Christina Applegate Nipples

Some of us grew up drooling over Kelly Bundy’s dumb blonde personality and hot good looks on the Married With Children TV show.  ‘s career has never really taken off since that show ended, but she is probably rich from the syndication proceeds.  Here at, we don’t mind drooling over belonging to hot rich chicks, even if they have washed up careers.

Christina Applegate pokieschristina applegate nipples 2christina applegate nipples

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  2. Naed57 says:

    I agree. Christina when she portrayed Kelly Bundy did have some nice tits and nipples. Check out the episodes listed below if you want to catch Ed O’Neill, who portrayed Al Bundy, looking at Christina’s tits:

    Episode 509 from season 5, titled ” Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” Al looks at Kelly’s tits when she asks him “who is it daddy?” as she giggles and bounces her tits while asking the question.

    Episode 604 from season 6, titled “Cheese Cues And Blood.” Al looks at Kelly’s tits as she approaches him wearing a tight red sleeveless sweater and carrying a shopping bag as he sits on the couch.

    Episode 823 from season 8, titled “Kelly Knows Something.” Al looks at Kelly’s tits as she approaches him just as he gets up from the kitchen table after he finishes a conversation with Bud. His eyes are obviously transfixed on her tits as she says something to him. Also check out Kelly’s bouncing tits as she comes down the steps and makes her way from the living room to the closet and back again.

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