Tube Top – braless in blue version

Lawksamercy how I love me some tube tops. Even itty bitty boobies look delectable in tube tops, and as you can see, this hunny is not blessed with a small pair. Just the opposite. Some great surgeon in Miami or maybe LA endowed her with a pair fit enough to be beach balls. The braces have got ta go. But I don’t hate and I don’t dee-scriminate. I don’t really wanna kiss her while’s she’s wearing braces like that, but it ain’t about kissin. This girlfriend is made fo motorboain. Rumble rumble, I hear my propellers turning. Who knows what she was thinking when she stretched that tube top as tight as dick’s hat band and went out in public, but wow wouldn’t it be great to a have a movie of her strutting around?

tube top 1
tube top 2
tube top 3
tube top 4

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