Braless Ain’t Overrated

I know all ya’ll have been desperate to find out what happened to Samantha, and get a peek at our next installment of the epic story Braless at the Office. But alas, I’ve been lazy. Well, not lazy in general, I’ve been damn busy. But lazy about updating the site and writing more of the story. Judging by the emails and the begging, I know you’re disappointed, but hey I’ve been disappointing people my whole life, so a) don’t feel special, and b) why should I stop now.

To partially mitigate this unacceptable condition, I herewith submit numerous photos of braless gals. You don’t know any of them, because they aren’t celebs and they aren’t famous, and despite what you fervently wish, they do not live next door or date your roommie. They are amateurs, and they are one of my very favorite pokie persons. Actually, if they are female, and they are pokie, I like ‘em, so it’s a misnomer to say I have a favorite.

I have what seems to be a nearly inexhaustible supply of similar photos (and maybe a few vids) on my hardrive. I know, I know – I’m always alluding to that and never deliver. Hanging it out there like a carrot on a stick and just string you along. But really, you will come back. Guys (and girls) like you always do. Because of the wit, and the writing, and yes the photos. Even if they are a little later than you would prefer.

braless amateur 1braless amateur 2braless amateur 3braless amateur 4braless amateur 5

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Senior: your pokies are here

I like this girl rocking the off-the-shoulder red shirt with no bra and crazy pokies.
red pokies pic

One option is for us to return to nature. Where everything is pure and clean, and there’s no hormones in the chicken, and gals don’t like to wear bras or underwear.
natural braless pic

We should have a couple of pink shirt pokies girls. Because clearly, I specialize in braless tanktop pics, and ya’ll get rowdy when I don’t deliver.
pink shirt pokies picpink shirt pokies pic

And our final thought for today will be the nelfie. A nelfie is when a chick takes a picture of herself, generally in a mirror, and it’s commonly called a selfie. But if there are nipples involved, it then becomes a nelfie. Got it?
nelfie pic

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Braless at the Office

Samantha is one of the product managers. She probably makes pretty good money. She’s certainly in a position of authority. If I had to guess, she got where she is according to the following formula
15% brainpower
15% hard work
70% looking hot

I may be off a bit on those percentages, but you get the idea. Samantha is very attractive, and has a body that can stop traffic in any state in the union. She is about 5’5”, fairly petite, short dark hair, big double-D boobies, and stomach that’s flat as a board. Her butt, to be honest, is a little big for my tastes. I prefer them small and athletic, hers is a little more curvy. But I ain’t complaining.

Our office is comprised of 95% guys, so Samantha gets more than her fair share of attention. When she struts around, not much work gets done. She’s always dressed well, generally in blouses, skirts, heels, very professional stuff. But sometimes you get the hint that she’s a little wild. She’ll wear a skirt that’s a little shorter than you would expect. Or maybe a blouse that’s undone one extra button. And with those DD’s, guys get a good look at that cleavage and start stammering and turning red in the face.

braless office pic

I’ve worked around Samantha for years, but we only work with each other briefly and on rare occasions. Not too long ago, I needed to introduce a new product to her, so I set up a meeting with her in my office.

During our meeting, she hadn’t been sitting across from me for long before I started thinking she might be flirting with me. She was smiling a lot, and kept flipping her hair around, and stretching, and crossing and re-crossing her legs. The stretching was very effective, if her goal was to make me uncomfortable and very aware of her boobs. She was wearing a tight, white top that day, and I could’ve sworn I could see the indentations of her perky nipples against the fabric. Was she wearing a bra? It didn’t seem like it! It wasn’t like I could just ogle her boobs, stare straight at them and take those “man-snapshots” with my brain. I kept sneaking little glances at her cleavage whenever she would look away.

I’ve always been blessed with a quick mind, so I was smart enough to decide what I really needed to do was walk Samantha back into the shop and show her a prototype of the new product. I figured this would give me a chance to check her out in a slightly more dynamic setting than just sitting at my desk, and also getting her off in a corner by ourselves seemed like an exciting thing to do. We had not walked 5 steps down the hallway before I knew for sure she was braless. Those tantalizing boobs were bouncing up and down and swaying side to side as she klip-klopped along in her high heels.

Did she start the day off wearing a bra, and she had taken it off late in the afternoon for comfort? Maybe she slipped out of it before she headed over to my office for a meeting? Maybe she stood in front of the mirror that morning at home, applying her makeup, and thinking how sexy it would be to go braless all day and make all the guys she worked with miserable. And of course, as we approached the prototype area in the shop, it occurred to me that if she was braless she might also have discarded her panties.

braless office pic

These thoughts had me amped up and frankly as horny as a two-dick dog. But I was determined not to make a fool of myself. I showed off our prototype as we stood at the workbench shoulder to shoulder. The air was electric – I could feel my nerves humming and my heart thumping. After a brief discourse, I demonstrated the gizmo, and I’ll be damned if it didn’t break, and a small spring shot off and dropped right between her boobs. My eyes nearly fell out of my head.

