Jennifer Love Hewitt a Nutcase

I don’t have the answers. Is Jennifer Love Hewitt a lunatic? I would think for her to go out braless with a shirt on like this, she’s have to be a little wacky in the head. Those melons are big, and guys like me can’t help but stare, and perverts are gonna take pictures and you and I are going to drool and click and drool. And to wear that shirt, which probably cost $1200 but looks like it was cut out of a rug pulled from a nightclub in the 1970’s after being barfed on and soiled for a decade or two, well it just don’t make sense. And yes, I can see she’s a little plump. But wow she’s pretty. And yes I see her friend is a little plumper. But she is wearing a black bra with a white t-shirt while she walks down a city street with JLH and photographers snap away. That means she likes the attention and would love to have me motorboating one Saturday night. So cut her some slack.

You may want to check out the JLH perverted collection.

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