Daily Braless Video #1 – boobies jiggle at the chiro

MMMM-kay, today I’m going to start a new feature here on BB that we will (with more than a smidge of inappropriate optimism) call the Daily Braless Video.

Yes, I’ve started many other “firsts”, and I never have the discipline to follow through with them for very long. Sue me. You know this is still your favorite website despite all that.

This is ten minutes of sheer bliss!

A chiropractor who knows just how to get the interweb viewz hosts this little brunette hunny who has delicious-looking boobs.

She is wearing a thin cotton top, and we can clearly see the outline of her nips through the material. He really seems to enjoy jiggling her and jerking her, and when he does that her boobs (which are clearly natural) flop everywhere.

Did I mention she is in a pair of think cotton panties that she has casually yanked farrrrr up into her buttcrack? Gawdallmighty I think I’m in luv.

0:08 He twists her neck and makes her nipples harden up
3:51 He does a pervy upper chest juke that creates ripples and waves in those braless bazongas
7:50 He vibrates her buttcheeks so hard her vagina almost inadvertently sucks me right into my computer monitor
10:00 He yanks her neck so hard she almost gives him a black eye with her nipples

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