Massive Sideboob and Other Perverted Phenomena

massive sideboobRegardless of how much discipline a guy has, it’s basically impossible to ignore big boobs. A priest sworn to celibacy gets a gander at a nice pair of hooters, and he can’t help but stare. A geeky nerd who has never actually had his hands inside a gal’s shirt gets big-eyed and pants when faced with deep cleavage. It’s a natural reaction. I have no doubt that any number of men, possibly hundreds if not thousands, went to the festival shown in this photo and stopped dead in their tracks when they saw this massive sideboob. Seeing them head-on must be quite a treat, but there is a tiny bit of magic in the side view isn’t there? She actually looks like she might be wearing some kind of bikini. Maybe this is a waterpark. I’d love to watch her go down the log plume. I bet even a gay guy would have to check them out.

asian sideboobWhile we’re on the theme, we might as well enjoy some Asian sideboob. What a rare treat. Asian women aren’t known for having big boobs. Not that I mean to denigrate or stereotype, just stating what has been my experience. I should research this and see if there’s any data to support my statement. Anyway, this young lady appears to have brought a new extreme to the idea of a “sweater stretcher”. She’s looking over at the camera all innocent like, “Oh my! My big natural D-cups, which are slightly droopy and still phenomenal, are about to pop right out of this garment. Would you care to watch me?” Yes, dearie. I would. (I’m raising my hand.)

braless taktopWe’ll leave off the sideboob for a moment, but of course we’ll stick to the big boob topic. My goodness, look at this gal. The frizzy hair, and the freckles, and the fake gold jewelry in no way slows down my ascent of her twin peaks. A man could get lost between those two mountains. Might want to take a canteen and a power bar in case you don’t make it back out the first day. Those have to be DD’s, right? Gotta be. Hard to say if they are natural, cause they sure are sticking out pretty far. But who cares?? Wowza, this girl in this dark colored knit tanktop bouncing down the sidewalk as she heads to the store would be enough to cause traffic accidents. A local radio station’s traffic chopper might spot her near the scene of an accident and plunge from the sky while the pilot hyperventilates.

white bikini pokiesThis girl with the nutso pokies in the wet white bikini looks familiar, but I just can’t place her. Where have I seen her before? Not in my bedroom, I can tell you that for certain. Those massive boobs are plastered by the bikini top, and it makes me wonder if she is going to reach up and pinch those nipples a time or two, just to keep them at attention. Would you like to see that photo? Mmm, me too. If I were laying beside her on the beach, I would have to bury the lower half of my body with a little toy shovel so that my aroused manparts didn’t offend anyone. If I were to get kicked off a public beach, she might be worth it.


Errbody gather round. I know ya’ll want to see this. There is so much to like about this photo. This cute little hunny has done us the favor of draping across her fabulous body a loose fitting tanktop, and then she’s decided to snap a photo of the sidewall of her big boobs. Wow, that is just to delicious to bear. Don’t you love how you can see the fold under her boob, and the slight sag, and the way her nipples point down a bit? That’s the nature of natural ta-ta’s, and I love it. I love it all.

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