Helen Hunt Nipples

Maybe when she left the house (or the mansion?) didn’t realize that she had her on full display. I mean, this goes beyond a little nip or pokie action, and bashes right into a new reality. Then again, maybe she did realize, and she just likes showing off those perky boobs.

I am reliably told that she has solid b-cups. As of 2016, she is 53 years old, so we can only hope the fact that b-boobs stand up better to the test of time has kept her from drooping down to her knees.

As you may have noticed in the link above, Helen has done several nude scenes, and honestly she has a very arousing figure. While it’s true that Helen Hunt boobs don’t set any records, her nipples are quite perfect, and in some ways shocking. Hard to describe adequately, check ’em out for yourself lol.

It looks like in the second photo she is wearing a sportsbra and laying on a tanning bed. I’m not sure which movie it’s from, but she’s either in the throes of passion, or she’s scared to death.

Helen Hunt pokiesHelen Hunt pokies 2

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