Massive Sideboob and Other Perverted Phenomena

massive sideboobRegardless of how much discipline a guy has, it’s basically impossible to ignore big boobs. A priest sworn to celibacy gets a gander at a nice pair of hooters, and he can’t help but stare. A geeky nerd who has never actually had his hands inside a gal’s shirt gets big-eyed and pants when faced with deep cleavage. It’s a natural reaction. I have no doubt that any number of men, possibly hundreds if not thousands, went to the festival shown in this photo and stopped dead in their tracks when they saw this massive sideboob. Seeing them head-on must be quite a treat, but there is a tiny bit of magic in the side view isn’t there? She actually looks like she might be wearing some kind of bikini. Maybe this is a waterpark. I’d love to watch her go down the log plume. I bet even a gay guy would have to check them out.

asian sideboobWhile we’re on the theme, we might as well enjoy some Asian sideboob. What a rare treat. Asian women aren’t known for having big boobs. Not that I mean to denigrate or stereotype, just stating what has been my experience. I should research this and see if there’s any data to support my statement. Anyway, this young lady appears to have brought a new extreme to the idea of a “sweater stretcher”. She’s looking over at the camera all innocent like, “Oh my! My big natural D-cups, which are slightly droopy and still phenomenal, are about to pop right out of this garment. Would you care to watch me?” Yes, dearie. I would. (I’m raising my hand.)

braless taktopWe’ll leave off the sideboob for a moment, but of course we’ll stick to the big boob topic. My goodness, look at this gal. The frizzy hair, and the freckles, and the fake gold jewelry in no way slows down my ascent of her twin peaks. A man could get lost between those two mountains. Might want to take a canteen and a power bar in case you don’t make it back out the first day. Those have to be DD’s, right? Gotta be. Hard to say if they are natural, cause they sure are sticking out pretty far. But who cares?? Wowza, this girl in this dark colored knit tanktop bouncing down the sidewalk as she heads to the store would be enough to cause traffic accidents. A local radio station’s traffic chopper might spot her near the scene of an accident and plunge from the sky while the pilot hyperventilates.

white bikini pokiesThis girl with the nutso pokies in the wet white bikini looks familiar, but I just can’t place her. Where have I seen her before? Not in my bedroom, I can tell you that for certain. Those massive boobs are plastered by the bikini top, and it makes me wonder if she is going to reach up and pinch those nipples a time or two, just to keep them at attention. Would you like to see that photo? Mmm, me too. If I were laying beside her on the beach, I would have to bury the lower half of my body with a little toy shovel so that my aroused manparts didn’t offend anyone. If I were to get kicked off a public beach, she might be worth it.

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Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan – Dynamic Duo of Boobs

I was semi-forced to watch the movie Freaky Friday the other day. Not at gunpoint or anything, but it just wouldn’t have been polite for me to refuse, and we all know I’m an incredibly polite and proper guy? (not)

Well the good news is the movie starts both Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. It was released in 2003, which means it was probably shot in 2002. That’s important, because it allows me to calculate the age of these two ladies at the time of the film. Lindsay was born in 1986, so she would’ve been around 16 years old, while Jamie Lee Curtis was born in 1958, so she would’ve been around 44 years old.

Jamie Lee CurtisJamie Lee Curtis’s boobs are ever-present, and I certainly noticed them in the movie. But I gotta admit, I also noticed she was looking a little old. These days she’s 58, so forget about it. I tend to remember her the way she looked in True Lies. Remember that one, the one with Schwarzenegger? That came out in 1994 when she was 36. Mmmm, I remember that stripping scene where she was bouncing around in the bra with the cleavage. A lot of monkey-spanking going on as a result of the show she put on there. I’ve posted a photo here to remind you, but you’ll have to check out a video clip to get the full effect.

