Brooklyn Decker

Well sir we all know just by looking that this lovely lavender dress was just made for the likes of bralessblog fans. The fact that it’s slit halfway up the sides is nice but mostly inconsequential. I’m referring more to:
1) thin material
2) back scooped out so dang far we get sideboob action
3) the impossibility of wearing a bra with it
4) a price point that allows only hot little starlets with tight bodies and perky boobies purchase it

Those are 34D’s Brooklyn Decker is sporting there chaps (and chapettes). She don’t play around. When she points them at you, you’re gonna freeze like Barney Fife just drew his wheel gun with a glint in his eye. You may’ve started the drooling process back in the Sports Illustrated days, but she finished us all off in that clip from Just Go With It where she’s coming out of the surf with the wet bikini and enough shake and sway to dangle them into our permanent synapses. If I ever go to jail – which seems more likely all the time – I could probably make it at least 3-5 years with no human contact as long as I was allowed a high speed internet connection, unlimited Brooklyn Decker searches, and a mountain of kleenex.

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