Candid Boobs – XL Edition

I’ve been on a candid kick lately.

We did this milf. Side note, I’m still stunned. A+++.

And we did this cutie with the nipslips.

Today I want to check out two new subjects.

The first gal is stomping down the sidewalk so fast it’s making the pictures blurry. She’s in yoga pants with knappy hair and the coolest sunglasses in the State. However, her croptop is so overburdened by those big bouncing breasts, there is no hope of containing them. Funny to see in the background the old dude with the dog who is about to either propose marriage or run home and whack off.

The next gal is graciously allowing us to view her candid grocery store pokies. She might be just leaving her gym from working out, as she’s dressed in what might be a sportsbra with an additional thin shirt over that. But alas, her spiked nipples protrude so much, her clothing simply cannot hide them. And those are some big melons, too! Even squashed down by the sportsbra, they are plump and juicy, I’m guessing D-cups. I don’t dig the crocs. I tried to wear crocs one time but the rubber made my toes sweat and my feet were stinking so bad I kept getting kicked out of fast food restaurants.

While I was at it, I updated the Ashley Tervort page. Wow, those titties…

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Saterra St Jean aka FullerBustBestie and her Massive Boobs

I ran across some really big, beautiful boobs today.

The gal’s name is Saterra St. Jean. Some folks call her FullerBustBestie. She is very well-endowed. All natural, and quite jiggly.

She is Canadian, but currently living in the UK.

Saterra started a women’s clothing and lingerie company for busty women. Sometimes having giant boobs can be a burden, as it can be hard to find things that fit.

This is the kind of problem many women wish they had!

Saterra loves posting pics and videos of herself in wearing hot, skimpy stuff. Every time I get an angle on her where I think she’s borderline chubby, I catch a different view of her that is goddess-like.

Regardless, she isn’t skinny. I guess her boobs are FF-cup. Yowza.

She has some hips, and she has some thighs, and I wouldn’t mind having all of the above in my face or on my lap.

Her first name might actually be Lynn, but she has so many aliases and ID’s it’s hard to keep them all straight.

There are definitely some nude videos and nude pics floating around, but for now you’ll just have to do with the rated PG youtube version.

Massive tennis boobs also await.

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Nipples and Labia – Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

I’m so proud of myself.

Looking back over my braless cameltoe category, I’ve made some phenomenal posts. It’s kind of surprising I haven’t won a boob-related Pulitzer Prize or something.

I figured I would continue that great tradition today with some more great crotch shots.

Like this little hunny, who has her yoga pants yanked so far up inside her that she’s liable to get pregnant and give birth to little yoga babies. And those nipples are downright dangerous looking.

We have a really crystal clear view of this braless blonde’s crotch in her little gray thong panties, but she doesn’t seem to have the problem where the camel is getting the toe, the old moose knuckle.

And last but not least for today, we have this sweetheart who pulls down her sleepshirt to show us her perfect cleavage and all natural boobs, meanwhile her labia are so thick and swollen it looks like her shorts just can’t contain them.

While you’re at it, you can check out Alyssa Milano. Or maybe even talk through a bit of nipple pinching dialogue.

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Dakota Blue Richards Busty Braless Bazonkers

I’m always on the hunt for celebs with big boobs.

I mean, I have nothing better to do, just sit around scrolling the interwebz with one hand in my pants hoping to find a new busty mamma to stare at.

Dakota has truly massive boobs. Like F-cup range, and she has a small frame to pair with them. She is 5’6 and maybe 120 lbs, so that makes her milkers that much more obvious.

She is attractive, but not nearly as pretty as Sydney Sweeney. But hey, her boobs may be twice as big, so let’s not kick her out of bed yet.

She looks stunning in a bikini. That top is about to TWANK! right open like an overstretched rubber band!

Not only have we seen her braless, there are some leaked photos out there of her topless. Wow, those boobs are huge and veiny. Getting me all excited here, fellas. That’s usually a sign we’re talking about a mommy, but she’s 29 years old, unmarried, and has no kids.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her. Those tits are basically spilling out of her swimsuit. She has them strapped in there the best she can, but there’s just no hope of containing them. They are squishing out the top. I’m getting all hot and sweaty and verklempt just looking at them.

Wearing a tight black dress with no bra and offering up a downblouse for her favorite fans.

Costume boobery…

One of her in a dressing room, and another leaked candid photo.

No relation to Dakota Johnson, of course.

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