Milf Pokies

Let’s put this lady together, shall we? Give this situation a little analysis:
hair-do bandanna is a little country bumpkin, a little hoodlum
rolled up tanktop is white, thin, and just damn perfect
nice d-cups, possibly DD, possibly fake but with just enough droop to make us slobber
tummy is tight enough to nibble on
little black thong that might’ve fit better a few years ago
hips and thighs are built for action
skintone says “HI!”
big hoop earrings tell us she wants some attention
did I mention the pokies?

milf pokies

This kind of reminded me of this post, which I just reread and laughed my ass of. I’m kind of funny when I want to be aren’t I?? 🙂

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Give me a Smile

Yes, go ahead and give me a smile. Pinch those nips so they stand up a bit. Shuck that bra, just throw it over there in the pile. Stand over here, so the light hits you just right. What’s that, you only have b-cups? Noooo problem. We can work with b-cups. Hell, sweetie, truth be known we can work with a-cups. What we need is personalty, presentation, and just the right amount of tease. Oops, did your panties fall off? Well, we’ll have to crop that out, can’t show that here. But still, give me a smile. Ahh, perfect! Smile at me and show me those boobies!
braless smile

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Braless video gal

Mmm, yeah, love me some tanktops. This girl is smiling sweetly, but seems to know a few dirty things about those braless boobies.

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2014 Most Favorite

I know, I know. I’ve been slacking off lately. Not too many updates. It’s Feb and I’m just now getting around to posting the reader’s choice most popular post of 2014. Drumroll please:
#1) Senior Your Pokies are Here
Odd that it is a 2013 post but still wildly popular in 2014. By the way, the second favorite:
#2) Braless Milf in a Tanktop

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Attack of the Braless Boobies

Imagine snoozing on your bed when a gigantic pair of boobies crushes you into smithereens. No, this is not a wet dream, it’s a very real phenomenon where evil busty girls jump on unsuspecting guys and do permanent damage. I’m telling you, be vigilant, don’t let this happen to you. At the very least you could end up with a bloody nose or missing teeth. In more moderate cases, you could get a concussion. Those aren’t fun, right? You’ve heard about all those NFL players who have to stop playing because they’ve had too many concussions. And you can even get really depressed and have suicidal thoughts when get older, all from getting your noodle racked.

This gal looks like she’s good at it too, don’t you think? It’s all fun and games until somebody’s nipple puts an eye out!

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Braless on a Bicycle

Ahhh, a gal with big, perky boobs who decides to go on a braless bike ride. That sounds kind of interesting, doesn’t it? Do you know a whole lot of braless bicyclists? Me either. Really, to be satisfied, and fully experience this type of erotic demonstration, you gotta come to bralessblog dontcha? Enjoy…

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