Anna Paquin My-My Ms Bi

My, my – what do we have here? Anna Paquin in a cute little dress sliced open to her navel and no bra. She recently came out in some kind of public service announcement and said she is bisexual. As a man (yeah, baby), I am obligated to think about that with a vapid smile on my face while staring up at the heavens and thinking… dirty thoughts. She is shown here with her toolbelt boyfriend, but he really isn’t a tool is he? He dates Anna Paquin, and she gets it on with girls. This means he can tool around in all these photos and wink and me and say: you can only dream of this, my girlfriend is bi and a 3-way even if it hasn’t happened or isn’t happening may happen, which is more than you can say so stuff it. I would say back… awesome, can you send me some pics?

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