December 10’s

I know December is the twelfth month, but for my loyal visitors I will posting only tens today. You are welcome in advance.

candybar nipsLet me tell ya’ll what I would do if I were in charge of marketing a chocolate bar. Step number one, forget about women. All women are crazy about chocolate. Why waste money marketing to them? They are going to go berserk and buy your shit anyway, so who cares. Market only to men. And if you want to market to men, use boobies. It’s a scientific fact. All dudes respond to boobs. Even gay guys. It’s impossible to resist. It’s like a siren call. Not gonna look, not gonna look – wait, boobs? – LOOK! I might even use a branded t-shirt and some pokies like we see here.

braless foilThere are lots of cool things about hanging around BralessBlog. One of the many is the fact that you never know WTF you’re going to see. Liiiiike an insanely hot chick with curves like BAM! pretty much hanging out inside her apartement in what appears to be gold foil body art. Look, I’m no expert on trendy-cool stuff, I eat cheetohs and pick my nose for a living. Maybe lots of rich hotties get decorated like this? This is one of those photos you want to blow up to max resolution and study in fine, gory detail. There is so much to look at. Um, like her crotch. Her breastacles are rather shapely too.

bikini boobsOne has to appreciate women with big bazonkas who keep themselves pretty. I realize sometimes the busty gals tend to be a bit pudgy too. Ain’t no matter: get after it boy. Those green eyes are kind of intoxicating. And if that isn’t enough to prompt you to propose marriage, the thought of motorboating those twin girls will be. Please don’t fall for it, though. All motoroboating fun ends shortly after marriage. Truth.

green dress cleavageI’ll admit, it was a little tough to decide which photo to post next. Cause really, I got a million of them. I thought why not introduce my little friend the Green Dress Lady. God bless her very natural, very dense double-D boobs. Although we seem them here all squashed up in a black lacy bra, we can certainly imagine what they would be like bumping and bouncing along in some pajamas. Perhaps you noticed that she unbuttoned that dress allll the way down? Yeah, we’re not talking about the top two buttons here. She popped every single button, because she knows we care about her gorgeous cleavage, and she cares that we care. Life fees great right about now. Possibly because I just heard Santa is going to come visit me. But mostly because of Green Dress Lady being generous with her bosoms.

wedding dress pokiesYa’all know I love me some wedding dresses. Not like the veil and the train and the thing the bride wears, I’m talking about dresses worn to weddings in general. I’m too lazy to go link to some previous posts on the site, but if you’re a frequent reader you know all about them. I’m reasonably confident that’s what we’re looking at here. These two galls look too shipper and catty and confident to not be at a wedding. They are not married, they are glad their best friend is getting married, and most of all they are glad they dragged their boyfriends along because now that the wedding has put them in a very romantic mood they are gonna get a little tipsy and hump their brains out. The braless look in the silky gowns is like icing on the (wedding) cake.

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December Cup-Runneth-Over Video Compilation

20 mins long | 812 mb | $19.99

Okay, Okay! Ya’ll folks who keep emailing for more hot videos chill! Here ya go!!

Again, no sense in wasting time editing a preview video for Youtube. This one contains some nudity and would just get banned. Here’s a description for those of you who are interested in buying it:

Segment 1
Candid of a hot busty blonde who has an absurd amount of braless boob on display waiting in line at the airport.

Segment 2
Hot mom with big natural ones teases us with a selfie video of her pokies in a tanktop possibly while laying in bed?

Segment 3
Body paint girl with massive hooters gets out on the catwalk. Those jugs are all over the place, and I love it!

Segment 4
A very flexible girl with surprisingly large tata’s contorts herself into a pretzel. You will not be able to help staring at her crotch, trust me.

Segment 5
Naughty, busty Asian gal walks around in a dress that is not fit for public display.

Segment 6
This blonde milf has truly huge hooters. This is a video shoot of her in a weird bathing suit that has no hope of containing those mammaries.

Segment 7
Asian girl tries on various outfits but really kills it in the tanktop with the pokies.

Segment 8 Continue reading

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A Mess in a Dress

We are getting a little bit closer to that time of year when people get invited to more cocktail parties and holiday get togethers.

