Jennifer Aniston Ruins Me

Ohh, aghh. Jennifer Aniston is ridiculous. She ruins me. All other women are practically knocked out of contention. Man she is hot. Man her boobies are really nice. The pokies are terminal, they are everpresent. They are out of control. I suspect she hit puberty, grew boobs, and started this TDN (tantalizing display of nipples) immediately and in perpetuity. I don’t think the in perpetuity thing is grammatically correct, but I’ve been dying to use it on a Jennifer Aniston post.

Here are a few more photos, one from Jen’s braless stand-up on Saturday Night Live, and the other is her walking across the parking lot with pokies so dangerous they could rip material and damage unprotected corneas…
Jennifer Aniston bralessJennifer Aniston pokies

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