Why Stefanie Knight’s Boobs Won’t Stop Jiggling

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of her.

I know that’s what you were thinking – Who the hell is Stefanie Knight? Why is her name spelled so weird? Is she related to Michael Knight, and has she ever driven the KITT car? Where are her boobs?

Well, that’s how I was, and then BAM! I was enlightened.

I am almost ashamed to admit that as good as her boobs are, I am most stunned by her face. She is ridiculously gorgeous. I know I know… now you think I’ve lost my mind.

Back to her boobs!

I have very carefully assessed these magnificent mammaries, and now consider myself a court-qualified expert. She looks to have natural d-cups. Considering she’s posed nude before, I can assure you her nipples are of the upmost quality, and are pink, and I want to marry them.

This video shows her bouncing those braless boobies all over the place. You may be asking yourself, along the lines of the title of my blog post, why the heck are her boobs so jiggly? Here are the deets:
1) They are all natural. It’s hard to beat the bounce and jiggle inherent to natural boobs. I’m not saying I don’t like enhanced boobs. I’m just saying it’s an awesome thing to watch a big pair of natties shake and wobble. As evidenced here by Stef.
2) She tends to stomp around. Hey, she knows her assets. The more people stare at her boobs, the more popular she becomes, and the more money she makes. If she walks all smooth, elegant, like a timid church mouse, her boobs would (unfortunately) tend to stay put. They would attract less attention. She doesn’t want that. That’s why, when she’s on the runway modeling lingerie and bikinis, she does everything but jumprope and flap them around like she’s singing the milkshake song.

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Braless Musician

I’ve talked about a few braless musicians before.

LeAnn Rimes comes to mind.

Selena Gomez makes me weak-kneed.

But this manic violin player takes the cake. What the heck was she thinking? Did her boss tell her “Look, we want as many people staring at your tits as possible. I want you to ditch the bra, and pinch your nipples until they scream for attention.”

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Braless Dancing on the Street

It’s not enough to have pokies.

It’s even better to have some braless jiggles.

But when she busts her moves on the street, the angels start to sing!

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Big Boobs in Tiny Shirts

Sometimes my shirt is too tight. Like this giant boobie gal right here.

It’s probably because I eat too many Pop-Tarts and Oreos with Double Stuff. But I like to blame it on the dryer. Dang dryer overheated my favorite Walmart t-shirt again. Not my fault.

I definitely don’t mind when ladies squash their nipples and their nice soft pleasure pillows in tiny shirts. Sometimes they pop completely out, oh bummer.

I put together a quick collection of babes so afflicted. Boobies getting bounced around, boobies squishing out the bottom and sides… it’s like one minute and fifteen seconds of heaven.

The redhead in this video has pasty skin, which for some reason makes me think of Helen Flanagan.

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