Some examples here of Jamie Lee’s magnificent natural boobies in this brownish sharkskin dress. And a photo of her climbing out of a tanning bed in some movie while wearing a bikini and frankly looking a little doughy and pudgie. But those big soft melons would feel oh so nice. And the one where she’s peeking around the door with her top undone and her pants halfway zipped and her cleavage looking yummy I thought was irresistable.
Jamie Lee Curtis boobsJamie Lee Curtis soft melonsJamie Lee Curtis cleavage

I have of course talked about Lindsay Lohan before. This post was probably the most popular, probably due to the video. Her Wikipedia page has a larger section on “career interruptions” than it does on Filmography, which tells you a lot about what you need to know. She has a hard time keeping her shit together. Lots of rehab, lots of personal problems.

Lindsay Lohan pokiesShe is very freckled, and I’m pretty sure she has fake boobs. So that doesn’t work for everybody. But she’s done some nude stuff recently, and I can assure you that little 5’5″ body works just fine for me. Also, at least in the past, she has sort of a sexy voice. I’ve included a photo here of Lindsay holding her friend’s hand while wearing a white bikini top. We can of course always count on Lindsay to rock the pokies, clearly seen here. I’m not sure what’s up with the hand-holding, possibly she likes to eat at the Y every now and then. Doesn’t bother me at all, I’d give her a smooch right afterwards. Don’t forget your dental dam though.

The semi-candid photo of Lindsay at a party with her dress hanging open and her cleavage exposed is cute. And although they occasionally look inexplicably droopy, her side boob profile is a force to be reckoned with.
Lindsay Lohan cleavageLindsay Lohan side boobmore Lindsay side boob

If you’re so inclined, you can check out Katy Perry’s side boob goodness.

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Massive Braless Video Compilation

Hear ye, hear ye: I have pasted together another massive compilation video. This one is fourteen minutes long. Let’s talk about what is in this thing…

In the first clip, we have a braless blonde who apparently just woke up and got out of bed showing us what kind of smoothie goes well with her skimpy shorts and pokie nipples. I have no explanation for that little jiggly dance she does at the end, one can only hope she is not having a seizure.

In the second clip, a braless brunette stomps through a retail store in a sundress. There’s no wonder she gets so much attention, those unfettered boobies are bouncing all over the place.

In the 3rd clip, the girl in the red dress makes my heart go pitter-patter and my loins go schwing! In some scenes, the sun is shining down the front of her dress and you can see heaven.

In the 4th clip, a very busty brunette almost gives herself a black eye with those massive bouncing boobs. She better strap those girls down before somebody gets hurt.

Fifth clip, a bikini chick keeps spreading her legs and flopping her boobs around while turning cartwheels underwater. Clearly she can hold her breath for extended periods of time, which promises to help her… um, do some things that I need done.

Sixth clip, a girl at a baseball game shows us why braless D-cups in rompers are pretty freakin fantastic.

Seventh clip, about a dozen different gals giving us some handbra action. Which is your favorite?

In the 8th clip, a gal who admits she’s her boobs are way too big to go braless shows off a dress that she would love to wear with nothing underneath.

Ninth clip, another jiggly water bug in a bikini.

10th clip, my favorite college gal in a dorm room shows off a ton of lingerie. If you love those milky white d-cups, raise your hand.

In the 11th clip, a diver gets wet and can’t disguise those pokie nipples.

The 12th clip shows a milf with decals on her nipples who is absolutely going to wreck some marriages if she keeps taking photos and videos with those married hornball dudes.

Thirteenth clip, my hottie from clip ten shows off a dress that really emphasizes her curves. This is sort of a Star Wars/ Princess Leia looking thing?

Fourteenth clip, a braless brunette in a tanktop eats her breakfast and makes me thing naughty things.

Fifteenth clip, a bunch of busty gals ride a mechanical bull while they guys get free entertainment.

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Alexandra Daddario Boobs

Today I am delighted to cover a Hollywood Goddess by the name of Alexandra Daddario.

Truth be told, I had no idea who this chick was. I read a post on a website about this guy’s favorite busty actress being Alexandra, and of course had to check it out.

She is 31 years old, so she’s no spring chicken. She has dark hair with blue eyes, one of my favorite combinations. She actually looks like she could be a little swarthy, although I’m sure she takes care of the body hair. Nobody wants a unibrow or braided arm hair. She could probably teach Alyssa Milano a few things? Alex’s biography suggests she is of Irish, Czech, English, and Italian descent. That Italian heritage can really grow the hair, lemme tell ya. I digress.

