yoga. Sounds right up my alley, right? What’s not to like? But recently I heard some good things about them, so I finally decided to check them out for myself.

They are not exactly new on the scene. Their youtube channel (as you can imagine) has 179k subscribers. I think I have previously bitched and groaned about how they get away with showing very clear nudity in some of their videos on youtube, while I have videos removed and people reporting me for non-nude videos. But that’s just me being jealous, and I digress.

They also have an Instagram channel with 14k followers, their own website, and a very popular Amazon store.

Their claim to fame is selling these videos. You can rent or buy them most of them electronically. Or you can buy the DVD’s.

I have been drooling over screenshots and trailers of their “Ocean Goddess” video, so that’s the one I picked to buy. If you aren’t familiar with the one I’m talking about, let me jog your memory with a few examples…

This is the “pg-rated” image they use on Amazon:

And this is the more “R-rated” image they use on their website:

Now you can probably see why I picked this one. A busty, nude model like that contorting into all kind of funky poses on an isolated beach? Yep, sign me up!

On to the review…

Ocean Goddess Video Description:

This is an hour long video. Mira Westwood is the model. She was twenty-five years old at the time this was shot.
She is stunning, and perfect for this type of role/setting. The music in the video is spot on. It’s very earthy, mystical, and manages to both energize and relax.

They never mention which beach this was filmed at, but it’s gorgeous. It’s a beautiful setting, and it’s pretty cool to watch Mira doing her thing in the sunlight with the waves crashing in the background and the sound of the surf.

Speaking of sunlight, Mira works hard enough to work up a sweat, and it’s pretty erotic to watch her hold some of the poses with the beads of sweat popping out on her skin in the sunlight.

This isn’t some kind of peek-a-boo thing where you never actually see her body. You see all of it. At one point she is in a pose where her pelvis is stuck up in the air and her big, natural, sweaty boobs are sort of falling down in her face. They somehow manage to show all of this in a glamorous, high brow kind of way!

Like a black hole sucking entire universes into its center, you just cannot escape the draw of those big natural boobs. I thought the fact that she was completely naked would actually provide some distraction from her chest. And I was aware (very aware, for an entire hour) of the fact that her butt and her crotch were out there for all to see, but it was her magnificent boobs that I kept staring at.

Things I Liked:

+ Very well done video.
+ Professionally shot and edited.
+ The model (Mira) has the best natural boobs ever.

Things I Didn’t Like:

– Mixing up some of the hour with a different setting, maybe even at a different time of day would have been good?
– I didn’t get a free date with the model as a part of the purchase?
– I don’t know much about yoga, so maybe if they would’ve better explained each pose and what it’s supposed to do?


I give the Ocean Goddess video two thumbs up. I thought it was worth the money, and give it a positive recommendation.

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2019 BralessBlog Year in Review

It’s not just the end of another year, it’s the end of a decade. And yes, I’ve been staring at braless boobies for over ten years.

If you needed a fun reminder, my lineup back in 2010 looked like this:

September 2010 – Michelle Williams
August 2010 – Gabrielle Union
Kendra Wilinison Braless Smiles
July 2010 – Braless Frostee
Jelena Dokic This Is Ridiculous
June 2010 – Faith Hill
May 2010 – Absurd Bikini Cleavage
Edyta Sliwnska
Hayley Marie Works It
Anna Paquin
Random Cleavage
Isla Fisher
Jennifer Aniston Ruins Me
Fearne Cotton
April 2010 – Anna Paquin My-My Ms. Bi
March 2010 – Fresh Sunshine Pokies
March 2010 – Reese Witherspoon
Nicole Kidman
February 2010 – Sneaky Pokies at the Fair
January 2010 – Anne Hathaway Gets Older
Katy Perry Pokes
Rocking Those Pokies

The most popular post on BBlog in 2019 was actually not written in 2019. It was posted back in 2016, and you perverts just can’t leave it alone.

