2014 Most Favorite

I know, I know. I’ve been slacking off lately. Not too many updates. It’s Feb and I’m just now getting around to posting the reader’s choice most popular post of 2014. Drumroll please:
#1) Senior Your Pokies are Here
Odd that it is a 2013 post but still wildly popular in 2014. By the way, the second favorite:
#2) Braless Milf in a Tanktop

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Attack of the Braless Boobies

Imagine snoozing on your bed when a gigantic pair of boobies crushes you into smithereens. No, this is not a wet dream, it’s a very real phenomenon where evil busty girls jump on unsuspecting guys and do permanent damage. I’m telling you, be vigilant, don’t let this happen to you. At the very least you could end up with a bloody nose or missing teeth. In more moderate cases, you could get a concussion. Those aren’t fun, right? You’ve heard about all those NFL players who have to stop playing because they’ve had too many concussions. And you can even get really depressed and have suicidal thoughts when get older, all from getting your noodle racked.

This gal looks like she’s good at it too, don’t you think? It’s all fun and games until somebody’s nipple puts an eye out!

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Braless on a Bicycle

Ahhh, a gal with big, perky boobs who decides to go on a braless bike ride. That sounds kind of interesting, doesn’t it? Do you know a whole lot of braless bicyclists? Me either. Really, to be satisfied, and fully experience this type of erotic demonstration, you gotta come to bralessblog dontcha? Enjoy…

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Cleavage at the Hardware Store

I entered the hardware store focused and determined. I would not be distracted by gleaming stainless steel gas grilles. I would not be seduced by the riding lawn mower, and drool and wish. I needed one more wood panel to finish the bookshelf I was working on at home, and that was all I was here for. Nothing else! No nuclear powered thousand-year water heaters. No voice-activated toolboxes. Zip!

So I practically sprinted over to the appropriate aisle, picked through the paneling until I found an acceptable piece, and I turned to head for the checkout. But wait a second. What was that? No, it wasn’t a remote-controlled skill saw. It was… a blonde. I caught just a glimpse of some hot blonde at the end of the aisle. Okay, so that was an allowable distraction. I sauntered a little closer.

She was middle-age, maybe 32. She was busty, with a thin, v-neck t-shirt hugging her curves, and a hardware store apron tied loosely over it. Her luxurious blonde hair was casually tied up in a bun, but several strands had escaped and were framing her stunning face. She wore safety glasses as she presided over her class. She appeared to be instructing a handful of folks on how to build a birdhouse. As took a hammer and demonstrated how to go about tapping a nail in, her toned arms were tight but I noticed an unusual bounce to her bust.

“Sir, do you need a kit?”

she asked me, shocking me from my lustful reverie. She clomped over in her workboots and deposited a loaner hammer, a small box of nails, and a clear plastic bag that was apparently a birdhouse kit. I immediately dropped the panel I had carried over and got to work. But I found it hard to keep my eyes off the cleavage of our tutor.

As she worked to get the small class through a series of tasks, it was obvious to me that she was not wearing a bra. Her big, soft boobs bounced and swayed as she walked. There was too much wiggle and jiggle there for her to have those girls tied down.

“Do you need some help, sir?” she asked. “You seem to be falling behind,” she said with a smirk as she eased over closer to me.

“Ah, yes. I’m distracted, I guess,” I admitted. This broadened her smile even more. She bent down to inspect my pathetic birdhouse. Her deep cleavage gaped at me, and I nearly lost my mind.

“Yes,” she agreed, “very distracted!” She spun on her heel and walked away. But as she neared one of the other tables, she ducked her head under the strap of her apron and tossed it aside after untying it. Her white t-shirt stood not a chance at containing those boobies. Her nipples plucked perkily at the thin fabric, obvious to everyone. This might possibly be the best hardware store experience I would ever have, and I was hoping to stretch it out for at least a few more minutes!


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The Braless Nature of the Universe

Realistically, women are meant to run around braless, right? I mean, Eve didn’t wear no bra. When you were a kid, didn’t you run around taking peeks at National Geographic Magazine to check out the boobies of African or Brazilian natives? I guess pimply teenagers these days don’t need a magazine, they just jump on the internet, maybe even with their phones, and see everything the want to see. But my point is, boobies aren’t necessarily meant to be constrained. Maybe that’s why seeing a braless chick appeals to us so much. It calls on our animalistic nature. We hunt, we gather, we stare at boobs.

This girl has quite the teasing stare. Her pokies look exactly like round mounds of yumminess capped with smuggled raisins. Exactly.
braless stare

It is impossible to hide a big pair of DD’s. (Or maybe even bigger?) This gal has doctored them up with a tanktop, actually more of a camisole since it’s all lacey and frilly, and she has tossed in a dose of pigtail mania, but still those big boobies cannot be denied.
tanktop boobes

Talk about a beer and a smile. Imagine going to a party and catching a glimpse of this beauty across the room. Now I know you usually geek it up and have no approach skills whatsoever, let’s ignore that part. Her shirt is completely unbuttoned with the exception of that last little gem. Her boobs are perky and dying for you to nuzzle them. Those nipples are so pointy and accessible.
pokie nipples

And here we have a couple of artistic black and white goddesses who’s bustiness just can’t be denied. These might be from the same photoset, but they are of different women. And that’s great, because we like different women don’t we? A little bit of strange? Something unfamiliar? A new gal a couple of times per day would keep us young forever.
strange boobies 1strange boobies 2

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Kate Upton Pre-Hack

Yeah, I’m sure you guys have all heard about how some dude hacked Kate Upton‘s phone and swiped several hundred megabytes of photos and videos. Those were nudies, and we try not to stoop (?) to those levels here on bralessblog. Instead, we want to tantalize you with some pics of Ms Kate with all her naughty bits concealed. Then we can think about them, and dream about them, and long for them… which is much more erotic than actually seeing them, right? Well, generally speaking. In this case, I have seen those nudie photos, and well they are pretty badass.

Here we see Kate in some kind of little black ensemble that is cut dangerously low. I particularly like that one photo where she is holding her top closed, knowing that the photographers are going crazy trying to get a candid downblouse of somebody as famous and busty as Kate. The way the sun is shining on that cleavage, creating shadows and depth and warmth. Creating, really, at the end of the day, the perfect place for me to stick my nose and motorboat. Yes, I’m a motorboatin’ son of a bitch. Isn’t there a song from the 70’s about that?

kate upton pic 1kate upton pic 2kate upton pic 3kate upton pic 4

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