Sofia Vergara Nipples Rock

Although we have on occasion discussed Sofia Vergara’s excellent boobies, when I think about it, it’s wayyyy too occasional. Can you imagine a flat-chested Sofia? Nah, me either. That girl has built her brand on a motor-boatable rack, and who can blame her. We also have that accent to drool over. Imagine her whispering naughty things in your ear. I can imagine her doing lots of things, more on that later.

It’s gotta be tough for insanely hot stars to age. The wrinkles pop up, the perky body parts sag down, and the next thing they know, they aren’t insanely hot any more. Several names immediately come to mind (cough, Sharon Stone and Lisa Rinna), but I’m trying to be kind so I won’t mention any. Before we classify Sofia and her rockin nipples into that category, it would be wise to put her through an inspection of sorts. This would involve a thorough exploration with my hands and possibly my face. Purely clinical of course, nothing sexual. Ahem.

My magic internet sources tell me she is 44 years old. This suggests we could also consider her a cougar. She does have kids, but let’s stay away from the milf term for now.

I am currently fantasizing about her in some very skimpy lingerie, bringing me a Christmas present on a cold winter night when the fire is warm and the lights are dim. I suspect she would have some goosebumps from the chilly air, and those nipples would be frozen to the point where they could cut glass. Or at least dent aluminum foil. Did I mention she claims to have F-cup boobs??

I have not met her in person (yet), but she appears to be of fairly large stature. I suspect if she put her mind to it, she could get both herself and me sweaty and exhausted. Heck, she might put me in a bodycast in a hospital, I’m not exactly in tip-top shape. Being hospitalized by Sofia Vergara is ah kinda at the top of my bucket list (wink wink)!

Sofia Vergara boobsSofia Vergara bralessSofia Vergara braless red dressSofia Vergara braless red dress 2Sofia Vergara posing toplessSofia vergara topless beach

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Braless Blonde Pets the Kitty

Holy moley this lady has some gigantonormous hooters doesn’t she??

It is practically unnerving to watch them jiggle around as she pets the kitty. I just wanna say: a) lucky kitty, b) those girls just about escape that tanktop. Boobs that big have to be restrained and constrained and detained or somebody’s liable to get a black eye. One wrong move and that cat could’ve been sent into the concussion protocol.

I love busty chicks doing the downshirt thing. If you like this clip, you will absolutely love checking their site out HERE.

This is another one of my movies, one of the more popular in the last year or two…

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Purple Wedding Dress Pokies

I don’t know if this is purple exactly, but hey I’m no art editor (just a qualified, specialized pervert).

I wish I had a mega-resolution version of this photo, because I swear I think you can see every pore and bump on this gal’s nipple. Um, you’ll just have to ignore the ah bumps on her face, because everybody isn’t a model, and with unleashed D-cups like that you wouldn’t care anyway.

wedding dress pokies

A few from back in the day:

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Charlotte McKinneys Boobs Bounce Free

Lawksamercy, Charlotte McKinney’s boobs are just about to escape. If that little tanktop thing she’s wearing got any thinner, her beastly nipples would rip right through it. Do you like those side boob shots? I thought so. If I were driving down the street and saw some lady on the sidewalk looking like this, no doubt I’d drive into a parking meter. Bam. And just like that, my shiny rusty Yugo would be all scratched up.

Like me, you are probably wondering why Charlotte’s massive D-cups escaped your attention before. Well wonder no more, check em out HERE.

charlotte mckinney boobs 1charlotte mckinney boobs 2charlotte mckinney side boob 1charlotte mckinney side boob 2charlotte mckinney side boob

The only other Charlotte I could find on the site was from… 2007??
Charlotte Church

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Circus Pokies

Seriously, I don’t even know what to say on this one. It leaves many questions unanswered:

Is this an example of elephant abuse?
Circus pokies?
Does a lady have to wash herself off after striking this pose?
What is the air temperature, and what has caused her nipples to harden?
Are the elephants turned on?
Is the elephant trainer losing his mind?

circus pokies

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More Wedding Pokies

This photo actually required the addition of a new category. Hey, we ain’t wet behind the ears. We’ve been doing this for awhile. It’s not often we run accross… um, wedding pokies? Well we need more of ’em. Send em in if ya got em.

Now it’s true that it’s not the actual bride in this case who is sporting the braless excellence. But still, just saying.

wedding pokies

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