Lisa Rinna Milfnip

I have failed to use the new word MILFNIP that I invented a few months ago while gazing upon Lisa Rinna’s boob-acious form. That’s a shame, because eventually Webster’s dictionary will pick it up and I’m afraid I won’t get credit for it if I don’t bandy it about frequently enough.

Speaking of bandying about frequently, here we see Lisa Rinna’s braless boobs. Again. This has to be an inside joke with her. Maybe she worked out a deal with an adoring fan who paid for some of her plastic surgery, and in exchange she agreed to make continuous public appearances with her mammaries hangin out.

Yes, she’s getting old. Yes, she has a few miles on her. But if you were offered a chance to drive a really old but still exotic Ferrari, wouldn’t you jump on the chance? There’s no need to discriminate on the basis of age here at bralessblog. Boobies are boobies. If we see a braless pair of 50 year old hangers, you’re just as likely to see them posted here as 20 year olds. Our fans should find that refreshing. We’re here to discuss unfettered boobs, no matter the owner or the consequences.

Honestly though, we do prefer them to be big and bouncy.

Lisa Rinna braless

You may want to check her out HERE

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