Lifeguard Nipples

lifeguard pokies 15What red-blooded American kid doesn’t grow up with a lifeguard fetish? I am particularly compromised, since I grew up watching Pamela Anderson bounce her rack around on Baywatch once a week. Going to the pool as a kid, the lifeguards always seemed so grown up and so insanely sexually charged. Seriously, do you remember ever seeing an ugly female lifeguard as a kid? Yeah, I didn’t think so. It’s like the hiring criteria involves grading them on a scale of 1-10 on hotness, and only hiring 11 and above.

lifeguard nipples 1So I guess there really is such a thing as a “female lifeguard convention”. All of these photos were taken at such a convention. In some of the pics, you can see a zillion photographers dotting the beaches. Maybe these hotties are so used to standing around half-naked in front of random sandy/sweaty strangers that it just doesn’t bother them? I definitely missed my calling if there is a real profession where you just take photos of lifeguard nipples all day.

Speaking of which, as you may have noticed, I have culled out all the um boring photos and I’ve focused – for your viewing pleasure – on the ones that seem to emphasize boobage. These ladies were really put through their paces, so it’s not unusual to see action shots of them jumping and running and surfing and making out. Well, maybe not making out, but still.

Some of these gals look like they are either professional athletes or models. Or both. Some have ripped abs and very toned bodies. About 75% of the photos are high resolution, so you are going to want to zoom waaaaay in and not miss a single mole, freckle, or nipple gland. Because, hey, perverts-R-us.

I have a few favorites, but really I’m just enjoying the thought of these little hunny’s prowling around the beach without much on and their pokies saying hello.

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Celebrities Jiggle Around

I’ll be honest, I had no idea how Keke Palmer was. I just knew that she had some little b-cups and she liked to stop around the city braless. She was in the movie Barbershop 2, which I luckily did not see, and a handful of TV shows. I don’t think she’s that famous, but her boobs are. From relative obscurity to demanding attention with the sideboob shot, well-played Ms Keke.

Apparently Sara Shahi is an Iranian-American actress who was also an NFL Cheerleader. Check closely, and perhaps you will notice that she has gigantic, natural boobies. Yep, I noticed too. I would think those things would bounce all over the place if she was doing a cheerleading dance. The best I could find was this low-res video. Enjoy.

I realize the 2016 American Music Awards were awhile ago. But these shots of a braless Olivia Munn are too yummy to pass up. She has a cute body. I think watching her play ping pong while wearing a very loose tank top would actually be more fun than watching her in a movie or America’s Got Talent, or whatever it is she’s doing on screen these days. She looks kind of exotic. I think her dad was German and her mom was Vietnamese.

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Ivanka Trumps Nipples are a Little Much

Someone wrote me the other day and asked me why I’m so fascinated by Ivanka Trump.

Well, I’m not. I searched the site, and realized I’ve posted about maybe a little too much. And sometimes I dream about motorboating her boobies while I’m working at the gas station. And also one time I paid $59 for a pair of her panties on ebay, and although I was really, really hopeful, in retrospect I guess I got scammed. So anyway.

Last week Ivanka paraded around at the United Nations meeting in the blue top with her nipples poking out. Just straight up nipple pokage. Who knows what the hell she was thinking.

All the world leaders, and all their flunkies, were probably walking around whispering behind their hands “Have you seen Ivanka’s areolae? Did she forget an article of clothing?”

No, she didn’t. She was certainly wearing a bra. But it was damn cold in there, and freaking Ivanka refused to put a blazer on or stick an extra pad down her bra cup to hide those crazily erect nipples.

This is kind of asinine. No, no – I don’t want to make you think I’ve gone weak. Suddenly caught morals. Cleaning up my act and holding women accountable for keeping their cleavage displays to a minimum. It’s nothing like that. It’s just that her daddy is president. And people were actually trying to get shit done there at the UN. And she should have more sense than to make the topic of the day all about her pokies.

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The Braless Update You’ve Been Waiting For

I guess I’m a little surprised and disappointed that we’ve enjoyed so few cheerleaders here on BralessBlog over the years. I found a post here, and another one here. So for today’s update/discussion, I’ve thrown in a photo of what can only be an NFL cheerleading goddess. Maybe the Miami Dolphins? The way she has her head thrown back and the way those big soft boobies are squashed together by her sports bra makes me hungry for some dolphin.

I fixed the images on this Maria Menounous post, because her boobs are too delicious to ignore. And I added a few new photos of her in a dress here.

I’ve always had a thing for hot chicks in a dressing room, so I added a few pokies pictures to our dressing room post.

Also, Kate Beckinsale has been on my mind lately. I wish she had been on my lap, but alas she thinks I’m a weirdo. I added some grrreat photos of her in a flimsy braless getup at the bottom of my original post, which appears to have happened back in 2011.

This little cutie in a white bikini seems to be a little shy, and is giving us her “Are you looking at my boobies?” smile. Those broad, flap hips tell me she is ready to make some babies, and nobody in their right mind can argue with those soft boobs and pert nipples. I don’t think her swimsuit is wet. Once it gets wet, all hell is liable to break loose.

Speaking of wet white things, this gal sitting poolside in her wet white t-shirt is enough to make me blubber like a stoned whale. I swear I don’t think she has anything on under this shirt. Her face is impossibly gorgeous, her hair has that just-had-sex kind of messiness, and those boobs, especially with the way she has her arm over her head, are so perky it’s painful. All in all, this girl and this photo might bring braless to a whole new level, and you and I are lucky to have had this erotic breakthrough.

