Jenn Kaelin Braless

Jenn Kaelin makes me think about world peace, lingerie stores, and the infamous dirty sanchez. If you don’t know sanchez, bralessblog ain’t the place to find out. My point is, there are a flood of emotions that come about when Jenn hoots her hooters. She has that dirty girl, 80’s rock video look that really doesn’t get old. I think she started out at a Hooters, and progressed to stripping somewhere. It’s been asked before why she doesn’t hit the big circuit, do magazines, maybe start her own site. I’ll tell you why. Because it’s tiring lugging around those massive boobies, it’s just too much work. No, the real reason is because she asked me, and I told her no. I said, Jenn baby, you gotta keep those boobies just for me. Don’t be flashing them around to everybody. With a twinkle in her eye, she reached around and pulled my wallet out of my pocket and said, um, so you don’t mind if I do some stripping then?

She’s been in internet sensation for a few years now. It’ll be interesting to see if she’s able to capitalize on it and pick up a new Ferrari, or whether she ends up selling shoes in some store by the time she’s thirty.

Jenn Kaelin PicJenn Kaelin PicJenn Kaelin PicJenn Kaelin PicJenn Kaelin Pic

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