The bad news is, I’m a weirdo and it’s hard for me to socialize in such a setting. The good news is, there always seem to be ssssmoking hot chicks at these types of parties. When you sit around in a dingy, cheeto-stained t-shirt and droopy underwear in your mobile home all the time, going to a fancy party means you actually meet real live people.

Some of the dresses these days, holy cow. I’ll tell ya, when I was younger, phones had rotary dials, the TV only got three channels (even with tin foil on the rabbit ears), and women covered their boobs when they went out in public. Nowadays, damn near anything goes.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record – I realize it was only a year ago when I got all jiggy-with-it on some tight dress mammas. But this is an epidemic that deserves our attention. Or whatever the word for epidemic is that means hot women taking their bra off and letting their boobies jiggle around in cocktail dresses.

cocktail dressThis little hunny looks like she might have starved herself for 6 weeks to squeeze into this dress. I’ll admit it ain’t usually the skinny ones we like here on BBlog. But really it’s just her legs that are spidered-out, she appears to have curves in other important locations. That includes her chest, which appears to have been inflated by the finest silicone money can buy. Ya gotta love the fiesty, hand on the hip, head tilt, grin right? Yep, I bet she clomps around her party with this crazy stilt shoes on and every dude in the place is secretly hoping that dress gaps open just enough that he can catch a glimpse of some nip.

dress pokiesSpeaking of nips, one can only wonder what this dark-haired beauty was thinking when she left the house. Did she imagine that nobody would stare at her oh-so-exposed nipples? Wow, I’m here to tell ya, with a face like that and a body to match, she could smell like donkey dung and be broke as a pauper and she will still have dudes swooning all over her at a party. I bet her friend is thinking “Oh my god. Becky’s nipples are totally poking out. Like, totally. If they were any more prominent they would actually rip through the cups of her dress. Is there some kind of surgery I can get that will make mine that noticeable?”

braless blue dressThis little hottie is clearly headed to a wedding rather than a party. I can just tell. Nobody is gonna go party wearing a dress with a sash at the waist and those frumpy shoes. And her hair, geez. Not to take your attention away from her delicious pokies for even an instant, but WTF re: hair. It looks like a dead mangy dog wrapped itself around her noggin. Maybe she rode to the wedding ceremony in a convertible?

She looks like the type that would have a couple of drinks and before you know it, she would be flipping that skirt up and doo-wopping all over the damn place.

white dressAnnnd then there’s this total insanity. C’mon folks, how can you explain this? Who wears a white dress, packs it fool of boobage, and then hops up and down (possibly in a room-sized freezer?) or whatever in pursuit of the world’s rock-hardest, retina-threatening pokies? Maybe she didn’t intentionally perk them up, maybe she just has perma-pokies like Jen. Regardless, it’s like a flashing neon sign that says: JUST LOOK AT MY BOOBIES AND NOTHING ELSE!! To be considered a real hipster thought, she needs to get some kind of el-cheapo pendant around her neck that will dangle just between her girls. She doesn’t really have the cleavage for it – too much separation – but that’s just going to be how the ball bounces when there is this little support.

Sometimes we get suuuuper perverted and we look down people’s dresses. Can’t help it, cause hairy man.

The other day I went to the dentist. I do this every ten years, whether I need to or not. I figure once the rest of my teeth rot and fall out, I won’t have to worry about it any more. Until then, bam, like clockwork, ten years. Anywho, there was this sexy hunny who had clearly interrupted her work day and come straight to the dentist from her office. She was was wearing a mostly demure dress, nothing like what we see in these photos. Only thing was, it was a tad low cut.

After perusing the car magazines and doing my best not to slobber or stare at her ample bosoms, I got called back and the dentist worked his tragic magic. Then when the nurse-lady was leading me out, she stopped me at the front desk and they were trying to get me to pay for something. I don’t have any idears what that was all ’bout, cause don’t errrbody know I ain’t gots no money.

Cool fact, my mostly-demure hunny was finishing up her dentist appointment at the same time, and I was diggin’ that fancy dress she was wearing. Just when I was about to leave and ride public transportation back to my trailer park, this gal leaned over the desk to sign a form. Praise the LAWD, you can bet I got an eyeful. Her boobies were pasty white, and she had a demi-cup bra on so there was plenty to see. They were clapped together, like good cleavages are supposed to be, and it really made my heart go thump-thump.