“Nice, I think that went down my shirt!” she said, peering down at her bosom and then looking up at me with a smile.

“Whoops,” I said. “Sorry about that.”

“You don’t look very sorry. You look like you might want to rummage around in there and fish it out,” she teased.

“Ah, maybe I shouldn’t answer that question,” I laughed.

She snagged my hand, and in the surprise move of the century, pulled it up to cup her breast.

“Is that it?” she asked quietly.

She was standing only inches from me, close enough that her breath tickled my chin as she asked the question. Her boob was very warm through the material of her blouse. Her hand was pressing down on mine, and we were squashing that lovely lady against her ribcage. So soft and so huge, definitely more than a handful. I didn’t want to stop.

“I’m not sure,” I answered. I lifted her breast, squeezed it, massaged it. Then stopped. “Nope, that’s not it.”

“How about over here?” Before she could pull my other hand up to her chest, I immediately grabbed it. My fingers found her nipple, and I pinched it lightly. Her red lips parted, and I heard the tiniest of gasps.

“Mmm, I don’t know, could be.”

She stepped away from me, and I dropped my hands to my sides, immediately disappointed and a little scared.

“That was a very expensive prototype. I can’t believe I just broke it.”

She nodded her head. She looked like she was blushing just a bit. “That spring may be long gone.”

I chuckled, just to show her how none of this was a big deal, and I wasn’t fighting an erection, and I wasn’t petrified she was about to turn me in to Human Resources for sexual harassment. “I’m really sorry about that. We will get this fixed up, build a new one. Hopefully it will be a little less fragile.”

“Oh no, I’m glad it happened. I’ve been trying for a long time to catch more than stares with these boobs and it’s finally happened.”

“Do you, ah, normally waltz around without a bra? I mean, I guess I haven’t noticed that, and it seems like I would’ve noticed.”

Samantha smiled demurely and almost shyly tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “Obviously not. Only on special occasions. Like when you invite me over to your office late in the day. And then drag me out here and start dropping things down my shirt.”

“Well, I’ll give you a few private minutes to make sure nothing else was inadvertently collected in there, but then I’m taking you out for a drink. Want to meet me out in the parking lot in say five minutes?”

She smiled a yes before spinning turning on her heel and heading towards her office.

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Excited to be Braless

Braless girl gets crude and flips the bird:
braless bird flipper
I could’ve sworn that we had another post around here somewhere of a braless girl flipping the bird. But I’ve looked and looked and can’t find it. Email me if you guys are better searchers than I am.

A braless Asian, quite possibly the most popular category in all of bralessblog:
braless asian

And here’s some random amateur braless in a t-shirt. Godbless ‘dem b-cup boobies:

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Braless Shenanigans

Well it’s been awhile, so all of us have this pent up desire to see some braless boobies. Who can blame us? So this needs to be a doozie.

Let’s start off with the luscious cleavage of Miss Hayley Atwell. Just look at those things. A fella could get lost in there for days. They look very large and round, which is just what I’m talkin about. I think she was in Captain America, but I don’t remember seeing her. Awesomeness:
Hayley Atwell braless

We’ll keep the ball rolling with Rosie Huntington Whitely, because… well, why wouldn’t we with pokies like this? She is the British gal who likes to model for Victoria’s Secret and waggle and wobble her way through the obligatory hot-chick performance in Transformers. She transforms my lap from a flat barren area to a tent with a mean spike.
Rosie Huntington Whiteley pokiesRosie Huntington Whiteley pokiesRosie Huntington Whiteley pokies

And then the uploader broke, and I had to sit here trying to fix computer problems instead of lusting after women.

Annnd we’re back. With Fawna. Who is neither ashamed of her pokies, nor her crazy outfit. If I had a body like that I would wear whatever the hell I wanted, too.
fawna pokies

Random braless chicks. You want ‘em? Check. We got ‘em? Check.

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LeAnn Rimes Doesn’t Mind the Braless Look

All you have to do is search for LeAnn Rimes and you’ll see we’ve covered her before. Which is a good thing, cause sometimes she likes to go without much coverage if you know what I mean. Here she is with the front of her black dress gaping open to expose one nearly perfect, proud, perky boob. And no, I cannot explain what that guy on the LH side of the photo is doing or why his hair looks like that.

LeAnn Rimes braless

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