Orange Tanktop Nipples

I don’t know who this smiling little braless angel is, but she is brought to us from our famous friends over here. You kind of get caught up in all that cleavage, and wondering about the shape of the nipples that produced those perky little poke-outs. Mesmerizing, I know. But once you can bust out of that hold, you sort of glance down and realize that she has some very naked looking legs. Oh my…

So do you think she’s wearing any panties? I mean, that’s a legit question. Papa’s gotta know. She’s sitting on that ball and it could be dirty. There may be some unhygienic things getting communicated to the vulva if there isn’t at least one little strip of cloth between her pretty pink privates and that carcass. Might even need to be some type of inspection by yours truly. Just to be safe. She has the leggings on there like she’s going to get a little exercise, work up a good sweat. I have news for her. She can burn just as many calories if she just lays back and let’s my big jimmy johnson go to work.

That makes me think of the Nascar guy, Jimmy Johnson. And Dick Trickle. You really gotta be screwed up in the head to name your kid Dick Trickle. You are destined for greatness though, if you can make it through life with that kind of handicap. Destined to pick up cutesy blondes wearing tantops and no bra.

braless tanktop

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