Charlotte McKinney Gives us the Gift of Her Boobs

I kinda had to post this. After the breathtaking post from last month
Charlotte McKinney’s Boobs Bounce Free
it’s fair to say I’m on hyper-alert for Ms Mckinney’s boobies.

She certainly has a gift with those things. They will stop some traffic when she’s hailing a cab, fo sho. And she is also generous enough to give them as a gift. I like how she is naughty and always flashing them around.

I was on her instagram account the other day doing my creeper thing where I try to burn holes in the screen by looking at every square inch of her body while singing voodoo songs geared towards making her fall in love with me. There was this photo of her getting out of the shower, sort-of wrapped up in a towel. Her cleavage was wet, and quite bare. I say “sort of” because it was kind of a little towel, and she is kind of a big girl, and it was doing an awful job of covering up her woman lumps.

Suffice it to say my eyes rolled back into my head and I did this heavy panting thing for like ten minutes. Ok, alright, you caught me, it really only took two minutes. But you know what I mean.

Scour her insta all you want, you won’t find that photo. Apparently it came close to breaking the internet, and she deleted it. I wish to hell I had saved it, alongside the other 1.3 GB of Charlotte photos I have stuffed into my hard drive. Anyway, I’m kind of glad she deleted it, because I don’t want to share such and slurpalicious intimate photo with the masses. I’m sure it was only meant for me… sigh.

Eventually I will get around to posting some ass shots of Charlotte too. I know bralessblog is geared more towards the upper half, but dang this girl gets me revved up.

Charlotte McKinney cleavageCharlotte McKinney boob adjust

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