Girlfriend Pokies Video

I thought you guys might want to see this.

This cute little blondie decided to do a dance for her boyfriend. That kind of stuff happens all the time, just not to loser like me and you.

But there are two important, salient points you should be aware of:
1) the webcam was recording
2) she was not wearing a bra, and her pokies were just in-fing-sane

I don’t know what’s up with the purple porno couch, but let’s not let it distract us from more important things. Yes, she sucks her fingers and looks longingly at you like “ooh, I just wish this was your piece of manmeat.” Yes she jiggles and bounces around, as braless gals with perky boobs are wont to do. But the important part is the nipple tweak.

Annnd you’re going to find that starting at 3:25. Go ahead, watch the whole video. I’m not trying to interrupt your viewing pleasure. I’m just helping you out. When you get to 3:25 you’re going to see some areola circling, flicking, twisting, pinching. Ouch, doesn’t that hurt? It looks like it does. And we’re left to think… she likes it to hurt.

Her pokies needed no help before, but by the time she gets done twisting them and flicking them like there’s no tomorrow, those things could cut glass! And those little tiny panties she’s wearing? All jammed up into the crack of her buttcheek. Yowza. Driving me crazy.

This is not some kind of Matilda with buck teeth and a hairy upper lip. She is an A+. Some dude out there (her boyfriend) is already tired of putting up with her shit, I’m sure. That’s just how relationships go. But you and I can stand back from afar and admire the incredible bod.

The video is four minutes long, but I must’ve watched it at least fifteen times. Delicious.

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Tanktop Pokies

I decided we should talk about tanktop pokies today because… well, why the hell not?

I gair-ron-tee you (imagine a Cajun accent, applaud at will) that some horny/smart dude invented the tanktop. Sure it’s comfortable for dudes to wear while they sit in their barcolounger with a bear and watch the game. Especially if they have flabby arms with scruffy black hair all over them.

The magic happens when you drop a chick into a tanktop. Nobody wears a bra with a tanktop. That’s just fact. Given that fact, you just can’t go wrong. Tanktop too tight? BAM, boobies are sticking out everywhere. Tanktop too loose? Oooh, so sorry, now you are going to accidentally get flashed every five minutes and be forced to watch the wigglejiggle.

We talked many moons ago about Megan Fox wearing a tanktop in that one movie where she runs/jiggles around. The video I posted back in ’15 of the braless gal in a tanktop has proven quite popular. And in general, you should probably quit screwing around and visit our video section.

white tanktop pokiesNow ya’ll know I have a special place in my hear for white tanktop pokies. This gal delivers fo sho. That thick little brunette braid only adds to the tantalizing effect. Makes me think about a handle, give it a little tug here and there while you’re, you know, copulating. Could she scratch glass with those nips? Yes indeedy. Those boobs are quite round, and make me want to do a damn happy dance. Maybe the horizontal mamba.

pink tanktop pokiesAnd this photo kinda makes you freeze. Like hold your breath, and sit really still. Because at any minute, this girl’s impossibly loose tanktop is going to shift and fall right off her nipples. Quite an effective tease, don’t you think? It doesn’t hurt that she has the body of a blonde goddess. Also, praise little 7 lb 10 oz baby jesus, she has recently shaved her pits. I know some of you perverts get into the whole hairy thing; that’s a discussion for another day.

tiny tanktop pokiesDon’t you think the straps on this tanktop are impossibly thin? Like at any molment, they are going to go TWANG! like an overstressed guitar string, and madame is going to find her mammaries out bouncing in the breeze. She has a very cute face, and puckered up lips with some naughty red lipstick, but if you’re like me you keep coming back to those pointy little nipples. You can help it. As a kid, you were trained like Pavlov’s dogs to recognize the nipple as a source of nourishment. It’s instinctual, sort of like the whole downblouse thing.

car tanktop pokiesOkay, I’m running out of room here. I’ve already used most of the words in the english language, and yet… and yet we have this delicious hottie yet to discover. Is she taking this selfie with her own phone, proud of her nipples and the effects they have upon the world? Surely. Did she slide that green tanktop on this morning and think “my braless boobs are going to cause heartattacks all dayum day”? Yep. And before she took the photo, slicing down the highway at 55 mph in her fancy Mercedes, did you look down at her areola and decide they weren’t pokie enough, and give them a twist. Sure as shit she did.

