Kaley Cuoco Tennis Pokies

In the grand spirit of our tennis pokies, which by all rights should include other perverse sections like general sports pokies, or more more specific Jelena Dokic pokies, we present to you (drr-dr-drrrr trumpet sounding) Kaley Cuoco hammering the little green fuzzy tennis ball with yummy b-cup boobies falling out of the tanktop. I especially like that last photo, where the sunlight is shining down her top, highlighting those perky/sweaty gals while the nips stare on stoically. I have never seen Kaley on TV because my set still has rabbit ears and even the cone of tinfoil only allows me to get wheel of fortune on special nights. But I hear she’s on the show Big Bang Theory, which is quite the coincidence, because I could thoroughly enjoy a big bang with such a cutie. That little tennis skirt she’s wearing is doing me lots of favors, very distracting, with the tight little legs and the glowing 26-year-old yummy thighs. This is a great country to embrace such a great sport, isn’t it? I think women’s tennis is now my favorite sport. It used to be women’s gymnastics. I see we’ve never, er boned up on women’s gymnastics, which is a condition I should rectify immediately. Right after I finish undressing Kaley, this perfect little tennis hottie, with my eyes and my mouse.

I think I like the lesbianic scene the best.

Kaley Cuoco PicKaley Cuoco PicKaley Cuoco PicKaley Cuoco Pic

What I really need is a woman. Like, a real live one who talks and stuff. But the second priority is to find one as blonde and cute as Kaley, so I can take her out to a tennis court and see something phenomenal like this in person. Course, with my luck, she would probably wear a turtleneck and long pants and maybe even some latex gloves to avoid being contaminated by my… awesomeness.

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