Braless Video Numero Duo

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but here I go with another braless video compilation in November. This one is composed of 20 clips. If you like it, give it a thumbs up and hopefully youtube won’t delete it for being too racy. If you haven’t before, hit the subscribe button and youtube will notify you next time I post a video.

Clip 1: a chick in her pajamas doing karaoke in the kitchen with her nipples threatening to poke her eyeballs out
Clip 2: a blonde DJ shakes her stuff in a little white top that leaves nothing to the braless imagination
Clip 3: a gal pushing a stroller in a deep plunging dress, grrrreat boobies
Clip 4: a hispanic gal with big ta-ta’s shakes them like crazy
Clip 5: a girl walking down the sidewalk films herself flopping her boobs around with no bra
Clip 6: a sporty chick with very exposed nipples shows us her 3-point game
Clip 7: a model in a crazy outfit proudly shows off her massive hooters, pokies galore!
Clip 8: a sophisticated lady in a silky top stomps for the camera, sending her big braless funbags quivering and shaking like crazy
Clip 9: a busty young lady in a neon sports bra walks along filming how much her boobs bounce
Clip 10: a milf limbos her boobs right out of her dress
Clip 11: a model with an open shirt teases us with her delicious cleavage and pokies
Clip 12: a gal in her backyard poses with hard nipples in a white tanktop
Clip 13: a redheaded milf dunks herself in a swimming pool, getting her golden boobies very wet in the process
Clip 14: a blonde goddess with a curvy body made for sin drives me crazy posing in a skimpy bikini in a cityscape
Clip 15: a blonde chica tries on various things in her bedroom and isn’t shy about emphasizing those free, braless pokies
Clip 16: braless jumprope in a purple tanktop
Clip 17: chunky blonde jumps rope in a sportsbra, then braless in a white t-shirt
Clip 18: a sporty little hunny with truly gigantic bosoms jumps rope until I cry
Clip 19: a cute little athletic gal jumps rope in a bra and then braless in a white t-shirt to note the difference in bounce and support
Clip 20: a gym gal jumps rope with big cans bouncing

The previous November video is here

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Candid Pokies Are a Way of Life

I’m stunned that I started this website thirteen years ago and I have never created a section for candid pokies. What in tarnation was I thinking?

I’m quite the voyeur, and I love candid photos. I’ve been that way since I was a wee little pubescent-ish lad. The pokies element makes it that much more exciting.

I guess I created an amateur pokies category, which is close. For the sake of nuance, let’s talk about the difference. Candids can be taken of amateurs (i.e. they are not being paid to get their photo taken), or pros (i.e. they are being paid to get their photo taken). In a Level 1 Candid, the subject is not posing but knows someone is taking their photograph. Anyone who knows what a camera (or video camera) is will naturally tense up and begin some type of presentation or posing if they see the photographer. So these, by their very nature, have to happen sort of fast. In a Level 2 Candid, the subject is not posing and they don’t know someone is taking their photograph.

Let’s go through some fine, fine examples shall we??!

1) Candid hiking pokies
This blonde milf is standing proudly at the top of her hiking trail. She is pretty fancy with all her jewelry, her orange backpack, etc. I just cannot for the life of me explain though why she would be wearing that v-neck shirt with no bra on. She has some pretty big hooters, and I would think walking around like that would send them into all kinds of death spirals. I wish I had a video of this one 🙂

2) Candid shopping pokies
BralessBlog should host some kind of competition for this category. And we should give this lady a gold-plated trophy, that’s for sure. Now look, errrbody can’t be a goddess. She has a stunning body, perky boobs, and truly life-threatening nipples. But, meh, her face: not so good. I get it. I know. Just relax and enjoy the fripples will ya? Regardless of her average(ish) face, if she waled by you in the grocery store or on your Friday night Walmart run, you would probably pant like a rabid dog.

3) Candid concert pokies
We all know that chicks dig concerts. I don’t like country music, but I do like what country music concerts do to women. It’s like they go into some kind of zombie trance, and put on short shorts, and begin showing cleavage.

This girl’s tanktop has no hope of containing her massive breasts, and her pokies are otherwordly. I like the little thing she has around her neck. I think it’s commonly referred to as a choker, and it makes me want to do dirty things to her.

4) Candid milf pokies
I actually laugh out loud every time I look a this photo. The expression on this lady’s face is like: ho hum, I think I’ll hitch my pants up, wow my nipples sure are aching wait! is that guy taking a photo of me?

Judging by the size and state of her erect nipples, I would say she has been breastfeeding the little creature in the stroller. She appears to be older though, so this is hard to figure out.