I’ll leave you with one more today, because: why not. This gal has laid down and put her soft cleavage on display in a very unbuttoned gray shirt. The way her boobs sort of flatten out and droop to the side make me think she has some all-natural yumminess. Not that I care either way, just saying. You and I both know she pinched the crikey out of her nipples to make them stand at attention before she snapped the photo. I kinda want to lick them, and do other fun things to them.

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Can We Get Legit Braless Action on Youtube?

Back in June of last year, I prensented a handful of fairly hot braless youtube videos. One of them was subsequently banned on youtube, but the rest are still there and still hot.

I figured all the BralessBlog visitors have an insatiable appetite for boobies and movies would enjoy another post like that!

Of today’s collection, this one is probably my favorite. It is a full 90 seconds of a busty gall running in slow motion down a beach, with her boobs boinking to and fro in a most excellent bikini. Yowza, those girls really get to swinging. She’s lucky she didn’t end up with a couple of black eyes. I was also checking out her flat tummy and her crotch as she ran by. I’m sure you will too.

This video is of a gal with gigantic knockers. She loves posting videos about cleaning hacks. How to clean your carpet, how to clean your apartment, etc. She generally does this with her boobs hanging out of a low cut shirt, and her ass hanging out of shorty-shorts. Sign me up! Wow, I like this little hunny a lot. I’m not too big on the nose ring though.

In the following vid, the girl considers herself “curvy” and tries on a few different dresses and tops. You and I aren’t fashionistas, but we are certainly mesmerized by her DD-honkers. She does kind of have a big butt, but when she turns sideways she has no belly so I’m gonna give her a thumbs up on the “curvy” rather than chubby classification. Although a little more of that strutting around and she’s going to give me a chubby.

I have occasionally linked to some of the nude yoga videos in my sidebar. They are sublime. I honestly don’t know how these guys get away with nude action on youtube. I’ve been banned several times posting BralessBlog videos on youtube that have zero nudity. I guess they claim that it’s all about freedom and religious out of body experiences and has nothing to do with perversion. I call BS, but then again I can only slobber when I see this gal’s boobs. Let me help you out: she is flopping them around nude by 0:54 into the video.

Here we have a cutie who likes to take videos of herself jiggling her boobs around. She does this under the guise of dancing, but we know what’s going on here don’t we? She has a damn-fine body, and I think I could stand to dig up a few more videos of her. Maybe I can find one of her shop-vac’ing her car out while braless in a tanktop? I’m gonna keep dreaming about that for now.

I’ll leave you folks with one more. This cold water challenge video features a gal who could cut glass with her nipples. And that’s *before* she dunks herself in a tub of cold water. I don’t know why she is doing this to herself, but I also don’t care. In addition to thinking she is hot and enjoying the whole thing, I must also recommend you scope out the part of the video where she jumps out of the tub in her wet, sticky top at 4:55. Boing, boing! Ahhh, too much fun.

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Kristy Swanson’s Braless Boobs Make Me Sigh

Although she’s 49 years old now, you may remember Kristy Swanson (and her braless boobs) from a few years ago.

Kristy Swanson boobsI guess most people would remember her from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Not me, though. I remember her from the movie The Chase with Charlie Sheen. In this movie she plays a wealthy lady who gets kidnapped by a criminal and they go on a long car chase. Disregarding any silly and nearly useless plot elements, Kristy looks like a busty bronze goddess in the movie.

It was released in 1994, I think it was rated R, and I just remember seeing it in the theaters and nearly howling with sexual frustration when she whips her shirt off and climbs into Charlie’s lap while he’s driving that car.

Kristy did some stuff before, and some stuff after, but nothing that ever woke my willy. There are a number of juicy tidbits related to her life though.

Kristy Swanson Boobs 2She started dating Alan Thicke when she was 17 and he was 40. Yes, I’m talking about the Growing Pains dad and talk show host. That dude was a hornball and dated/married every hot model chick he every came across. I digress; I think Kristy clearly had a thing for daddy types.

Also, she was arrested for assault in 2007. Some crazy deal where she stole this lady’s figure skating husband when they met on a show called Skating with Celebrities, but then the two got in a cat fight later and beat each other up. I think I’ve seen an adult video of this where the two beat each other with pillows while partially clothed and in prison?

She did have a baby, so clearly we are now dealing with a milf.

Kristy Swanson pokies 4I’ve noticed this thing about Kristy where she squints her eyes. This could be because she is trying to look cool. I do that all the time. Doesn’t work for me, but then again my boobs aren’t awesome like Kristy’s. Or it could be because she needs glasses and she refuses to wear them. Again, kind of like me.

None of that matters when you consider how wonderful her busoms are. It really doesn’t bother me that she’s turned into a Hallmark movie queen, because frankly I fell in love with her cleavage back in 1994 and have never recovered.

Kristy Swanson braless 1I’m pretty sure she posed nude for adult magazine one time, but I’m not going to post those photos because I’m trying to be angelic today. I’ve posted enough photographic evidence to convince you that her c-cups are truly happy bags, and she deserves her spot on the list of famous braless celebs.

If not, here’s a clip of the movie trailer. Knowing my luck with youtube, they will delete the movie from this stranger’s account and call the FBI and also tell my mommy on me.

Kristy Swanson braless 2Kristy Swanson cleavageKristy Swanson pokiesKristy Swanson pokies 2

Kristy Swanson pokies 3Seriously, these pokies pictures of her make me want to whine like a hyperventilating dog. Those nipples look voracious, possibly life-altering.

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