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Bikini Pokies Warm Us Up

It’s been awhile since we posted any bikini pokies. It’s cold where I live, so I think it’s time to get our blood pumping a little here…

blue bikini pokiesThis is sort of a blue checkerboard bikini pokie. This gal looks a bit exotic, and has a tan dark enough to make you want to drink a dirty martini. She appears to be rather, uhhhh, well-endowed godblessher.

striped bikini pokiesYep, gal number two better be checkin herself befo’ she wrecks herself. Well, I don’t know about wrecking, but she may be at risk of having a nipple pop out. I can’t help but let my gaze wander down her (very flat) navel and wondering if she over-dried her bikini bottoms making them shrink. Sometimes my t-shirts do that and they get really tight on my belly, er I mean flat stomach.

yellow bikini pokiesIt’s hard to beat solid color bikinis because there is no print to confuse the eye and camouflage the pokies. No color can really hide the nips from my well-practiced eye, but light colors like yellow certainly stand no chance. This gal is a little wide in the hips and the waist, but I could certainly help her work a few calories off and to be honest I like a little extra padding. Don’t want no stick figures. Her boobs are maybe sitting a little wide apart, if she cinched up that bikini top she could squeeze the cleavage together and increase her chances of picking up a manly stud like myself.

red bikini pokiesAhh, yes, and then we have the “drunk party girl I think I’ll have one more bear but I hope my erect nipples aren’t distracting my friends or the slobbering bartender” pokies. The casual three-finger hello wave is meant to
a) be friendly to the annoying cameraman
b) prevent the necessity of sitting down the cervasa
c) mask her inebriated inability to construct a more substantial wave with the hand that’s keeping her from falling down/overboard
d) indicate how many fingers she prefers to use when she, you know, helps herself out.

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My Braless Evening with the Girls

It was Shana’s birthday, and all us girls were going out for a night on the town.

I wanted to start the night off right, so I primped and preened for hours. Fresh out of the shower, I was cozied up to the mirror putting my make-up on when my phone rang.

“What are you wearing?” Gina asked.

“Nothing but a towel,” I told her.

“No, seriously! Tonight, what are you wearing?”

braless unbuttonedEverybody knows girls have to coordinate their outfits. God forbid if a couple of us ended up wearing the same thing.

After more make-up, a lot of work on my hair, and a little perfume, I got started on the wardrobe. I wedged a tiny red satin g-string between my cheeks. I pulled a short skirt on over that, with some heels. My blouse was made of wispy thin material. After much deliberation, I decided on no bra.

My boobs are quite big, 36 D-cups. Going out in public braless generally has to be planned in advance. Trust me, it’s not something I would do at church. My boobs tend to bounce around, my nipples tend to poke out, and people notice.

I figured it was nighttime, we would be in a dark club, and nobody would really be able to tell. And besides, so what if they did? I liked my boobs. Guys in particular liked my boobs. Why not show them off once in awhile?

A few hours into the club scene, once I had a few drinks in me and started dancing with the girls, I was horny with a capital H. Part of it was grinding and goofing around with my girlfriends. Part of it was the charged atmosphere. And then part of it, to be honest, was just that I hadn’t gotten laid in a long time!

I started thinking about slipping into the bathroom, and hiding out in one of the stalls, and rubbing one off. Yeah, I know – disturbing and disgusting behavior. I hope you are not ashamed of me.

I went to the bar where Leisa was talking to a gentleman standing beside her, and I ordered a drink. One of the bartenders was a young guy who moved like a ballerina. I didn’t find him hot, but he was fun to watch.

I sipped my cocktail, watching this bartender as my mind wandered to my horniness problem. I could literally feel a throbbing between my legs. Surreptitiously, with nobody watching (I hoped), as I went to sit my cocktail glass down on the bar I dragged the edge of the glass over my nipple. My skin was flushed with the exertion of dancing and with my horniness, a light sweat glistening here and there. My nipples were erect, aching for attention.

The edge of the glass rubbed my areola painfully, erotically. I squeezed my eyes shut and also squeezed my thighs together, longing for some relief. Screw it – I tossed the last of my drink back and headed for the powder room.

I clip-clopped across the club in my heels, my big boobs bouncing and swaying in a way that I knew might attract attention.

Before I could get the bathroom door closed, Leisa elbowed her way in with me.

“Sweetie, ya gotta let me go or I’m going to have an accident,” she apologized. I laughed, and told her no problem.

As she sat on the toilet relieving herself in what sounded like the Great Flood, I checked my hair and tweaked my makeup in the mirror by the sink. Leisa and I chatted as we went, and swapped places once she was done.

“Okay, so I see you’re wearing panties,” she muttered at me in the mirror as I peed on the toilet.

“Um, yes… thank you for noticing?” I replied. I actually worried that she might see the wet spot on my red panties as I sat there. No need for her to realize how badly I needed an orgasm.

“Well, I thought maybe when you forgot your bra you maybe forgot your panties too,” she said with a wink.

“Hey listen,” I replied, “you take care of your boobs and I’ll take care of mine.”

“I’m just giving you a hard time,” Leisa said with a smile. She turned around and leaned against the edge of the sink. “If I had great boobs like yours, I would want to show them off too.”

“You have an awesome body,” I said dismissively, pulling up my panties and flushing.

“Do you mind if I ask if they are real?”

“Yep,” I replied as I walked over to her to rinse my hands in the sink. “All natural baby!”

