Jelena Dokic This Is Ridiculous

Based on the ridiculous frequency with which Jelena Dokic prominently displays those beastly nipples, I think we can conclude one or more of the following facts:
1) she doesn’t mind showing off her pokies
2) she kind of likes it, ie “hey guys, check these out”
3) she can’t help it, ie “dang, no matter what I do these things can’t be contained

And let me clear something up, by “beastly” I just mean “big ones that tantalize me.” I in no way mean to infer I don’t like them or wish she would change the arrangement. I’ve noticed the sports channels actually arrange their camera angles and edit their footage to try and avoid showing Jelena’s girls to the public. Probably due to numerous calls from hysterical parents about offensive programming involving our favorite topic.

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