Gigantic Bikini Pokies

Yikes. It’s almost like that movie The Swamp Thing, where a hideous green monster comes out of the water dripping seaweed and dragging razor sharp prehistoric claws that will be used to subdue you and whisk you away back to the depths. Except in this case, there is a smokin hot brunette coming out of the water, and she is stacked with some gigantic boobies, and her wet top is so clingy and thin it is hopeless to resist the turgid nipples erupting within.

If you stare hard enough, and oh dear reader I’m sure you are, you’ll see her bikini bottom says “making waves.” Which really seems quite appropriate, no?

She is skinny enough to model, hefty enough to put a hurtin on ya if you don’t do exactly what she says, and mmmm those dreamy gigantic bikini pokies. Did I mention the big boobs? Let’s go back to that for a minute. Would you say those are like F cups?

I’m actually starting to feel very slightly guilty for the “swamp thing” reference. She’s no swamp thing, I’m just saying… you know… ah, never mind.

I would also like to check her out with her hair done up and a bit of makeup on. In some lingerie! Now I’m getting myself all worked up.

I’m guessing she clambered up the beach, stretched out her beach towel, and laid down. At that point, every guy within sight had to adjust his crotch and maybe lay a magazine over his lap. Spontaneous erections are not for the faint of heart. Gotta hide those suckers if they visit on a crowded beach as a result of F-cups walking by.

Where does a woman buy a bikini top large enough to fit boobs that big, sturdy enough to keep from snapping like a weak piece of grass in the wind, and yet thin enough to show off those raisonette pokies?

Bikini PokiesBikini PokiesBikini PokiesBikini Pokies

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