Milana Vayntrub Gives Away Her Boobies for Free

Sharp-eyed perverts like myself remember back when Milana Vayntrub premiered in those AT&T commercials. In their infinite wisdom, the AT&T marketing guys stuck her in a tight-fitting shirt and had her wiggle and smile and prance around in a way that made us all hot and horny. This started around 2013.

In addition to her name, Milana has some other unique attributes. For instance, her massive mammaries.

Over the years, she has struggled a bit with her weight. I mean, a gal who is stacked like that is never going to be a thin little waif. She has a few extra fat rolls, who cares. In some cases, it depends on the timing. When she eats more of those Thanksgiving and Christmas desserts, she get a little chubby. I don’t mind.

She has close to a million followers on her instagram page. It’s because she’s
a) cute
b) busty
c) entertaining

She’s no spring chicken. She’s 34 these days, and ya wanna think those girls are getting a wee bit droopy. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

She is American, but with Russian ancestry. She dropped out of high school, but earned a GED and ended up going to college in California to get a Bachelor of Arts degree.

She is not married, probably because she wants to have my babies and is sitting around pining away for my awesomeness all the time.

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