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Caroline Wozniacki Pokies

At the risk of beating myself up, which is something rarely seen unless you are watching Tyler Durden do it in Fight Club, I will graciously admit that it’s been awhile since we posted about any tennis pokies. I kind … Continue reading

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Maria Sharapova My Beloved Tennis Goddess

I really meant to launch a post about my babe Maria Sharapova, but here it is the middle of June and I’m just now getting around to it. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or maybe just stuck behind … Continue reading

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Kaley Cuoco Tennis Pokies

In the grand spirit of our tennis pokies, which by all rights should include other perverse sections like general sports pokies, or more more specific Jelena Dokic pokies, we present to you (drr-dr-drrrr trumpet sounding) Kaley Cuoco hammering the little … Continue reading

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Jelena Dokic Braless Movies

Jelena Dokic can’t really help it. She is a professional athlete, and she is saddled, almost cursed with these big DD boobies. They get in the way, they throw her off balance, they are a distraction, and they end up … Continue reading

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