I think there are two things women wear that are my favorite: yoga pants, and dresses. Well, also bikinis. And tanktops. Whelp, whatever, I like women, pretty much whatever they wear, but especially when they have a bit of perfume on and they are wrapped up in a bit of a dress.

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Turkey Trot Boobie Compilation Video

Turkey Trot Boobie Compilation Video (download or stream)
17 mins long | 653 mb | $12.99

“Buy now” download file

“Buy now” stream file
This is another compilation video that contains a bit of nudity – too hot for Youtube. A fairly extensive description with screengrabs is below.

Segment 1
Lots of pokies and nips as this crossfit chick does her thing.

Segment 2
Busty gal in a yellow shirt strips it off and gives us the bazoombas we’ve been waiting for.

Segment 3
Huge boobs jiggle and bounce on a treadmill.

Segment 4
A bored mom lays on the bed and plays with her boobs while taking a selfie video.

Segment 5
A hot, very busty wife turns the camera on before getting on the bed in some lingerie. Continue reading

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The Hardbody Edition

I realize that fit chicks aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. Some folks like their women a little softer. News flash: don’t take this the wrong way but if I write the posts I get to choose the topics! So if I have a hankerin for veiny gals today, so be it.

And I do! So prepare yourself.

We should probably start off with crossfit pokies. Unlike ultramarathons or balet, crossfit tends to turn bodies into living breathing sculptures. I don’t own a TV since my doublewide trailer didn’t come with one standard, but I’ve hard crosfit is really popular to watch on TV. Or on youtube, whatever the heck that is.

crossfit pokies 1I’m convinced dudes don’t watch crossfit because of the competition, it’s because of these smoking hot chicks. Here is one example. Not an ounce of at on her, she’s flipping around on this chinup bar like gravity no longer applies. If I even managed to jump up there, it would probably rip my chubby little fingers out of joint. She’s in her skimply little sportsbra, with her perky little pokies jumping around. And those shorts, don’t get me started on the shorts. I’m sure her butt isn’t like flat; probably looks like two delicious yummies are stuffed in there.

crossfit pokies 2I have seen this chick on youtube before, but I don’t remember her name. I will eventually get around to including some videos I have of her in one of my compilations, and I’ll try to remember to come back and update this page when I do (stay tuned). Funny thing, in her early videos from a few years ago, she had little bewbz. A year or two ago, she magically sprouted these very circular golden orbs. Noooot that I’m complaining. She stomps around in her backyard throwing very heavy barbells around, all the while trying to keep those new DD’s from booming out of her top. Damn good thing her property has a fence around it, otherwise all the boys in the neighborhood would be stopping by for a milkshake.

crossfit pokies 3Okay, see all those red weights? What, you don’t? Oh, excuse me, I need to give you a minute to get un-lost from this gal’s maddeningly delicious cleavage. It’s like falling into a black hole with lots of gravity, isn’t it? The fact that she’s straining and making an ugly face and sweaty and stinky: don’t matter. We’re dudes, and we gotta get up in da’ cleavage. Anyway, those red weights are approximately equal to three elephants. The fact that she can shove them across a floor for half a mile without giving herself a hernia, peeing in her pants, or growing armpit hair is kinda unbelievable. The only way I could slide that sled is if somebody hooked it up to the back of my redneck truck. And even then, 50/50 that it would jerk my rusty bumper off.

crossfit pokies 5This is a little fuzzy, but the shot make the cut because of those abs. And yeah, you have to tip your hat to the nearly transparent sports bra full of pokies. But dang, those abs. When she sneezes, her abs are so tight you could probably drop an ice cube down her shirt and it would sound like a xylophone. That may have happened considering how cold those little nips look. Does she eat nails and maybe a piece of celery for breakfast every morning? Slightly different than sayyyy pop-tarts, course you can actually see her abs.

crossfit pokies 5This training session is like a road construction project – there are more people watching than there are working. I’d be watching too, very closely, if this little hottie was doing something with that big ball right in front of me. Do you think she even has a bra on? Hard to tell, what with the white shirt and the Mt. Vesuvius pokies. Her legs and arms look strong enough to turn me into a very horny unsalted pretzel. Her skin color is a bit dark, and it makes me wonder if she has tanlines. Hubba-hubba, toss that ball and let me get a look at your crotchola please, I’m getting overheated.

