I Guess Bikini Pokies Make Me Hor-nay

Today must be the day. The day that epic bikini pokies are going to make me whimper and cry and beg for more.

And you can do that too. Or just sit back, eat your cheese puffs, and leave your hand in your pants.

bikini pokiesYa’ll know I have become an expert on natural boobs, right? Sometimes you just can’t tell, but sometimes you can. One telltale sign is of course the boob squish. This gal has boob squish going on. They are big, and they are natural, and she is squishing them, and god bless her for allll that.

If she sat down beside me on the bus, I would probably be unable to breathe. Or move. Except my crotch.

I realize this isn’t exactly a bikini, but surely none of you yahoos are going to complain.

Dang, why can’t any of the soccer moms that hang out at my neighborhood pool wear something like this? And while we’re at it, wishing our lives away, can they also please grow bodies just like this? I like the high waist on the swimsuit, and the pokies are just so choice.

There is just enough boob droop here to make me think we’re dealing with another pair of naturals.

One would hope that the same stiff breeze that is apparently frizzing this gal’s hair up would also do us a favor and blow her bikini top off. Wow, it is hanging there by a thread isn’t it? If she teased me any more I might cry.

Little body, big boobs.

Hear me out now, that’s a great combination. I like ’em petite, but I tend to like them with something upstairs. This is not an easy combination to find.

This gal is driving my crazy with the extra bounce per ounce in her white bikini top.

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BralessBlog January Video

Eventually I will get around to annotating this video, adding some details below so you know what you’re looking at. But right now I’m feeling lazy.

I think the braless chick in the white tanktop with the crazy pokies is my favorite. Which is yours?

One of the little easter eggs hidden in the video is the chick riding in the Uber who isn’t wearing a bra and drives us crazy by filming her boobs bouncing around with her phone. That’s my kind of naught girl 🙂

As a reminder, youtube loves to delete my videos and call them “too racy” despite the fact there’s no nudity. If you want to help stave that off, click like! And subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already.

Segment 1: A gorgeous blonde with what I think is an all-natural rack is playing with a football. She is in shorty-shorts that seem to give her a bit of a cameltoe, and a white tanktop (sportsbra?) that’s way too small for her chest. Lots of bouncing ensues.

Segment 2: A sexy milf with huge knockers is in a white tanktop and wanders around explaining decorations or possibly real estate. Meanwhile those big one’s are nipply and her pokies threaten to poke the cameraman’s eyes out.

Segment 3: A headless brunette is trying on a new piece of lingerie. I can tell her right now – your boobs are too big for that sweetie. She was caressing herself and pinching her nipples, but I kind of edited that out to pass the youtube meanies. See when she turns sideways and points to her boobs squeezing out? Yep, all natural!

Segment 4: This raven-haired goddess is in a thin white tanktop and walking around in the city, at one point with her other (braless) friends. Wow, just wow. You can see every little bump and ridge in her nipples. And her boobs keep bouncing and swaying. I can’t get enough of this video. I hope you yahoos appreciate my efforts at finding and posting this! 🙂 I think I have watched this like 69 times.

Segment 5: Look, I have no idea what this girl is doing. She is standing on a toilet. And she’s wearing shorty-shorts, and a semi transparent tight white top. And sneakers. And glasses. God bless her, I will happily watch her stand on a toilet or brush her teeth or whatever she wants to do when she is wearing this getup.

Segment 6: This is a voyeur-tastic sequence that shows a milf with milky white boobies walking on the street. She is wearing a yellow sundress that is open waaaaay down to her navel, and there’s no containing those big natural breasts. Jiggle jiggle, wiggle wiggle.
I edited the clip so we can see the zoomed in portion after she passes the camera.

Segment 7: This big-breasted petitie thang is in a cherry bikini and as she stomps and prances impatiently for the camera, her boobs wiggle in a way that makes my pants tight. Her pretty smile, with that red lipstick and those white teeth, please marry me.

Segment 8: More big boobies in a bikini, this time on the beach. This gal’s body is made for only one thing. And I’d be happy to dry her off and take her inside and… yep.

Segment 9: These clips are of a diver. She’s wearing a super-tight blue suit. I really enjoyed spying her pokies and checking out her crotch while she balls up and dives. Her little splash makes me think of giving her a big splash.

Segment 10: Damn! This lady took an Uber ride and purposely did so without a bra. Her boobs start jiggling around under her shirt, so what does she do? She gets her phone out and videos her boobies. This is hot. I wish I was in the car with her.

Segment 11: Here’s a behind the scenes view of a blonde model doing a photoshoot. Wowzers, her cans are giant. Possibly too big? Nah, no such thing. She is a little pudgy but really pretty and her boobs make me think such dirty thoughts.