5) Candid swimsuit pokies
Ahh, yes, here we go. We can always count on a few wet swimsuits plastered to some chilly nipples.

No woman ever has worn a swimsuit she didn’t try on and agonize in the mirror over. Dudes will just buy swim trunks and not give three shits, but for women this is like a major life decision. I’m sure this lady tried on her suit, but possibly she didn’t realize it would show every pore in her nipples once it got wet?

6) Candid girlfriend pokies
This dude has his arm draped over his girlfriend’s shoulders in order to convey the message: yes, her nipples are on display. Yes, you can look at them. But she is mine. Stay away.

That sweater is very clingy, and does a great job highlighting her nips. I wish her skirt was about thirty-six inches shorter, cause she probably has yummy legs, but I ain’t complaining.

7) Candid wife pokies
You have to have big fuzzy nuts to sneak around and take pictures of your wife’s boobs when she’s not looking. If this guy gets busted, he’ll be sleeping on the couch for a month.

Or maybe she won’t care? Maybe she knows they look great, and she likes showing them off.

I like how prominently her nipples stand at attention in this pink tube top.

I have more, but I’m all typed out. There’s your lucky seven for today. If I can get some motivation, I’ll go back and flag some of the appropriate candids with my new category.

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Big Happy Braless Knockers

This braless redhead makes me smile. Mainly because she is smiling. She seems to be saying, hey big bubba, I know you are riveted by my massive natural boobs and the fact that I’m braless and they are sort of flopping around and you can see my nipples poking through my tanktop. Want to come say hi? I’ll admit that her face is a little odd. I can’t quite figure out what’s going on there. But who cares with a chest like that.

Speaking of taktop and big boobs and smiles, for godssakes check out this hot lil mamma. Is this not ridiculous? She is actually so cute that her nose is wrinkled up. Oh, and also you can see her nipples. I kind of wonder if she didn’t go to pick up her kid at some other kid’s birthday party dressed like that. All the dads that see her are probably stunned into complete silence.

And what the hell, I’ll go ahead and stay with this theme and present to you: complete madness. That’s what this blonde goddess is, with her perfect orbs, and her hard little nips, and tiny tanktop straps that are about to pop like overtightened guitar strings – twang! Although I was a bit distracted by her obscenely large white watch, I was equally mesmerized by her eyes. I mean boobs. I kind of think this girl is a maneater.

I might as well finish off this series with a little coed action. This gal was hoping she could sneak into the library and get a little studying done without too many pervs checking her out. But she made a mistake. She wore this mercilessly tight, low-cut tanktop with no bra, and no every dude in the library is itching to look down her shirt. Who can blame them?? She has quite the rack.

Since it’s been awhile since I put together a video, I’ve also posted this one. Now we have all seen how crazy Youtube is about flagging or deleting my completely non-nude videos. My suggestion is a) watch it quick before it disappears, and b) upvote it so that Youtube is less likely to be snooty about it.

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Anamaria Dodan’s Boobs Astonish Me

Even if you’ve never heard of her, you are about to be mesmerized. Anamaria Dodan apparently never wears a bra, and she has gigantic boobies.

Information is scarce on this hunny, so let me do us all a (perverted) service and sketch up a quick bio:
Anamaria is 5’1″ tall
She weighs 118 lbs (a significant portion is upstairs)
Her breasts are all-natural F-cups
She is Romanian
She models

Wait, were you thinking I would write a book? Well think again, cuz I’m too busy staring at her cleavage to be factual. She loves posting photos of her boobies to her instagram account. I’m somewhat surprised that as of today only 69k horny dudes like me are following her.

She smiles a lot. I would too, if I looked like that. I don’t know much about Romania. Maybe it’s a cool place to live, and people are super-happy and don’t need anti-depressants and smile 24/7 there. Without further ado, here are

The Top 5 Reasons Anamaria Dodan’s Boobs Astonish Me

5) They stick straight out. Now, I realize the droop a little, which is counter-intuitive to the whole premise behind #5. But take this picture as an example. See how her breasts press so mightily against her t-shirt? These aren’t pancake/flapjack boobs here, bro. They are quite conical and quite levered out from her body and it drives me wild. Getting my hands on these girlies would be like a pirate finding lost treasure.

4) Her nipples are never soft. And by that I mean even when she’s asleep. She has permapokies. A black shirt typically hides things pretty well, but here she is standing beside her car practically shredding her shirt with her nipples. This only increase the need I feel to see her nekkid.

