I like boobs – that is all

Every now and then I stop what I’m doing for a boobie time out.

It’s kind of like an intermission, an on-purpose interruption of my day, just so I can commune with some boobs.

If you have never tried it, I highly recommend it. Very relaxing, but in an arousing kind of way.

I added some new shot’s of Giada. One of those shows her in a wet swimsuit and… dang, you are just gonna have to check it out for yourself.

While I was at it, I added some photos of Alexandra Daddario in a very wet bikini. It’s definitely not possible to get too much of her body. Good lord, she was perfectly made for just one thing wasn’t she? Annnd, I’d really like to do that with her post haste.

I thought I should add one more thing before I go.

Add one more lady, I mean.

This gal clearly goes well beyond the whole bikini pokies thing. I mean hell, I can practically see every freckle, pore, gland, and errant hair on both of her nipples. Those jugggz look mighty natural, very soft and squishy.

And I’m sure you noticed the otherworldly cameltoe. It is just too damn bad she can’t come sit in my lap and feed me a grape or two while I get a grope or two. Ha. You like what I did there, don’t ya.

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Boobs and Crotches [and the REAL reason you can’t look away]…

The pic I posted the other day of the gal in the black panties with the mirror behind her got me thinking about crotches.

Well, let’s be honest, I think about crotches a lot.

I created a category awhile back for braless cameltoe posts. I enjoy them so much, maybe I should change the name of my website!

Anyway, I thought we should go through a few today. You don’t mind do you?

1) This mature lady is doing her very best to completely bust out of her tanktop and her underwear.

Those nipples are rock hard, and I’m worried we should be wearing safety glasses around her. And her underwear is yanked so tight, it could possibly be cutting off the circulation to her nether regions. Probably, she needs me to check.
Me: Feel this?
Her: Nope.
Me: How about this?
Her: Ouch!
Me: You’re good.

2) Yowza, if this isn’t a serious cameltoe, I don’t know what is.

A visitor to the site sent this to me a few weeks ago, and I contemplated printing it out and taping it to my bathroom mirror.

What has gotten into this lady? Why is she pinching the bejeezus out of her crotch? Why are her lips so thick? Am I allowed to see more of her boobies?

Sigh, so many unanswered questions.

3) This crotch goddess gave me the shivers.

The way her boobies are hanging is perfection personified. A little hint of some pokie nipples. A little hint of some tanlines.

Her abs have just the right amount of definition. Her waist is semi-small, and her hips jut out like handles. As in “grab me right here and hold on tight and have your way with me”.

Her vadge is cleaved oh so prettily by that little g-string. And I’m sure once you click on the pic to expand it you will love the phrase that’s on her undies.

Do you remember a few years ago (2016 to be precise) when I was trying to explain to you why it’s an instinctual thing for guys to look down the shirts of women?

Well, it’s the same thing here.

We have this instinct to sow our wild seed, to procreate. Going back to caveman times, we are trained to check out the gal’s crotch, make sure it looks healthy and appealing. If something doesn’t look right, caveman moves on to the next little hunny.

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What the Hell is This?

What the hell is this?? Click HERE if ya gotta know…

I’m not going to tell you what this is. Lol, I know you are thinking dirty thoughts.

I’ll give you a few hints…

1) It’s a dirty job, and this thing doesn’t mind doing it.

2) You are going to need to clean it quite frequently.

3) The more you drink, the worse it gets.

Give up? Hahahahaha, click the link if you simply must know.

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Why Boobs and Mirrors are a Perfect Match

I have a mirror fetish.

As a visual guy, I like checking out the ladies. And if you have a mirror that is positioned just right, you can see twice as much, twice as many angles, as without.

This deserves an example or two, yes? Let’s get started…

1) She’s cute
Look, I can forgive a gal that’s a bit on the ugly side as long as she’s rockin’ a bangin’ bod. Thank goodness that in this case, we don’t have to worry about that. She’s actually pretty. And the little hair bun on top of her head sort of elevates her to “cute” status.

2) Those boobs!
Yes, her boobs are magnificent. They are quite weighty, and clearly unrestrained. I’m sure you noticed the pokies? Ahh, the benefits of thin cotton t-shirt when it comes to hard nipples.

3) Crotch sniffer
Well, I’ve talked about braless crotch shots before, and I’m happy to have fun with another one.

It’s hard to get quite so up close and personal with this gal’s labia, since the black g-string doesn’t show off as many details as white panties. We’re not treated to a cameltoe, but still. I kinda see some lips.

4) Curvy hips
The curve of her hips is setting me on fire.

If you look at the level of her belly-button, her waist is pretty skinny and tight. Then it swoops out, with wide hips almost like handles.

See the little folds at the tops of her legs? Those creases are like black hole sucking me in.

5) Mirror
The view in the mirror just makes this shot perfect.

We can see her hunched over, her shoulders and her back rounded. We can see the globes of her buttcheeks, with that thong yanked up and separating them. Her legs spread and welcoming my dirty perverted nature.

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