Braless Shenanigans

Well it’s been awhile, so all of us have this pent up desire to see some braless boobies. Who can blame us? So this needs to be a doozie.

Let’s start off with the luscious cleavage of Miss Hayley Atwell. Just look at those things. A fella could get lost in there for days. They look very large and round, which is just what I’m talkin about. I think she was in Captain America, but I don’t remember seeing her. Awesomeness:
Hayley Atwell braless

We’ll keep the ball rolling with Rosie Huntington Whitely, because… well, why wouldn’t we with pokies like this? She is the British gal who likes to model for Victoria’s Secret and waggle and wobble her way through the obligatory hot-chick performance in Transformers. She transforms my lap from a flat barren area to a tent with a mean spike.
Rosie Huntington Whiteley pokiesRosie Huntington Whiteley pokiesRosie Huntington Whiteley pokies

And then the uploader broke, and I had to sit here trying to fix computer problems instead of lusting after women.

Annnd we’re back. With Fawna. Who is neither ashamed of her pokies, nor her crazy outfit. If I had a body like that I would wear whatever the hell I wanted, too.
fawna pokies

Random braless chicks. You want ‘em? Check. We got ‘em? Check.

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LeAnn Rimes Doesn’t Mind the Braless Look

All you have to do is search for LeAnn Rimes and you’ll see we’ve covered her before. Which is a good thing, cause sometimes she likes to go without much coverage if you know what I mean. Here she is with the front of her black dress gaping open to expose one nearly perfect, proud, perky boob. And no, I cannot explain what that guy on the LH side of the photo is doing or why his hair looks like that.

LeAnn Rimes braless

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Lynda Carter Braless Pokies

You guys already know I like Lynda Carter, aka Wonder Woman. Here she is sporting a tanktop (or whatever this thing is called), a pair of natural D-cups, and some pokies.

Lyna Carter pokies

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Alice Wonder Perky Goodness

Hard, oh so hard to control yourself when you are faced with an Alice Wonder dilemma. Do I grab her hiney? Do I ogle her boobs? Do I gape longingly at her beautiful face? Orrrr, maybe I just rut like a deer in heat. Yeah, that’s probably the best choice.

Who knew an orange 1-piece swimsuit could be so sexy. Alice rocks it right with her big perky bazongas and her pokies. That thin material is just grrreat! as Tony the Tiger likes to put it. I cannot help but mention her pudenda. If you don’t know what it is, you can go look it up. It’s word day here on BralessBlog, and once you’ve finished looking at all the hot braless babes, you’ll be all the smarter for it. I can’t say for sure what is up with the cat tattoo. Now, we can always follow the advice of the great Doctor Vadge:

Cat tattoos, when located anywhere near a female’s lower extremities, are an erotic and sometimes comedic reference to the slang for the female reproductive region – pussy.

However, this particular cat tattoo is sort of unique. I get the feeling it’s from some French cartoon, but I just can’t put my finger on it. That shot of Alice’s butt, by the way, I can put my finger on. Wow, how totally free of dimples and zits and cottage cheese. Such a healthy grabbable tush. I know we usually stick to boobs, but certainly this is a prime example of our willingness to expand our horizons.

alice wonder picalice wonder picalice wonder picalice wonder picalice wonder pic

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Braless Asians and Other Feats of Nature

You know what we don’t get enough of around here? No, it’s not oxygen – we hardly ever forget to breathe. Braless Asians, that’s what. We sort of referenced an Asian gal back in May of last year, but it just ain’t enough. I believe the chick in this photo will certainly suffice. She has unbuttoned her shirt and lo and behold, she has forgotten her dastardly panties. The word dastardly makes me think of pirates. Since I’m already thinking of pirates and looking at her sitting on these steps, I gotta think Step Pirate. Which is when a young kid runs around under the bleachers trying to look up somebody’s skirt or shorts. Not that I would have ever done such a thing as a young perv.
braless asian

This Tuscan beauty has some very prominent areolae. That’s the plural form of areola, or nipple, for those of you who are simpletons. She looks like she would make a great 1st grade teacher. Show up to a parent-teacher conference wearing something like that, and it’s goin down dawg.
braless green top

For sure I could disappear for days in cleavage like this. It’s akin to magic. Take any normal guy in the world, expose him to a view like this, and he completely turns to mush. If I’m trying to sell a car, strike a deal in the Senate, or convince my dad to let me borrow his keys, there is a powerful lesson in this, so take heed.
braless cleavage

Son, that is my beloved Porsche, why would you think – aw gawd, what in the world is that? Did you see that? Here take my keys, I need to disappear upstairs for a few minutes.

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Halle Berry and the Braless Standard

Despite her advancing age, Halle Berry continues to set a new standard for bralessness. I think these shots are from her outing on Jay Leno. How my man Leno could even function with Halle’s perky natties sloshing around right there in front of him is beyond me. Her legs aren’t exactly shameful either. It would be pretty much an honor to go down between her thighs and look up and see her cute little pixed O-face looking down at you between those C or maybe D cups. These photos were like 4,000 pixels high, definitely large enough that you voracious bozos would’ve blown my server up like piranhas picking a zebra carcass clean. So I shrunk them down, but I’m still wide-eyed and miserable just looking at that yummy cleavage.

Halle Berry 1Halle Berry 2

These may have been my favorite shots of Halle so far.
Halle Berry Sags
There is that one movie where she went topless, and that other movie where she got nakkie with Billy Bob Thorton of all people, but the tease is always better than the reveal. At least until she jumps my bones on the couch while the 11:30 news is on and I get a headache from spooging so hard. Is that what’s on the lampshade? Yuck, that will probably never come out.

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