Segment 12: Look, don’t call me a creeper for staring at this chick in the shower. She purposely filmed this so that creeps like me could watch her. There is an awful lot of saggy sideboob action going on here. And if she keeps flashing that perky big butt around I’m going to have to give her a pearl necklace.

Segment 13: This girl took to social media to show off her new hair color. But she did so in a thin white tanktop that has no chance of hiding her pokie nipples. Annnd I’m not complaining.

Segment 14: I have shown some clips of this busty Asian girl before. Here she is unboxing something new while wearing barely-there shorts and a cutoff tanktop that we all know is going to result in some nipple slips. I’ve tried to pick out a few segments that show some yummy flashes of cleavage and sideboob.

Segment 15: Black latex dress, keyhole front, giant boobs. is she dancing in a shower??

Segment 16: Blonde on the beach, tshirt cutoff and showing underboob. Hurray!

Segment 17: Big round ones. This blonde is the one that the video thumbnail was taken of. After teasing us for a bit, she finally pulls that bra off, and the world becomes glorious. She is so pretty. I really like her smile, and her eyes. maybe not so much her hair, which looks like it accidentally got fried when she bleached it. Do you like that camera angle where she is holding her boobs and you are staring right straight down into her face and her cleavage? Yeah, I thought you did. What does that make you think of, dirty boy (and girls)?

Segment 18: White bathing suit, off the shoulders, big natural boobs just… about… to pop out? She squashes them up for us. Yum.

Segment 19: Giant FFF-cup boobs, on her webcam, sitting in her office chair. Stretch. Wobble. Smile. Thank goodness she took her suspenders off.

Segment 20: Blonde at a bar. She has probably set her iphone in a corner and is filming herself being slutty. She pulls her shirt off her shoulders, and her massive boobs are about to fall out of that black lingerie. Her fingernails are kinda disturbing. They are like talons, and would not feel good on my johnson.

Segment 21: Yeah, she’s old. And yeah, she’s not in great shape. But this milf’s enthusiasm for shaking her braless boobs is unmatched. She definitely wasn’t doing this for her husband, because no wife gets this excited for her husband. Probably for her boyfriend, or maybe her creepy fans.

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Can’t Ignore Braless Crotches

I’m supposed to be focused on boobs. That’s what the website is for, and that’s kinda my obsession. But sometimes a fella can’t help but check out a bit of vadge.

So today’s platinum edition of BralessBlog is going to offer up a couple of hunnies spreading their legs.

braless babeLike this little filly.

Now clearly she was doing some kind of photo shoot, and she obediently followed the photographer’s orders. When he told her to sit in the middle of the road and throw her head back and spread her legs, she did so without question.

Why am I not a photographer?? I mean, the camera does all the work. How hard could this be? I could order hot ladies around and have them take off their clothes and the world would be perfect.

The brown/tan romper she is wearing is quite low-cut, and I love the way it shows off her braless boobies.

And if you’re like me, you zoomed in on her crotch, and thoroughly studied each little line and bulge while trying not to whine like an overly excited puppy.

braless swimsuitThis blonde momma is doing it right.

Her pokies are really standing out (pun intended) in this white 1-piece swimsuit. And not only is she spreading her legs and jamming her crotch out in an attempt to rip it right out of her clothing, she is also touching the tops of her thighs and “framing” herself with her hands.

That’s what I would do if I was Harvy Weinstein. Oops, I mean a photographer. I would yell “frame your vagina!” and the model would look at me with her pouty little lips and say yes sir.

braless blondeI don’t want to waste a post, so I might as well fill our reading time up with additional hotness.

I kind of like this girl’s glasses. And her boobs are just begging for a good motorboat. Hahahaha, I crack myself up.

Do you think she is cold, or does she just have permanip?

I think that’s a real medical condition, by the way.

braless in the alleyI seem to be all up on the blondies today.

This particular girl is the cutest little smiling amateur ever. That tanktop she’s wearing doesn’t stand a chance against her perky braless busoms.

I like her little bellybutton. She ain’t ripped, she has probably been eating some chocolate bars and drinking some cocktails. And that’s just fine. I would help her work those extra calories off with my special version of cardio.

braless blue eyed blondeOne more blonde, this one with blue eyes and white teeth.

Those cutoff shorts make me think dirty thoughts. Is she a Dixie Chick? She probably has a country accent. She would sound so yummy when she was moaning “oooh, motorboat me daddy”.

Whoa, what happened? There for a minute I was all zoned out and daydreaming. Is she on her knees in her bedroom? I would… well, you know what I would do.

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The 5 Secrets of Rita Ora’s Boobs

It was a good day to stamp out my ignorance about Rita Ora and those very heavy boobs.

I might be the only one who doesn’t know who she is, considering she has 15.8 million followers on her instagram account.

