Candid Pokies Are a Way of Life

I’m stunned that I started this website thirteen years ago and I have never created a section for candid pokies. What in tarnation was I thinking?

I’m quite the voyeur, and I love candid photos. I’ve been that way since I was a wee little pubescent-ish lad. The pokies element makes it that much more exciting.

I guess I created an amateur pokies category, which is close. For the sake of nuance, let’s talk about the difference. Candids can be taken of amateurs (i.e. they are not being paid to get their photo taken), or pros (i.e. they are being paid to get their photo taken). In a Level 1 Candid, the subject is not posing but knows someone is taking their photograph. Anyone who knows what a camera (or video camera) is will naturally tense up and begin some type of presentation or posing if they see the photographer. So these, by their very nature, have to happen sort of fast. In a Level 2 Candid, the subject is not posing and they don’t know someone is taking their photograph.

Let’s go through some fine, fine examples shall we??!

1) Candid hiking pokies
This blonde milf is standing proudly at the top of her hiking trail. She is pretty fancy with all her jewelry, her orange backpack, etc. I just cannot for the life of me explain though why she would be wearing that v-neck shirt with no bra on. She has some pretty big hooters, and I would think walking around like that would send them into all kinds of death spirals. I wish I had a video of this one 🙂

2) Candid shopping pokies
BralessBlog should host some kind of competition for this category. And we should give this lady a gold-plated trophy, that’s for sure. Now look, errrbody can’t be a goddess. She has a stunning body, perky boobs, and truly life-threatening nipples. But, meh, her face: not so good. I get it. I know. Just relax and enjoy the fripples will ya? Regardless of her average(ish) face, if she waled by you in the grocery store or on your Friday night Walmart run, you would probably pant like a rabid dog.

3) Candid concert pokies
We all know that chicks dig concerts. I don’t like country music, but I do like what country music concerts do to women. It’s like they go into some kind of zombie trance, and put on short shorts, and begin showing cleavage.

This girl’s tanktop has no hope of containing her massive breasts, and her pokies are otherwordly. I like the little thing she has around her neck. I think it’s commonly referred to as a choker, and it makes me want to do dirty things to her.

4) Candid milf pokies
I actually laugh out loud every time I look a this photo. The expression on this lady’s face is like: ho hum, I think I’ll hitch my pants up, wow my nipples sure are aching wait! is that guy taking a photo of me?

Judging by the size and state of her erect nipples, I would say she has been breastfeeding the little creature in the stroller. She appears to be older though, so this is hard to figure out.

5) Candid swimsuit pokies
Ahh, yes, here we go. We can always count on a few wet swimsuits plastered to some chilly nipples.

No woman ever has worn a swimsuit she didn’t try on and agonize in the mirror over. Dudes will just buy swim trunks and not give three shits, but for women this is like a major life decision. I’m sure this lady tried on her suit, but possibly she didn’t realize it would show every pore in her nipples once it got wet?

6) Candid girlfriend pokies
This dude has his arm draped over his girlfriend’s shoulders in order to convey the message: yes, her nipples are on display. Yes, you can look at them. But she is mine. Stay away.

That sweater is very clingy, and does a great job highlighting her nips. I wish her skirt was about thirty-six inches shorter, cause she probably has yummy legs, but I ain’t complaining.

7) Candid wife pokies
You have to have big fuzzy nuts to sneak around and take pictures of your wife’s boobs when she’s not looking. If this guy gets busted, he’ll be sleeping on the couch for a month.

Or maybe she won’t care? Maybe she knows they look great, and she likes showing them off.

I like how prominently her nipples stand at attention in this pink tube top.

I have more, but I’m all typed out. There’s your lucky seven for today. If I can get some motivation, I’ll go back and flag some of the appropriate candids with my new category.

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