Charlotte McKinneys Boobs Bounce Free

Lawksamercy, Charlotte McKinney’s boobs are just about to escape. If that little tanktop thing she’s wearing got any thinner, her beastly nipples would rip right through it. Do you like those side boob shots? I thought so. If I were driving down the street and saw some lady on the sidewalk looking like this, no doubt I’d drive into a parking meter. Bam. And just like that, my shiny rusty Yugo would be all scratched up.

Like me, you are probably wondering why Charlotte’s massive D-cups escaped your attention before. Well wonder no more, check em out.

charlotte mckinney boobs 1charlotte mckinney boobs 2

charlotte mckinney side boob 1charlotte mckinney side boob 2charlotte mckinney side boob

The only other Charlotte I could find on the site was from… 2007??
Charlotte Church

Update 1:
A number of folks have been asking for an update. Well, ok, no need to be nice about it: ya’ll perverts have been begging me for more Charlotte stuff.

After I initially posted this in November and my inbox blew up, I made a subsequent post here. But aside from that, I’ll try to spruce up our space a bit by giving you even more.

charlotte mckinneyLez-bi-anust, Charlotte does not even own a bra. Catching her in a braless moment is about as hard as finding an earthworm covered in dirt. It is her natural state. You would take the same approach if you had a body like that. Recent news articles suggest that she is officially a 32F. I cannot personally vouch for that until these lips ‘o mine touch her mammaries. But I’m gonna have my agent talk to her agent and schedule some time for that as soon as possible. I’ll be the first to admit that boobs which are too big are just too big. But if she really is an F-cup, Charlotte sports them very well. I don’t think she’s too big, do you?

Keeping up with this blonde goddess is made somewhat easier for approximately 1.2 million of her fans who have subscribed to her instagram account. I guess that’s the thing now. All this social media everywhere. Celebs connect directly to their fans by hiring a photographer at $1,000 per day, hiring a social media team to post the pro photos and interact with the fans. You have to give her credit. She picks out her clothes and posts her instagram stuff knowing that guys like us are all weepy about her boobies, and makes it easier to love her that much more by emphasizing them.

Garland McKinneyGrab a q-tip and clean the crusty wax out of your ears. And sit down and quit rattling the damn Cheetos bag: I want you to pay attention. Cause I’m about to give you the best news you’ve heard all day. Charlotte has an older sister. She is actually at *least* as hot as Charlotte. Her name is Garland McKinney. Yes, like the Christmas shit you wrap around your mailbox. Her boobs are at least as yummy as Charlotte’s, as you can see. You’re welcome.

Update 2:
I think we should add to the Charlotte hype by talking about her recent outing in LA. I know exactly what she was thinking when she left the hip Chateau Marmont Hotel in those shiny, skin-tight red leather pants and that crisp white dress shirt that was unbuttoned all the way down to her belly-button: the dudes are gonna cream their pants when they get a load of my side-boobs.

She has been seen with some 41 year old geezer named Trevor Engelson, who most certainly could use a snort of little blue pills in order to keep that johnson perked up for somebody as busty as Charlotte.

We are coming up on Super Bowl weekend, which takes us all back to the 2015 SB ad she did for Carl’s Jr where she chomped on a giant burger and made us all drool. That may have been my introduction to her, and by introduction I just mean the beginning of my pathetic obsession.

Update 3:
Charlotte was recently seen at a fragrance launch in LA. The sheer top she was wearing wasn’t *that* sheer, and the miniskirt is actually fairly long, it’s just that she pulled it up almost to her armpits. Not to say anything bad about her, but Charlotte’s legs are not her greatest asset. She says she was bullied in school, which lead to her leaving when she was only 17 years old. Girls would throw beer at her, call her a slut, etc. She says she started developing when she was 14. I think by developing she is referring to, yep, her greatest asset.

Update 4:
Maybe I’ll regret this later and delete it, but for now, I’m going to go ahead and post some photos of her nipslip that occurred during a photoshoot.

This seethrough photo is great. It gives us a real picture of just how giganto her boobs are. Also, my brothers, I like her nipples. Alawt.

This shows Charlotte mostly naked, with some folks working on her makeup and wardrobe. It looks like somebody surprised her with the camera, and she grabbed her boobs to keep them from being exposed for the world (us) to see. Now it’s possible this photo was staged, and it’s not really a candid. Regardless, she is looking drop-dead gorgeous.

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