She is 5’8” tall, bigger than I prefer. And she isn’t tiny, reports call her 136 lbs. But she is one of those (fairly) skinny busty girls, praise tha lawd. The interwebz claim she is a D-cup, but my very expert eye says it could possibly be DD territory.

Let me teach you something. This lesson in sociology is coming from Dr. BralessBlog. There are two distinct categories of ladies with D-cup boobies. Natural, and enhanced. Unlike C-cuppers, who exhibit a number varying personality traits, D-cuppers are quite binary. They are either proud or they are shy; either demure or exhibitionists. Most ladies who grew up with natural D-cups are shy about it. Those boobies have always been there. They might have been teased about it when they were young, they were always getting in the way and bouncing around unnecessarily. This would typically cause unwanted attention, so they try to keep them on the down-low. Now obviously, if you paid for D-cups, you really wanted them. Girls who are enhanced tend to like to show them off.

I’m 99.9% sure Alexandra’s boobs are natural. Just looking at a few of the photos I’ve posted, you’ll see that she isn’t in that overwhelming majority of naturally busty ladies who like to keep them under wraps. She frequently runs around braless, and shows under boob, cleavage, sideboob, you name it.

She actually won the role in Texas Chainsaw 3D over Jessica Biel, likely because: boobies. She was also in Baywatch and Percy Jackson. She was also in my shower when I was dreaming last night. There are plenty of hot video clips of Alex around. If I get slightly less lazy, I will eventually try to splice together another hot movie for you.

alex daddario pale white cleavageWe should start out with her in this dress. Is it brown? Corduroy? Okay, who would have guessed that was hip. But hey, who cares, look at that pale white cleavage! Yes you can get in there. Yes, it’s like a dream come true. She is crossing those legs and clasping those hands like she is demure and not hellbent on driving you insane with her bewbz. But don’t be fooled.

Alexandra Daddario bralessWhat about a lady who will show up on the red carpet braless in a dress like this?? What gives? It’s like a Columbo raincoat that is made of thin material, a few sizes too small, and safety pinned together over breasts that are gargantuan and unfettered. Yep, I hit the nail on the head: exactly like that. Hey Alex, Columbo wants his overcoat back, and if this forces you to actually buy a designer dress to wear, so be it. But please don’t take revenge on us by buying it from the Baptist dressmaker down the street and exposing no flesh.

Alex Daddario nipplesAlexandra Daddario pokiesWe need a couple of pokies pictures, because just the sight of her big, white, soft boobs aren’t enough, naw we are gluttons for punishment and want to have intimate carnal knowledge of her nips.

Alexandra Daddario natural boobsAlex Daddario cleavage

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Festive Fourth of July Boobies

Happy 4th of July!

If you live in part of the world where you aren’t grilling out, drinking beer, watching fireworks, and drooling over boobies, you should get to America quick.

God bless parades, and the women who cool off their sweaty boobs while you watch.

barbecue pokiesIn the spirit of Independence Day, we’ll start out with a little hunny who appears to be enjoying life at a barbecue. She’s sort of dressed nice in a skirt and a blouse. But the casually held beer makes me think she got a little tipsy, got a little warm, and decided to yank her bra off and stuff it in her purse. Hence the delicious pokies. Her friend is smiling at the camera thinking… I don’t know what my husband is going to do with this photo, but it better not be anything perverted.

sweater pokiesI know summertime isn’t the best time for sweaters, but any time is a good time for this milf with her sweater pokies. She has clearly just finished doing her hair and applying her makeup, whereupon she tweaked those nipples to make them stand to attention before snapping the pic. Do you like the way the light plays off of those rigid nips? Of course you do, you motor boatin’ son of a gun. She would probably grab the back of your neck and yank your nose into that cleavage all while throwing her head back and cackling.

