Tough Mudder Pokies

tough mudder pokies 2To continue on with our popular sports pokies series, we can check out some Tough Mudder pokies.

Interesting how specific we can get, right? If sports pokies are a fairly specific niche of braless pokies, tough mudder pokies are even more specific.

Tough Mudder is a kind of mud run. This is where a crazy obstacle course is set up and participants run through it as a challenge. Sometimes the obstacles can involve fire or water hazards. They frequently involve mud, hence the name.

tough mudder pokies 6Just like any amateur athletic endeavor, some folks who do these events are in excellent shape, and some are flabby. It’s not uncommon, thankfully, to see hot chicks in sports bras and teeny-tiny little spandex shorts.

When they start getting wet and/or muddy, or they start sweating, BAM! out come the nipples. Now admittedly, in some of these photos you have to look sort of close in order to see the pokies. But I am pretty sure none of you folks mind perving it up and staring at the pics in minute detail.

I highly recommend you try spectating at one of the mud events. Unlike the typical 5k or triathlon, a number of these chicks are cross-fitters, and lean isn’t so much the name of the game as curvy and/or muscular. Which means you get to watch them swinging from ropes, and belly-crawling through mudpits, and occasionally falling onto a hot bed of coals, all while wearing nearly nothing with their boobs howling in protest.

This usually involves bouncing of the mammary glands, trust me.

And if you like dirty girls, not as in perverted ones, I’m talking about actual dirt, here would be your chance. I personally prefer a lady to smell a little like lilacs and have some fingernail polish on with properly coiffed hair, but hey to each his own.

tough mudder pokiestough mudder pokies 3tough mudder pokies 4tough mudder pokies 5

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Kendall Jenner Braless

Kendall Jenner bralessKendall Jenner may be a little on the skinny side, but when she goes braless people take notice. Especially me.

At 5’10”, she is a pretty tall drink of water. She is pretty, in that Kardashian sort of way. Kind of a dark, smoky, European or Armenian look. I think she recently won model of the year for something or other, so presumably somebody somewhere thinks she ranks pretty high on the arousal scale.

Here’s the thing: the girl just refuses to wear a bra. She recently posted a snap on instagram of her in some sexy white calvin klein bra/panties. Now I get it, she probably got paid like $100k just to advertise for old Calvin. But it’s goshdarn funny considering she *never* wears a bra. Basically, somebody has to pay her a-hunny G’s in order to wear a bra. You can’t make this stuff up folks, only real life is this ironic.

Kendall would probably make a great spokesperson for BralessBlog. She would probably organize movements where women burn bras in the street, and then take up bra collections and have them chopped up and made into mattresses, and have enlightened ladies sign a pledge to go braless for a year.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That’s her flipping the bird to the paparazzi. She is kinda crude like that. You would be too, if you were 21 years old and liked to slink around with your boobies uncovered, and the dang cameramen were always documenting it and showing it to the world.

Kendall Jenner bralessThus we can assume that despite the fact that she’s always braless, she doesn’t really like having photos of it plastered all over the internet. Too bad, that’s what I say. We are dudes, and we like boobies, and if you are going to bare yours and you’re famous enough to have people taking pictures of you constantly, this stuff is gonna happen.

Truth be told, Kendall is probably an A-cup. Maybe a B-cup on a good day. I’m not complaining at all, it’s just that we can’t expect bouncy action like we see with Selena, or giant D-cup rediculousness.

Kendall Jenner pokies are spied pretty much continuously, and I kinda wonder if she has a boyfriend, and if he’s totally immune to their allure by now. That might not be possible, because boobs=awesome, but just saying.

That may be him in the car with her in this one pic. A thought just flashed through my dusty, shriveled up, perverted mind: Kendall’s boyfriend riding shotgun in the convertible and easing his hand up her top to pinch her nips while the miles roll by and the cameras snap away and… Kendall flips everybody off.

Kendall Jenner sideboobKendall Jenner side boobKendall Jenner convertible

Her sister Kim…

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Courteney Cox Nipples

Although I have waxed eloquently about her before, I didn’t realize I had misspelled her name, or that it had been so long since I had cozied up to Courteney Cox nipples.

Courteney Cox nipples 2I think there was a bit of a pokie duel going on between Courteney and Jen back in the days of the Friends show. Poor Jen can’t keep her areola under wraps even if she had a bra padded with concrete. Courteney was a little more discreet, but she unleashed them when needed.

Courteney is getting up there in age; I think she is 52 or 53 years old these days. I’m guessing tha boobs have a little droop to them. But she has never been terribly well-endowed, so gravity has not been unkind or severe.

She has been in a couple of nude scenes, and there have been some nipslips over the years. One in particular I’m thinking of was when she was wading through some waves at the beach and some toddler jerked her bikini top down. BOINK! Out comes the little brown nipple.

Not gonna show you that here of course, because I try to be on the downlo. Besides, it’s just as sexy to check out her pokies in her soft cotton tops. Possibly as a result of some frigid air conditioning on the set of the Friends show?

Courteney Cox nipples 1A little trivia for you, Courteney was the girl in Bruce Springstein’s Dancing in the Dark video who he pulled up onstage to dance. Now I have no idea whether that stage appearance was actually staged, but I think it was. She was already doing some modeling and acting at that point, and the very next year was in some TV shows.

I swear I had read somewhere that Courteney did a comedy stand-up routine one time and talked at length about nipple clamps. I have searched high and low for that clip, but apparently it doesn’t exist. Maybe she likes tweaking and pinching those little brown pokies? If so, more power to her. Awesome.

