Maitland Ward Baxter

Mark, one of our readers, was kind enough to contact me recently and point out that the boobylicious gal in the last photo of this post
is actually Maitland Ward Baxter.

I had never heard of her before, so I internet stalked searched her out to see what’s what. She is not a young buck – she was born in 77 which makes her 40 years old these days. She did some soap operas and some TV shows. But it was after she retired from acting and started doing cosplay stuff that she blew up the internet. Like literally, they had to call Al Gore to try and troubleshoot the shit, boom went the WWW.

Maitland Ward BaxterYou and I are not dummies, and we can guess the primary reason for her popularity. Actually reasons: plural. Two words. Mamm-aries.

She tends to push the limits. Acting wasn’t enough, so she started dressing up in semi-trashy comic outfits, not wearing a bra so her bewbz would drive dudes crazy. Then she had to take it a step further, and she started showing up naked, except for body paint. Some women can get away with body paint, but they tend to be on the skinny side. Not that Maitland is fat, she is damn curvy. Things move around when she walks, know what I mean?

So imagine being a geeky dude at a comicon event, and in walks this busty, famous actress and she’s nekkid except for a thin layer of paint. Yes, you would probably make squeaky noises in the back of your throat, and crush on her so bad you would embarrass yourself.

She married a real estate agent awhile back. Really? I was thinking maybe a Saudi oil tycoon or something. How can a real estate agent keep up with this level of cougar hotness? Maybe he as a big (bank account).

She is always posting up photos and video clips on social media of her cleavage. Literally, it’s like her main focus. What must her husband think of that? Is he proud, like yo that’s my hot mamma! Or does he feel threatened that several hundred thousand horny dudes are ogling her goodies? And you know what those some of those comic conventions must be like. Some dude bumping into her from the back – oh excuse me babe I didn’t see your curvy ass there.Maitland Ward in fishnet

She has this frizzy-hair, puppy-dog eye thing going on that I found very attractive. I actually looked up her measurements. When you’re an expert like me, you can call this research rather than stalking. I wanted to know how tall Maitland is, because when I fixate on someone it’s apparently important that they be somewhat petite rather than amazonian. She is 5’10” which is frankly just too tall for me. They list her as either a 32 or a 36D, and I’m not so sure that’s accurate. Those girlies look like they are at least DD to me. Who do you believe,
a) some random internet site
b) some bralessblog guy who has never seen Maitland in person but has been evaluating boobies for many years?

Anyway, enjoy these photos of Maitland, and if you want me to “cover” her again in the future, feel free to contact me or leave me a comment.

PS – thanks Mark!

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Braless Experience

Although it’s been a while, I occasionally have guest posters. In this case, Barbara has submitted a lengthy story that seemed somewhat appropriate for the site. I hope you enjoy!

Exactly two months after my mother’s death I found the locket she gave me on my eighteenth birthday. A trinket that has been lost for eight months. I misplaced it on the day I started my second year in college and gave up searching for it after two months.
But now, as I sit on the floor of my college dorm room, I burst into tears holding the locket between shaking fingers as the memories flood my mind and it feels like a punch to the gut.

“Your mother has terminal breast cancer. It is very unlikely that she will recover, she should get her affairs in order,” the Doctor puts a sympathetic hand on my shoulder before leaving the room.
I look towards my mom’s sleeping form, the tubes and the machines hurting me deeply. It’s very hard to look at the woman who gave you life as she is losing her own. It’s taking all of my will power not to burst into tears and scream about how unfair the whole situation is. I just can’t figure it out; how could she be healthy as a horse and then all of a sudden on her death bed?
It’s so messed up.

I sniffle after a long cry, wipe the tears from my face and fasten the locket around my neck. I always think my grief has subsided until I’m reminded of her, then I feel empty again. It’s been a long time since I genuinely smiled or laughed so hard my muscles hurt. I have been feeling so lost and I don’t know when I’ll find myself again, but I’m hoping it is soon because depression is exhausting.
I wash my face in the bathroom sink and inhale deeply a few times before returning to my bed to do some studying. I have a test in two classes this week and a falling math grade to pull up.
However, it isn’t long after I crack open my textbook that my roommate and best friend of eight years comes running into the room, huffing and puffing.