2019 has definitely been the year of the braless. Damn near everybody is following the trend I started many years ago. Well, ok, that’s not true. But a lot of ladies have been going braless:
Rita Ora
Tammy Hembrow
Mae McKagan
Bella Hadid
Kristen Stewart
Dakota Johnson
Abby Dowse

braless sideboobThis perky little gal is having a lot of fun in the sun thrusting her yummy boobs out while she goes braless in this open tanktop creation. Is that color salmon? Who cares. I am mesmerized by her sideboob. And maybe her her just a little. I must be getting old if I’m starting to both notice and comment on chicks’ hair.

Not ready for the viagra yet though. That would actually endanger all of mankind.

braless scarfI just can’t figure out what’s going on here. She is wearing some kind of jacket or coat, but then she seems to be completely topless because of the way her boobs are poking through that scarf. Am I staring at this correctly?

It’s not that hard to confuse me. I’m old and senile, but thankfully still a pervert.

The only thing wrong with this photo is it’s too small. But this lady is so hot, and her cleavage is so tantalizing, I had to include it in today’s post.

I’m going to make up for that by including one more photo. I hope you are sitting down, and there’s nothing in front of you that would give you a contusion or concussion if you fall on your face. All clear?

I’ll leave you with a pic of this smiling lady and her crazy cleavage. Wow, those boobs are heavenly. I totally feel the need to motorboat right now.

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Nipple Clamp Review

While you are here rummaging around on BralessBlog, you might as well become an expert on nipple clamps.

I tend to focus a lot on boobs here on the site, as you’ve probably noticed. Nipples are, to a certain extent, part of the package. Over the years, I’ve tried to avoid nudity, mainly as just a challenge. I certainly don’t have anything against nudity. So the boobs vs nipples paradox is the semi-nude vs nude discussion. It’s pretty hard to “cover” the topic of nipple clamps without actually showing a nipple. So I guess that’s a warning, or at least an acknowledgement, that we may see some nipples in this post.

Strictly an educational thing, of course.

This review will cover the following topics:
What they are used for
The various types
How they work
How to use them

What are nipple clamps used for?

Even Wikipedia describes nipple clamps as a sextoy. At it’s basic level, it pinches the nipple in a way that provides sensation and excitement. Also, they allow for hands-free nipple play. In some cases, just the weight of the clamp or its mere presence is adequate, in other cases women prefer a vibrating clamp.

So to answer this question, nipple clamps are used for stimulating the nipples.

What are the various types of nipple clamps?

There are many different variations of nipple clamps. The most basic use a tweezer style of clamp, or some thing that looks like an alligator clip.

More sophisticated versions have add-ons.

As I mentioned above, one type of add-on is a vibrator. The vibrations can help provide extra sensation, pleasure, and pain.

Some have chains that connect the right and left clamps to one another, and allow users or users’ partners to tug on them for a delicious ache. There are even nipple clamps that have chains connecting them to a clit clamp.

And you may have seen clamps that have feathers or beads connected to them. As a feather or bead dangles, it can tickle and further stimulate.

How do nipple clamps work?

Let’s walk through the basics of how they work…

Figure 1 – Here are some common nipple clamps connected by a chain.

Figure 2 – Here I’ve pointed out the clamps themselves.

Figure 3 – And here are the adjustment screws. This allows the user to customize how much “clamp” or squeeze is exerted on the nipples.

How to use nipple clamps?

Well, I think answering this question calls for another diagram. Figure 4 shows proper installation…

And if you use a pair of feathered clamps, of course the feather will dangle down to tickle your abdomen when attached. See Figure 5:

It’s hard to go wrong, but you will want to make sure you start out with fairly light pressure. You don’t want to surprise yourself with a YOWZA! pinch 🙂


1. A little clamp action can go a long way. There’s no need to start out with something that is going to completely annihilate your nips.

2. Coming off is more intense than staying on. Regardless of how much of a pinch you like, keep in mind that when you take the nipple clamps off, there is a large influx of blood to the area of your nipple that was previously deprived. Your nerve endings are really going to sing. So be prepared.

3. Don’t be afraid to use temperature. Making the nipples cold with ice will to a certain extent dull the sensation of the clamps. Heating them with hot water or a heating pad (or a warm mouth) will make it more sensitive.

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