Kate Upton DD Braless

Any braless boobies are good boobies. But when you find a sista who likes to sling her natural DD’s around sans bra, you’ve found a real gem. Kate Upton definitely qualifies as that. I went to her website one time trying to find out how old she was and if she was capable of having offspring with mutants like myself, and found she had made the mistake of facing her site with this flash video of her doing a guess jeans commercial and slipping her bra strap off her shoulder and then biting her fingernail suggestively. The video was roughly the size of a 55″ plasma tv like what I see when I go to walmart to buy vienna sausages. I seriously snorted and kicked and sort of whistled like a donkey 3 times, then I had to go out and wash my car so I could calm down. Kate has an uncle who is a congressman. No news on her aunts, or her mommie, or any indication of who it was that gave her the first portion of those measurements: 33D-25-36. She is a full-firgured model, which means when she doesn’t have any shoots for more than a couple of weeks she can be found sitting on a white leather couch with mussed up hair eating cheetos. She’s only 19 or 20, so we gotta catch this smoking hot burning star fast before she plumps up and turns into a pretty version of Rosanne Barr.

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