The blonde’s normally immaculate appearance is in disarray and I can see splotchy red marks on her neck. Her shirt is inside out and backwards and she is carrying her heels.
Someone was visiting the fraternity this afternoon, I snicker to myself.

“How was your day?” I ask her, closing my textbook and swinging my legs over the edge of my bed.
She sets her shoes down in the corner. “I have to tell you something, I just don’t want you to think poorly of me for bringing it up,”
I look into her slanted brown eyes, wide with worry and excitement. “Go on,”

“I know you have been sad since your mom passed away,” she sits down next to me and grabs my hands. “And I think you should do something important to honor her memory, something to raise awareness for breast cancer and those who don’t win the fight against it,”
I desperately try not to let the heartbreak show. The crumbling feeling in the pit of my stomach makes me want to vomit. This topic is so touchy…
But, regardless, I encourage her to continue. “Like what?”

“There is this challenge going around campus, and the internet, called the Bra-less experience. Women go a week without their bra, spreading awareness online and in their everyday lives, plus there is a donation page to link to online,” she smiles at me, unsure.
I look at her, thinking deeply about the challenge. Part of me wants to say no because it won’t bring my mom back, but part of me wants to say yes because I want to help raise money for research. I have been feeling lost and helpless about this whole situation, and maybe doing a sort of charity work will help me feel better. Continue reading

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November Blah’s

Yeah, it’s November, and I feel blah. Not sure why, maybe it’s less sunlight and not enough Vitamin D. Or just never getting laid.

One sure pick-me-up: breastacles.

Yep, numerous health benefits, including lowering my blood pressure and pepping me right up. I’ve tried to hit a few different topics lately, with some celeb stuff and some serious video action. But allow me to pick through my (alarmingly large) collection of hottie photos and describe in detail just what they are doing to me.

seatbelt boobiesSometimes it’s hard not to stare. Like when you climb into a girl’s car, and she’s busty, and she has on a white top with no bra, and her seatbelt is carving her boobies up and making her nips poke out. My advice to you: just think about baseball. Certainly you should *not* think about her boobs bouncing around every time she hits a pothole. Or you’re gonna end up with a woodrow in your britches.

white pokiesI don’t know what’s more erotic here, that bathingsuit full of boobies, or the way those hips and that crotch are popping out and grabbing my eyeballs. If we sit here and wait long enough, entropy will drag that zipper down tooth by tooth until her melons are approaching the very zenith of exposure. We might all be dead by then, but dang we can hope. The way those girls are all squashed in there, I’m kinda daydreaming that they are natural, but I shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

closet pokiesWe should probably insist that a new movie come out this year around Christmas. Screw the next Star Wars installment, this one would be Closet Pokies. It would be a documentary style flic that follows gals around showing off their busts in absurdly packed closets. It would be a little like a cross between MTV Cribs and Wives of Orange County. This nipplish young lady is getting a head start – getting some practice in before casting starts. She has some little brown raisins under there that I would love to snack on.

store pokiesAnother piece of advice for you, bro. Stop screwing around, wasting your money and tainting your liver in bars. The *new* place to pick up chicks is in the greeting card aisle. See this chick? Yep, she’s picking out a card for her dad. She has daddy issues, and you very much need to help her with them. It’s possible she has a bra on, which is antithetical to the bralessblog way. I can kinda see something through that v-neck shirt. But who cares, those nipples are just tantalizing. I think she may have a small bottle of mouthwash in her other hand. All the more reason to plant one on her lips, my friend.

You may remember that last November we covered a topic that is quite rare in the bralessworld: elephants. Yeah, I suspect that isn’t something that’s gonna come up on a routine basis! If I got back to November of 2014, I see we have a thoroughly enjoyable video in the wayback machine. God bless and keep slowmo.