“Can I feel them?”

“Uh, you want to feel my boobs?”

“Yes please,” she said a bit nervously.

I dried my hands and tossed the paper towel in the wastebasket. “Be my guest,” I told her.

She put a very warm hand on each of my boobs, gripping them, squeezing them for just a second. Through the thin fabric of my blouse, she could fee every inch, every contour and bump on my nipples. “They are very soft, big,” she told me. She was standing close, and I could smell the alcohol on her breath.

“Ah, yeah well I’d be careful doing that if I were you. You don’t want to wake the sleeping bear.”

She dropped her hands and furrowed her brow. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I’m in a bad way. It’s been awhile.”

“Actually, you have something on you,” she said, and bent in for a closer look.

“Something on me? Like what?” Dammit, if I had spilled something on my blouse I was going to be pissed.

Then Leisa surprised me by softly kissing the side of my neck, and lightly biting my ear.

I moaned. I took her hands and cupped them firmly back on my tits. “Do that again,” I whispered.

Leisa kissed my neck again, licking and biting her way up behind my ear. She slid one hand off my chest and put it on my ass, pulling my hips against hers. My heart pounded and my crotch throbbed.

Err, wait, was that my heart pounding? Somebody was getting desperate and pounding on the bathroom door.

“Looks like we’re going to have to continue this another time,” Leisa said quietly, and softly bit my lower lip.

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Mariah Carey Pokies

Mariah Carey giggles with pokiesMariah Carey has been a hot topic lately. There was some kind of flub-up at the New Year’s Eve celebration and her soundtrack messed up and she stomped off stage.

I personally think it would’ve been a lot more interesting if a nipple would’ve popped out and then several old geezers in the audience dropped to the ground with a heart attack, but whatever.

I thought these photos of her running around braless in a white bodysuit might get your attention. As proud as she is of those juggers, it’s rather difficult to find Maria Carey pokies. She’s more about the cleavage thing, and letting you see all the way down to her bellybutton.

She is apparently shopping in these photos, and of course surrounded by some kind of entourage that unfortunately doesn’t include yours truly.

If I were there, I certainly wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes off those nips. I might even flick one with a thumb, just to see if it would completely rip through the fabric at that point.

I’m slightly embarrassed to realize I haven’t posted anything about Maria’s boobs since 2009. This suggests there’s something wrong with me. Or maybe I’m just a crappy webmaster. Now that I think about it, both facts, BAM!

I put a link to some of the previous posts below.

Mariah Carey shopping pokiesJust to try and redeem myself, I did a search on Mariah Carey implants, and did some stroking reading. Nothing really conclusive, but if you look at some photos of her from her early part of her career, and compare that bosom to her current orbs of amazement, there’s really no denying it.

Now granted, I think she’s had two kids between then and now. But here’s the thing, kids make you boobs grow then shrink. It’s not some kind of perpetual breast enlarger. She’s also gotten a little chunkier since then (hey I’m not complaining), so that could play a role.

Doesn’t really matter. I think they are plenty enjoyable!

She’s a pretty good singer. She always has to do that thing where she screams in a high-pitched voice and she’s not really saying any words she’s just showing off her “range”. That’s annoying.

But anybody who is as hot as she is can get away with being annoying. Especially considering some of the crazy shit she wears. If I weren’t so lazy, I would take a photo of Elvira Mistress of the Dark and photoshop her head off and then compare it side-by-side with Mariah cause I swear sometimes they seem to share the same wardrobe. Realllll heavy on boobie emphasis. Which is right up my alley, yummy.

Mariah Carey bodysuit pokiesMariah Carey shopping cart pokiesMariah Carey braless pokies

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Braless White Blouse

I’m all used up and have no interest in posting anything witty. Except, dang, this girl is making my jimmy jump.

Look at those boobies. Look at that expression. It says:

I have gigantic DD-cup boobies.
Sit right there and watch this.
I’m taking my bra off.
I’m putting on this incredibly thin, lacey white blouse.
Oh wait, are my nipples poking out?
Let me pinch them. Mmmm.
NOW my nipples are poking out. You can’t look away can you?
Who can blame you.
Want to see these in motion.
I’m just gonna walk over here.
Oops, wait, I forgot something, let me walk back over here.
Bouncy bouncy boing wobble.
Yessss, I know, my boobs like to shake around a bit don’t they!
Let me bend down and adjust my high heel.
What’s that? You are Squeaking. Sounds like you have something caught in your throat, or maybe you’re having chest pains.

Seriouisly, that cleavage is wicked, and her erect nipples make me cry mamma.

The casually messy hair and the weepy “I’ll do anything to please you” look just make me melt. I think I’m gonna ask this girl to marry me. Or at least ask her to wash my mailbox in a bikini.

braless in white blouse

Another blouse you might be interested in:
And just because the skies are gray and the nips are hard today, we should look back at
Screw looking at the blouse, can we look down the blouse?

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