She kind of popped onto my radar when I stumbled across a news article that I just couldn’t ignore. The title:

Rita Ora Goes Braless Under Semi-Sheer Crop Top

Now come on, do you think I was going to pass that by??

rita ora sideboobSo once I fell into the dark cesspool that is the internet, I discovered a few things about Rita. Mainly I was busy looking at her boobs. Some of this is top secret, but hey I’m not good at keeping secrets. Let’s go through what I learned.

1) That cleavage is probably just too deep to be real. What I’m telling you jokers is that her boobs are fake. Not in the sense that you can’t touch them. They are real enough from that perspective. She’s probably “enhanced”.

2) Rita has a tattoo on the side of her boob. I wish I knew this first hand from groping it, but alas I had to peer/stare/slobber on dozens of photos to determine it says:

love all, trust few, do wrong to none

That’s very philosophical, and not as hot as saaaay “pinch my nipples while you call me dirty names”.

rita ora cleavage3) Rita was insecure about her boobs growing up. Here’s what she says about the time period when she started growing breasts:

I started maturing when I was 14 and so for me I hated my boobs and I went to musical theatre school so we wore leotards and did ballet. I was the first one to have tits and I hated them until the hottest guy fancied me and then I liked them!

That’s what every busty lady says about her boobs. And that’s what every flat-chested lady says about her boobs. All women are insecure about their boobies. This is not news to womanologists like me.

4) One time Rita was on a TV show and she wore a trouser suit with a top that was open all the way down to her toenails and nothing on underneath. It’s hard to hide those 34DD boobs. The network received over 400 complaints. I guess I can understand that. Maybe some parents were outraged if their young kids saw the cleavage and their eyeballs were burned out. I personally would’ve filed a petition to see more.

rita ora pokies5) Rita has made out with girls, and may be bisexual. I think that means she almost definitely likes boobs? She came out with a song called Girls where she talks about putting a liplock on a lady. A bunch of people got all up in arms saying she wasn’t supporting gay folks. None of this makes any sense to me whatsoever, but then again it is often difficult for me to think beyond a simple mammary gland.

Now the very best news about Rita is that she is constantly, and I mean *constantly* stomping around with her boobs hanging out and braless.

There are certain celebs out there who make my life tough. I need nipples and cleavage, and they are so damn stingy with it. Not Rita. She gives the gift of those wonderful boobs all day every day, even to weirdo pathetic perverts like me.

rita ora braless

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My Top 5 Braless Babes in Dresses

With no further ado, here are my top 5. At least for today. Until I stumble across some more and get worked up again.

dress pokies1) Ok, whoa. We should talk about this for a minute. This babe looks like she was plopped onto the street from one of my dreams. She is astoundingly gorgeous. And those gigantic, teardrop, braless boobs? Um, with the big nipples poking out? I need a cold shower. I’m not sure I can continue my “Top 5” because this chick has me all lathered up and panting.

Do you think she would marry me? Maybe if I vacuum her car and clean her toilet she would acknowledge my existence?

braless dress2) I don’t know where she bought this dress, but this little hunny knew what she was doing. It must be made out of material that’s thinner than tissue paper, because I can see every little pore, mole, bump, and follicle. Seriously, at full size I can take this photo and more easily map the fissures and ridges and details of her nipples than a cartographer can study satellite imagery.

I think I can even zoom in and see the bulge of her crotch as she is walking. Dang, that is a very revealing dress.

dress boobs3) I think I just blew frosted flakes out my nose. What a damn body on this chick. Is she Asian? She’s something, that’s for sure. I don’t have my glasses on, so all I can see is boobs. And maybe some nipples.

I was sort of thinking that’s a hell of a dress. But then I realized if you stuck a gal with a normal body, you know one like I see around my trailer park here, into that dress, I’m not so sure it would be particularly impressive. It’s all about those huge DDD-cups.

saggy boobs4) I realize this may be more of a nightie or sleepwear than a dress. And I realize she is headless. And I realize her boobs are sagging. So don’t write in just to alert me to those facts.

Sue me, sometimes I like big saggy boobs. And crazy pointy nipples. These things would feel great pressed up against my face and very slightly sweaty. Besides, it’s my blog, so I’ll post what I want to 🙂

braless blonde5) Let’s wrap up with a braless blonde who is hot enough to make my knees wobbly. The way she has her hair all plumped up, I’m guessing she was about to go out for a dinner date when she took this photo.

Yes, this is a dress. But I’ve added to my expertise and my vocabulary over the years, and I feel qualified to alert you that she is actually wearing a romper. I hope one day I can go on a dinner date with a girl wearing a romper who has solid, perky b-cup boobies that are half hanging out. I’m praying.

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