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Hooterville Part Duo Video

Hooterville Part Duo | 14 mins long | 550 mb


Honestly, this one is too racy for youtube – there’s no point in me even trying to post a preview there.

So I’ll give you guys a thorough rundown on the clips in the compilation. If you missed the first one, you may want to check it out too.

Segment 1:
A ridiculously hot blonde parades around braless in a sexy white formal dress.

Segment 2:
A cute gal with some massive hooters acts a little shy as she gets a bra fitting.

Segment 3:
A girl with big mogambos shows off her pokies (and then a little more) in her pink satin lingerie.

Segment 4:
A fit gal in a wet sportsbra struts her stuff in a parking garage.
Continue reading

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Hooterville Video yumminess

After a ton of folks have asked me for an “unedited” copy of some of my videos, I’ve started a new video page where you can buy a copy.

Our inaugural entry is the Hooterville video (find the detailed description here). And yeah, I came up with that name somewhat randomly.

I tried to edit it down to something that is acceptable by youtube standards, and uploaded a preview (below). Please “like” the video, subscribe to our youtube channel, and leave a comment.

Contact me if ya want…

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Alyssa Milano Fans

alyssa milano cleavageAlyssa Milano in white bra pokiesAlyssa nips

Whelp, you finally made me do it. I’m gonna lay out for you here the most gargantuan and thorough guide to Alyssa Milano’s braless boobies the interwebz have ever seen.

If we go waaaay back, we made our first post about Alyssa back in 2006. We’ve “touched on her” (ha ha, perverted pun intended) periodically through the years since then.

But then, in late October of 2017, I randomly put a thumbnail of her in our sidebar to give you voracious BralessBlog fans something to click on, and you damn near broke my site. Yeah, there were that many clicks!

Here’s what the sidebar looked like at the time:

The post associated with that thumbnail was from 2012.

It was fairly innocuous, but obviously very witty and well written… (breathing on fingernails and buffing on shirt).

Basically what that tells me is that despite her hairy arms, you guys (and gals) are as crazy about Alyssa as I am, and want to see as much of her as you can. Especially if that involves those yummy chesticles of hers.

So that’s the background, and why I’m doing what I’m doing. Let’s get to the meet of it. A magnificent pictorial essay on Alyssa.

For general information, it’s hard to beat the good ol’ Wikipedia page. She was born in 1972. She’s been married a couple of times. She’s done some television shows and some movies. Blah-blah-blah.

You know what, as informative as Wikipedia is, it’s unfortunately really vanilla and boring. That’s why you visit BralessBlog right? How about if we do this…

Ten Perverted Facts About Alyssa Milano and Her Wonderful Boobies

1) She is of Italian ancestry. This explains all the arm hair. She seems to stay on top of keeping her upper lip waxed, thank thalord, but them arms, err. No word on her hoo-ha, but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she doesn’t let it go all afro or wookie-bush.

Alyssa Milano arm hair

Busty but arm-hairish…

2) The following quote is attributed to Alyssa. Seriously. I’m not making this up.

I used to sleep in the nude. Until the earthquake.

Allllrighty. Well, let’s unpack that, shall we. You’ve seen her body. Here, let me remind you.
Alyssa Milano's flat belly
Now, she’s a red-blooded, non-Catholic gal who has sexual cravings like any other normal person. Put that amazon body in bed next to you NAKED and see if you don’t actually *make* an earthquake.

3) She has sinful body measurements. The official but possibly old data is:
Height 5’2″
Weight 110 lbs
Measurements 34C-24-36
Shoe size 7
The c-cup makes sense, as I’ve seen them about that size in the earlier days. But don’t forget, she had her first child with husband Dave Bugliari in 2011. And those boobies definitely got bigger once she started her mega-epic breastfeeding campaign.
Alyssa Milano pregnant pokies Continue reading

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