Braless Cleavage

Imagine if we had to live without boobs. Damn, that would suck.

Luckily, women have them and seem to love showing them off.

Like this gal, who is not only braless, but dangerously close to having those big soft natties spill right out of her top. Enjoy.

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Jessica Chastain’s Nipples Get Caught on Camera

I don’t know why I keep forgetting to (un)cover Jessica Chastain here on BB.

She is no spring chicken. These days she’s 45 years old. She has been in a bazillion movies. And she’s even done some nude scenes, but they weren’t particularly thrilling or exceptional.

She’s a very private person, kind of shy. Which sucks for her, because we are all about looking at those boobies, aren’t we?

Jessica’s boobs are sort of here-today-gone-tomorrow, peekaboo boobs. I’m pretty sure they are not enhanced, because that’s how natural boobs tend to be. They grow, they shrink, they get squashed by dresses, they bounce around in certain clothing.

She’s all about the women’s lib, but she certainly doesn’t mind showing off her nipples or wearing a blazer with nothing underneath and flashing enough cleavage to give a priest a heart attack.

Apparently she married a legit Italian Count (blah-blah-blah) a few years ago, and they popped out a couple of kids.

She has taken more than a few action roles in movies, which I find weird. But then in some cases she plays a wife getting drilled or a secret agent. Here’s a video of her boobs that you’ll probably enjoy.

Jessica is a redhead. Apparently I haven’t covered many redheads on BB over the years. I found a reference to one in this post from a few years ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed re-watching the video!

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Daily Braless Video #12 – the Girl Next Door Bounces Perfect Natural Boobs

I’m getting old and my eyes suck. I’m supposed to wear glasses, but a) I keep losing them, b) I never clean them and they get so dirty I can’t see through them anyway.

I’m glad I’m not completely blind. The worst part about being blind, other than not really being able to tell when your butt was clean after going poo, would be missing out on all the world’s boobies.

I’m pretty sure boobs were invented strictly for entertainment value. I know they have a function in breastfeeding and nourishment. But they look so awesome, and that’s no accident.

Speaking of awesome, you are going to want to check out today’s video gal.

I realize she is way to gorgeous to call her a “girl next door”, but she has that super-innocent, cute, young look that prompts that label.

Her boobs are all-natural, and huge. I’m guessing maybe DD’s? I’ve certainly been prowling around for a hint of nipple, let me know if you have more luck than I do.

In the first video below, she starts out in a tanktop with her natties all squished together, creating tantalizing cleavage that makes me pant. She tries on some bikinis, god bless her.

In the second video, she is modeling a thin gray cotton dress. The way she walks and jiggles those boobs… heavenly.

While you’re at it, you may want to check out Demi Rose Mawby.

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Milf Nipples Require Stimulation

One of the first gals who ever graced me with the gift of her boobies used to get caught up in the heat of the moment and whisper to me “bite them, yeah, yes, like that, your teeth, ooh yes”. You better believe that shocked and awed me. And you better believe that I obliged.

Not every woman likes rough nipple treatment. But it’s been my experience many do.

And I’ve especially found that older women like it. Maybe as they get older, their nipples become somewhat desensitized, or perhaps they become more used to that pain/pleasure feeling.

Note that I’m not necessarily restricting myself to the specific, classical definition of a milf here. I’m really just referring to age, not necessarily motherhood. I point that out, because I guess it is also possible that childbirth could desensitize the nipples. Some mothers breastfeed, some don’t. Some pump milk for their babies, some use only formula. Even those moms who don’t use their boobs for their babies certainly go through hormonal changes as a part of pregnancy that affect their breast size and shape, and probably affect their nipples too.

“Who cares” is what some of you are thinking. You’re just here to see more of this milf, right? Which is pretty understandable, and I’m happy to help you out.

It’s a little rare that I post anybody with gray hair. It seems to be a turnoff for me, even when it’s a younger person who has died their hair gray. This lady has some gray streaks going in some of these pics.

Her body is all-natural and yummy. In that nude photo, see the little fold above her hip? Oh, my, she has a lot of curves and soft spots to grip and squeeze.

Yeah, her boobs are a little droopy. I have nothing against hot pro models who have perkies that point up to the ceiling, in some cases augmented and lifted and gravity-defying. But part of the allure of a milf is the droop, and the imperfection, and its acceptance, both by her and by me. And its exploitation, its enjoyment.

I don’t think this lady is a pro. I think she just likes flashing her cleavage to folks, and posting pics online. I’ve saved a few of them, and thought you’d be more than happy to enjoy them with me.

This milf post from a couple of years ago has gotten plenty of attention, so you may want to check it out while you’re on the topic.

This girl actually reminds me of my algebra teacher from years ago. She was so strict, but she really liked jiggling all of her goodies around and making horny students like me make messes in our beds at night.

Maybe it’s a rule that at least a few teachers in every school have to be hot, or well-endowed, or maybe even a little kinky.

If you had a hot teacher at your school, feel free to contact me and tell me your story. Or possibly leave a comment here.

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