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Elle MacPherson

I usually try to break the posts up into manageable chunks, but I only have so much time and there are so many hot braless women out there that sometimes I have to do like a megapost. This is one … Continue reading

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Pokie Fun at the Carwash

I personally don’t believe in washing cars. My car is a 2005 and it’s nice and it’s fast and it is my certified stud cruiser. But it’s dirty. I think I last washed it back in 2008. I keep it … Continue reading

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Alyssa Milano – Hypnotized and Braless

No, the dude on the right is not me. But let me explain what’s going on here. His name is Marwan Linski. He is a famous hypnotist. He is saying: Look at the swirling graphic on my imitation iphone. See … Continue reading

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Lisa Rinna Gets Serious

When I say Lisa Rinna gets serious, I’m obviously not talking about her cap. Her cap is seriously dorky. What I’m talking about are those pokies. Give me a break. I’m sure Lisa has been “enhanced.” Hey, these days everybody … Continue reading

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Kate Price

Maybe Kate Price got a ride on a friend’s Harley Davidson and was possessed by some kind of pole dancing demon. This happens to me sometimes. I’ll be watching a Nascar race or maybe mowing the grass and I’ll suddenly … Continue reading

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Audrina Partridge

This is Audrina Partridge and her breasts. I thought I would introduce you to both, because really the chances that Audrina’s breasts are a real part of her and therefore don’t require a separate introduction are very small. Not that … Continue reading

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