I know you like youtube. Hey, I like youtube too. It’s like channel surfing – plenty of mindless stuff to check out and subscribe to and favorite etc.

BralessBlog has a youtube channel. You can find it HERE.

Here’s the problem – you and I are not exactly mainstream. By it’s very nature, what captures our interest is pretty racy, and erotic, and considered objectionable by some.

At any given time, youtube may shut our channel down. This despite the fact that we don’t show nudity, and would be classified as “R” (or maybe pg-13) by most. We are more tame than many youtube channels, but sometimes the axe falls. They’ve shut us down before, and they may do it again.

That’s not something I can really control. It’s a fun, easy way to post videos for you folks to enjoy, but at the same time “The Man” may come in and give us the boot anytime he wants.

In the future, I may pursue some more secure methods for getting videos to you. Specifically, I’d like to shoot some custom content. More on that later I guess.

In the meantime, I would suggest everybody do the following…

1) Visit and subscribe to the BralessBlog youtube channel.
Youtube is somewhat less likely to shut down a channel that seems popular and mainstream-ish.
2) Add your name to our mailing list HERE

If we get shut down, I’m sure I’ll set up another channel perhaps somewhere else, and I’ll email the link to you.

I will also use the mailing list to send out periodic newsletters, and content you can’t necessarily see/get on the regular site.

I have zero interest in spamming you, I won’t give or sell your email to other sites, etc. Eventually I need to get around to publishing a privacy policy, but you can assume I like privacy, I know you like privacy, and I promise to make sure we’re private together 🙂