Braless Devil in a Blue Dress

We have all met them before. They may be blonde, with deep blue eyes. Perfect skin, with florescent white teeth. Dangling earings, a necklace draped into a plunging neckline lost in the deep cleavage of two heaving braless breasts. Tiny waist with wide hips. A skirt that is clingy, heels capping off perfect legs. They know they have it, and they use it when they want to or need to. They get what they want from me usually. Sometimes I am smart enough to say no, but geez running across a hot women like this in the workplace or out in public can be unnerving. You have to have a steely hand and determination to tell them “No, I will not change your flat tire, call a wrecker like everybody else.” Some girls like this become strippers, which is a waste. Not that strippers aren’t awesome, and fun to hang around, and a little naughty to sleep with, it’s just that if you take those looks and attitude into an office you can wreak such havoc and get promoted so fast.


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