Courteney Cox nipples 3Courteney Cox nipples 4

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Tight Dress Pokies

For my next installment of “Perverted Braless Fantasies Daily”, we’ll cover tight dress pokies.

tight dress pokies 1Boobies are fun no matter what, but there is definitely a special place in heaven for a girl in a tight dress who is showing off her pokies. You can find this quite often with celebrities, since they walk the red carpet events all the time. But the more rare delicacy is the amateur.

Ahhhh, yes: the girl next door. Or in some cases, the milf next door.

Women are generally self-conscious and self-aware. It would be rare for a woman not to be exquisitely aware of the exact state of her boobs. Are they showing? Is my dress gapped open? Are my nipples poking out?

So if a gal wiggled into a tight dress and did not wear a bra, it was intentional. If she is showing some pokies, she knows about it and it’s probably intentional.

A few years ago, I went to the prom with this hot chick. Okay, it was actually like fifty years ago, and she was actually just sort of mediocre looking. But still, she had nice tits, and she was wearing this foil-looking dress that was incredibly tight and outlined every single ridge and dimple on her nipples. When I went to her house to pick her up and saw her in that dress, I almost shot a wad in my sock.

I couldn’t believe her dad would let her out of the house like that. Of course, he was drunk and passed out underneath a weed-infested rusty jeep in the back yard, but seriously bad parenting.

I never did get to motorboat those things, but I most certainly did stare at them a bunch. If my eyes had lasers in them, her cleavage would’ve been burned beyond all recognition.

tight dress nipstight dress pokies 3tight dress pokies 4tight dress pokies 5

Looking back at previous posits, I guess it’s semi-obvious that I have a thing for dresses. Look, I ain’t gonna be defensive about it, this stuff is hot!

Purple Wedding Dress Pokies
Braless Devil in a Blue Dress
Wedding Dress Nips
Sundress Boobies

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Selena Gomez Braless Again

We dabbled with a little of Ms Selena Gomez braless back in 2012. Since then, it’s possible that her boobs have gotten smaller while her inhibitions have become microscopic.

Selena Gomez bralessYes, ladies and gents, this girl likes to let her boobs hang out.

Who can blame her. She has the body of twenty-four year old goddess. Although she has both Mexican and Italian ancestry, she does not have a giant badonkadonk, that the gods. I don’t mind a big booty, I just don’t like a comically sized one.

I don’t know how big her boobs are. In some cases, they look ginormous, like true D-cup action. But in reality they are probably nice-sized C’s. My expert, calibrated eyeballs never lie.

To really get you in the mood, I’ve added a video. The photos do a great job of making us hungry for some braless motorboatin’ on Selena’s ample bosom, but you can’t get a feel for it until you see this girl bouncing around. Wowsers.

One of the clips appears to be her on stage with… ah is that Taylor Swift? I haven’t featured Taylor on BralessBlog because frankly she is not particularly well-endowed. However, I’ll add her to my list. Just the fact that she stood on stage with a rack that great means she’s destined to be on BB.

The second clip might be from one of her videos. It’s hard to tell, because it’s all smoky and filtered and fancy. I hear Selena started her own production company, and her own clothing line, and signed like a $10M deal with Coach purses recently. All that’s well and good, but for god’s sake can she just design some tubetops and then stop by my trailer house and model them?

Selena Gomez pokiesNow I am the braless zen master, and you will see some Selena pokies in one of these pics. Those are not easy to find. Her boobs are big, but her nips are not gigantic diamond-hard things suckled by ten babies and ready to put your eyes out. So consider yourself lucky. This is why you come to this website, right? For my incredibly thorough investigative reporting?

Selena Gomez braless

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Jennifer Lawrence Braless Brightens a Pervert’s Day

I keep finding miscellaneous Jennifer Lawrence content all over the damn site. It’s like finding little bread crumbs leading to snacks left in the woods.

Her boobs are soooo nice. When she’s not busy pushing them up with some constrictive dress or bustier, she tends to let them bounce around braless. And yes, they look a lot smaller when she does that. You know what that means??

It means they are soft. Like really, really soft. And squishable.Jennifer Lawrence braless 2

J Lo probably has the realest boobs on the planet right now. Except for mine, but mine are manboobs and that doesn’t count.

She’s a bit of an odd bird. She gripes and preaches when her cell phone gets hacked and her boobie pics get tossed around the interwebz, but then she goes and poses topless for Esquire and flops those girls around in nothing but bodypaint in that one mutant movie.

Can’t explain that. Don’t need to. I like her eyes. Oh, and her… boobs.

And lawd-help-me, her personality. She’s got that dorky gal personality where she trips and falls and accidentally stuffs your johnson in her mouth. I, err, whoops, that last part just popped out. Excuse me for getting mixed up. So anyway, she is rich beyond belief, and probably if I think about it I’m guessing she’s kind of bored. She’s conquered part of the world. She hasn’t caught cancer or gotten busted with nose candy in her purse. She’s probably looking for the next big thing.Jennifer Lawrence braless 2

Which will probably be a BralessBlog interview. Yep, that’s just what she needs. I’ll sit her down on my couch, after brushing some of the at turds and cheetoes off of there and oh what about that scratchy little white stain well I’ll just flip the cushion over there now, and then I’ll get her giggling at some witting comment and she’ll bare her soul. She will almost certainly do the interview braless, and I might even convince her to slip her panties off and put them in the freezer before she sits down. Not sure why I said freezer, but the last time I put some panties in the microwave I forgot about ’em and caught that shit on fire.

If you want to see a slightly more revealing side of Jennifer, I mean in advance of our riveting (imaginary) interview, ya might want to try HERE

Jennifer Lawrence braless 4Jennifer Lawrence braless 5

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