crossfit pokies 6This girl looks fast, doesn’t she? I bet she would flex those long, lean, tan legs, and she would be gone in a flash of pigtails, womansweat, and a flash of nip. Forget running, what she’s about to do is show that barbell who the boss is. Grab it, flip it over her head squat down, spread her legs… and I’ll stop right there. If the world was just, you and I would be sitting here looking at her squatted down with her tender thighbone exposed for the world to see with her frozen nipples clinched up. Did I mention she has blue eyes? I might be in love/lust.

crossfit pokies 7I’m kind wanting to stop, but I can’t. Does this suggest addiction? Too damn late to worry about that. Let’s discuss just one more crossfit goddess. You know, it’s the imperfections that keep me looking longer. See the kinda goopy deodorant caked underneath her underarms? Hey man, that’s just real life. She is out there working hard, with her gigantic boobies squashed into that tanktop. She’s sweaty, it’s a bad hair day, most of the F’ing United States is watching a broadcast of her nipples, and all she wants is that plastic trophy. I heart you girl, I really do. I’d help you pull that whatchamacallit down, or whatever you’re doing, cause I’m here to help. I mean ogle. Well, both, if you so choose.

I looked all over the site, and didn’t see any previous crossfit posts. This post about the tough mudder from about a year ago is the closest thing I could find.

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Maitland Ward Baxter

Mark, one of our readers, was kind enough to contact me recently and point out that the boobylicious gal in the last photo of this post
is actually Maitland Ward Baxter.

I had never heard of her before, so I internet stalked searched her out to see what’s what. She is not a young buck – she was born in 77 which makes her 40 years old these days. She did some soap operas and some TV shows. But it was after she retired from acting and started doing cosplay stuff that she blew up the internet. Like literally, they had to call Al Gore to try and troubleshoot the shit, boom went the WWW.

Maitland Ward BaxterYou and I are not dummies, and we can guess the primary reason for her popularity. Actually reasons: plural. Two words. Mamm-aries.

She tends to push the limits. Acting wasn’t enough, so she started dressing up in semi-trashy comic outfits, not wearing a bra so her bewbz would drive dudes crazy. Then she had to take it a step further, and she started showing up naked, except for body paint. Some women can get away with body paint, but they tend to be on the skinny side. Not that Maitland is fat, she is damn curvy. Things move around when she walks, know what I mean?

So imagine being a geeky dude at a comicon event, and in walks this busty, famous actress and she’s nekkid except for a thin layer of paint. Yes, you would probably make squeaky noises in the back of your throat, and crush on her so bad you would embarrass yourself.

She married a real estate agent awhile back. Really? I was thinking maybe a Saudi oil tycoon or something. How can a real estate agent keep up with this level of cougar hotness? Maybe he as a big (bank account).

She is always posting up photos and video clips on social media of her cleavage. Literally, it’s like her main focus. What must her husband think of that? Is he proud, like yo that’s my hot mamma! Or does he feel threatened that several hundred thousand horny dudes are ogling her goodies? And you know what those some of those comic conventions must be like. Some dude bumping into her from the back – oh excuse me babe I didn’t see your curvy ass there.Maitland Ward in fishnet

She has this frizzy-hair, puppy-dog eye thing going on that I found very attractive. I actually looked up her measurements. When you’re an expert like me, you can call this research rather than stalking. I wanted to know how tall Maitland is, because when I fixate on someone it’s apparently important that they be somewhat petite rather than amazonian. She is 5’10” which is frankly just too tall for me. They list her as either a 32 or a 36D, and I’m not so sure that’s accurate. Those girlies look like they are at least DD to me. Who do you believe,
a) some random internet site
b) some bralessblog guy who has never seen Maitland in person but has been evaluating boobies for many years?

Anyway, enjoy these photos of Maitland, and if you want me to “cover” her again in the future, feel free to contact me or leave me a comment.

PS – thanks Mark!

I recently update the post with a few more photos of Maitland. Lord, does she enjoy showing off! Admittedly, the photos I added from a few years ago show her looking a bit different. Um, how should I put this. Less curvy. Less, ahhh, pudgy. But still, we love her regardless.

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