For all I know, her nipples are hard even when she is relaxed and asleep in bed. Is there any kind of operation you can have to make your nips stand at attention all the time? Do women do that? According to the viagra commercials, an erection lasting more than four hours can cause damage. What if a woman’s nipples are erect for more than four hours? Any concerns there?

3) They are all natural and huge. There, I said it. I know I preach about the equality of all boobs, and how small boobs are just as awesome as big boobs. But c’mon, we all know a giant pair of hooters makes a man’s heart sing. And my sings real loud looking at her chesticles.

I started to create a new category just for Anamarie. I mean, what do we call her? My braless D-cup category just isn’t large enough to contain her, if you get what I mean. I guess we could file her under amateur pokies, but she models and I’m pretty sure she gets paid which means she’s not an amateur.

2) She is constantly braless. Seriously, it is hard to find a picture of this chick where she is wearing a bra and has her pokie nipples covered up. In cases where I do find that, I have to assume it was an accident. She does not like wearing bras, for which I am enormously grateful. Thank goodness she’s young, because boobs that big that are so frequently unsupported will eventually get saggish. Let’s hope I’m still around when that happens.

1) She likes showing them off. I like candids and “oops” moments as much as the next guy. And sometimes I like demure women. But ya gotta love a chick who has big giant boobs and likes to show them off. I bet her boyfriend sits across from her in KFC like in this photo and can’t help but think dang woman, could you just put those things away for five minutes so we could eat in peace without horny dudes harassing us?

But she won’t. She can’t. It brings her joy to flash those things around. And frankly, it brings me joy too.

At least for now, it seems difficult to find any videos of Anamaria. Here are a couple from Youtube. I realize she isn’t half-naked, bouncing around, or particularly prevalent in these, but hey I’m doing what I can:

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Bikini Pokies Are My Kryptonite

If you think about it (and I do, a lot), bikinis are awesome because it’s like chicks are wandering around in their underwear. I mean, they aren’t wearing anything under their bikini, right?

The bikini bottoms, whether they are full coverage or thongs, are pulled tight against the sweetest little female bits. And those bikini tops, that have no assistance from elastic filled, wire reinforced brassieres. Sometimes they are simply overwhelmed, and the girls go bouncing around. And quite often, they aren’t padded or thick enough to hide those water-hardened nipples.

Which brings us to today’s special treat. I live in North America, which means it’s wintertime right now. I generally bitch about the cold weather in the winter, and bitch about the hot weather in the summer. I bitch, get over it. So I need a little pick-me-up, and you do too. What better way to enjoy the winter than to drool over summer bodies in summer bikinis?

Some yummy boobs in bikinis would be awesome, but here at BralessBlog I want to totally eclipse awesome and blow your mind. All while my hand is in my pants.

Big boobs aren’t enough, I also want pokies. Those hard nipples add a shock factor that is hard to ignore or resist. Why do you think I have an entire category for this? And this little amateur hunny is just what the (amateur gynecologist) doctor ordered.

Do you think she has DD’s? Or are those like F-cup boobs? They are all natural, I can definitely tell that.

Scrolling back through some of my old posts, I can see why I’ve kept this website going for ten years. It’s because I’m brilliant, and horny, and I like boobs.

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Early November Braless Update

Update to the update: I also added a bunch of photos to the dressing room page 🙂

You should stop ignoring the downblouse post, cause I just added a couple of awesome shots to the very bottom that I can’t stop thinking about.

Added some to Caroline Wozniacki’s page, and I’m still chuckling about the vadge.

I added a yummy purple swimsuit to this post

A couple more: updated this Jennifer Lawrence post with downblouse shots, and updated this Blake Lively post with photographic evidence of those puffy nips.

Hot chicks on bicycles has sort of been a dirty obsession for me lately. I updated our fairly popular post here with a bunch of new biking photos. If you slide past the video and the other batches of photos, you’ll see the “Update” at the bottom of the post.

I went back to this post on sideboobs and (after I um savored every minute detail of those yummy ladies) updated it with a special new shot.

I thought for posterity I should include this shot of some seriously big boobies in their natural environment. Now I realize that boobs can be too big. And these may be. But I’m sort of mesmerized when I see this photo and think about motorboating my nose between them, so enjoy.

And finally, I thought I should update the tight dress pokies post with a shot that includes not one but two little sweeties who just can help but makes us groan with those mucho grande mammaries.

PS – I had forgotten about my top 5 from a year or two ago. And you shouldn’t. You should go check them out, because dayum those gals are gorgeous and their boobs make my day. Again.

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