braless dressbraless white dressLet’s be a little more formal, and “cover” some braless ladies in dresses. You like how I did that? I snuck the word cover in while talking about uncovered and braless? Clever, huh! Not bad for a hungover jerkimo from Timbuktu. First let’s talk about this babe in this brown velour looking dress. Now brown velour doesn’t really strike me as the hip thing to wear to parties these days. But this girl is so insanely gorgeous that she could be wearing a paper bag with some post-it notes and she would still knock my socks off. Those little boobies are certain braless, and will certainly get a good shake and bounce once she starts dancing. Who knows what the second girl in the white dress looks like; we can’t see her face. But oh my what we can see: clee-vedge. There is enough boobage there to entertain the average male for two hours. Whaddya figure, one hour per side? No, no, no: fifteen minutes per side, and thirty minutes in the middle. She looks a little tired, like she’s plopped down in the middle of the restaurant and decided to let whoever is leering at her with the camera snap away. This looks like very easy access, as if you could sneak a hand in there and give her boobie a squeeze while she’s grabbing your ass on the dance floor. Try not to lose it on the wedding dress.

sportsbra pokiesWhile I’m on a roll, let’s check out these crazy sportsbra pokies. This is insane. What is this lady thinking? When you have hard-as-a-rock nipples like this, you simply cannot wear thin white clingy things. Jennifer Anniston, who knows she has untameable nipples, has to live the demure life of a nun in an attempt to keep hers restrained (usually a fail). This lady needs some “tips” from Jen. Ha! So punny, “tips” you get it?? I know this is more of a sport tank top thing, with a built in sportsbra, but sheesh ya’ll don’t harass me about my fashion and clothing inexpertise.

This made me look up the milfy-sportsbra goodness from a few years ago, feel free to click and enjoy.

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Summertime Boobies

Yep, it’s Summertime. And wherever you are, dear reader, I live right here in the US of A. Regardless of the current political climate or administration, one thing never changes and that’s arousing summer boobs.

I picked these photos out because that’s precisely what they remind me of.

Now yes, it’s possible to get a little gross with cleavage sweat and cheese smell. But clearly, when you look at these excellent examples, we have nothing to worry about.

swimsuit pokiesIn fact, about the only smell to worry about with babe number one is chlorine coochie. Yep, that’s a real thing, and nope you won’t find it on google. I mostly just now made it up. But having experienced it firsthand, I can tell you to be careful. I had a girlfriend awhile back who had all of her teeth and real-life boobies. One time after we went swimming in a pool, she strongly encouraged me to put my face between her legs. I of course helped her out, but there was a problem. Tha’ cooch smelled like chlorine. Something about the female anatomy and a swimming pool tends to invite the absorption of chlorine. I thought I was going to faint. Luckily, I was able to finish the job. I’m not necessarily saying this hot blonde has the stank, but it’s possible. Oh, one more thing to worry about. What the heck does she have written on her arm? I know, I know – I should quit distracting you from those wonderful pokie nipples.

blonde cleavageWhile we’re on the blonde topic, holy mackerel at the cleavage on this blonde. Her boobs have just enough droop to them to convince me that they are all natural. Not that I would discriminate, just saying. The fact that she has this much cleavage even though she has natural boobs, and no bra squeezing the girls up into the rare air, tells me they are quite large and ready to rumble. She looks beautiful, and those nipples look like they would be something to contend with. Possibly eye-poking. Imagine taking her on a summer lunchtime date. She would sit across from you with that shirt unbuttoned all they way down to her waist, with those magnificent boobs on display, and every virile man and women in sight would stop and stare. And then she would whisper to you… “Are you paying?” And you would smile and wink and say “I forgot my wallet.”

gray dress pokiesI will freely admit that gal number three is not the stunner that the first two gals are. But what she lacks in insane hotness, she makes up for with naughty smirks. That half-smile that says: I’m also not wearing panties. She certainly has the headlights on. In order to have pokies that prominent, despite our perceived warm summer day (hence the fedora, gotta block the sun from her flawless creamy skin), she must’ve pinched them a bit to wake them up. I have no doubt we could count on her to slide that skirt up and sit in our lap and give us a friendly frolic.

There are a few more swimwear pokies here for those of you who are in the festive summertime swing.

I realize I haven’t posted anything in almost 3 months. It’s all your fault. Well, not really, but if you would like to encourage me to cease the neglect, feel free to contact me or post a comment below. I’m all about submissions, so find some cuties and let’s see them!

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