Lisan Rinna Wet and Braless

We have blown it out to Lisa Rinna countless times. When it comes to covering the braless scene (wow, is that a double entendre or what?), she makes reporting on the current state of affairs a true joy. Yeah, she’s getting long in the tooth. But those boobies have been refreshed on a semi-annual basis by the looks of things. It’s good to keep the girls young, perky, and youthful looking. It keeps the career going, and it allows you to better wash the car. Wait a sec. What’s that about washing the car. Yep, you got it. Lisa apparently likes to wash her german iron while wearing shorts so tiny and so short they restrict sphincter flex. And a gold lame bikini top that stands no hope in the world of containing those milfnips. Lisa has provided the inspiration to create yet a new perverted and incredibly intuitive and descriptive term. Milfnip. I hope I can remember it and use it daily from here on out.

lisa tn

Maybe this was some kind of promo where Lisa was getting some action shots to use in advertising some kind of new goofy show or movie she’s doing. Or maybe some paparazzi really caught her inbetween screaming at the maid, banging the pool boy, and ordering a new cover for her ultimate sensavibe personal massager. It got worn out, you see. She stays active, that one. Booyah –> lots of Lisa Rinn stuff.

Lisa Rinna PicLisa Rinna PicLisa Rinna Pic

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