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Vollyball Pokies – Flourescent Edition

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Sedrf, who sends this stuff in and keeps us motivated even when our beloved Bears lose.  Serving up the beach volleyball and some serious pokie action (uh, not to mention an almost unbearably obvious … Continue reading

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Penelope Cruz – Bikini Pokies

She must be somewhere nice and warm if she’s floating around in the water.  Despite that, Penelope Cruz is showing evidence of some pokie action.

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Jessica Alba – Wet Pokies

Jessica Alba makes us smile with her frolicking fun on the beach in her wet and apparently very thin bikini top.  Nice pokies, Jessica.  We have few Jessica Alba posts in the archive.

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Multi-Colored Bikini Nips

The best part about a warm sandy beach is an attractive woman in a swimsuit. The very best form of swimsuit is a bikini. The best kind of bikini is a wet one. The hottest wet bikini‘s are those with … Continue reading

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Myleene Klass Gets to the Point

She is a classical pianist, so give Myleene Klass a little credit. She is not just some hot chick in a red bikini. Imagine being a photographer, and seeing Myleene out on a beach romping around like this, with her … Continue reading

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Random Amateur Nips

I’m thinking about restructuring the categories so that your favorites are easier to find.  Regardless of category, these shots are definitely pokies.  They were taken at a waterpark where the water is verrrrry cold, and the women are verrrry wet!

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