Braless Video Compilation – another shocking vid

You are welcome in advance.

At last count, this one is almost twenty-three minutes long. So yeah, it’s my longest yet, and chock full of braless goodness.

Clip 1:
A newscaster with absurd cleavage an no bra in sight hooks her viewers.

Clip 2:
An amateur model with very large mojambos and some frozen nipples wiggles around in short shorts and a blue tanktop.

Clip 3:
An amateur kneeling demurely in her thong panties and thin t-shirt shows off some perky pokies.

Clip 4:
A gal in a bikini takes a selfie video of her boobs bouncing around.

Clip 5:
A russian blonde has some serious pokies on display in a knit pink dress.

Clip 6:
BBC newscaster Rachel Mackley shows us how cold it is in the studio with her pokies. Where’s the bra, Rachel?

Clip 7:
A QVC model threatens to give me a heart attack with her giant boobs. And nipples.

Clip 8:
A leggy gal goes braless in a loose tanktop, and I start sweating and moaning.

Clip 9:
Yes, this girl manhandles her boobs.

Clip 10:
Freaky street massage of a girl with massive boobs, the dood is shaking those things!

Clip 11:
Busty girls jogging and giving themselves black eyes.

Clip 12:
Delicious side boob of this braless blonde.

Clip 13:
Girl in a gray dress shakes her rump in a hotel room and happens to have very little protection for the boobies.

Clip 14:
Busty gal jumping rope.

Clip 15:
Hottie trying on various things and letting those yummy boobs dangle.

Clip 16:
Some serious doblouse action of this busty blonde chick.

Clip 17:
Two words. Motor. Boating.

Clip 18:
Braless milf cleans a table while her boobs dangle to and fro. Dang I love this clip!

Clip 19:
Insanely busty girl jumps rope. Dang. I hope she’s awright…

Clip 20:
Braless hula hoop madness.

Clip 21:
A ton of clips of fashion models on the runway strutting their stuff and giving zero F’s about their braless boobs.

Clip 22:
A gorgeous brunette trying on some clothes that emphasize her cleavage and bralessness.

Clip 23:
Braless big boobie yoga, lol.

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Telescopic Boobie Calculations

This is probably a celebrity or some famous person, but I’m just too deranged and forgetful at the moment to recognize her. Those crazy forearm tattoos should be quite distinguishing. I think we can all agree that we need to see more of her here on BralessBlog. So if you know who she is, do us all a favor and leave a comment or send me a note via the contact form.

telescopic boobs picWhile we are ignoring her scandalous tattoos, we will also need to forgive her for her dirty skirt. Maybe it’s just an artifact in the photo, but she appears to have spots of dirt and debris all over her bottom half. Which is actually a little funny, cause after I got done with her she would probably have debris all over her top half. It’s definitely the top half that has all my attention. Those boobs are literally telescopic. They are quite large, D-cups at least don’t you think? And the way the elastic in her romper gathers in the material just under her chest is simply delicious. Is that causing some kind of odd visual effect, thus explaining the way those girls project out?

Let’s do some quick calculations for these telescopic boobs. Let’s assume this little goddess is 5’5″ tall. So from her waist to the top of her head, she should be 2’8″. If I take a measurement from where her bust first starts to swell outwards to the bottom of the droop against her ribcage, I can mark it and scale it. It looks like that measurement is about 1/3 of the first measurement. So now we can say her breast height is 1/3 of 2’8″, or 16″. We can further assume those yummy motorboatees have a 45 degree droopage angle. So basic trigonometry tells us that the boobie stick-out distance will be the breast height multiplied by the sin of 45 degrees. That would be 16″ x 0.707. Thus, we have calculated her boobs are sticking out 11″.

boob calculations diagram

I think it’s fair to say that will definitely get your attention, especially when combined with two other very critical (perverted) factors:
1) Pokies that are so apparent and vicious they could probably pop a balloon.
2) Braless action combined with loose fitting clothes and most likely high heels. I mention that because I figure she’s clip-clopping around in those heels, and those boobs are bouncing all over the place.

I realize that with these calculations I have taken my braless depravity to new heights. I sorta can’t help myself. I was probably scarred for life at a young age when my babysitter asked me to ride a roller coaster with her and she happened to be wearing a white reebok tanktop with no bra. Yeah, true story, maybe you’ll get the scoop another day.

braless white tanktop

In the meantime, we can enjoy this blonde who is both grinning and spreading while sporting the braless look in a white tanktop. I have specifically selected this boobage because they exemplify non-telescopic boobs. Yes, they are pretty perky and stick out, but they aren’t like the projectiles from girl number one. You see, here at BB, we want a little variety. Keeps mr happy, well… er, happy. I really can’t imagine what this girl is smiling about, but thank god for women you know what I mean? I would vote for this gal for president as long as she promised to always wear those shorts and spread her legs like that at every single white house dinner.

Previous: romper from back in 2007…

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Airplane Pokies Drive Me Bonkers

It always seems to happen. Every time I climb on an airplane, there’s some hot little Miss who takes great pride in showing off to every testosterone-filled dude in range of her pheromones. Sometimes it’s the stewardesses. Or do they call them flight attendants these days? I have actually noticed that the flight attendants have started getting a little chunkier these days. You would think the airlines would put the KI-bash on that, since every pound they have to keep airborne costs them more fuel. But if you’re a hottie, you’re a hottie – regardless of a few rolls around the middle.

What is it about chicks who are travelling that makes them think they just HAVE to wear stretchy yoga pants and no bra? They feel entitled to be super-comfortable? What if I felt the same sense of entitlement, and wore my shorty-shorts and my Reebok tanktop from 1989? Nobody would win, trust me. I’m not complainin’ though, cause errrbody wins with airplane pokies. Yes, they are distracting. Yes, you are a prisoner in an aluminum tube, and you cannot look away. Yes, she is playing you and wants you to pay attention to her, just not in a creepy way. Is it possible to notice a gal’s nipples poking out of her shirt without being a creep?

airplane pokies picThis gal looks like she is seriously enjoying rocking the nips. She will of course toss those pink Beats headphones on and rock out to her Top 40 or whateverthehell. Right after she gets done laughing at the dude just to her left who is pretending to sleep but can’t stop thinking about that braless white tanktop. Also, she needs to thoroughly inspect her teal (?) fingernails, and tell her hairy-wristed boyfriend sitting next to her thanks for the first-class tickets getting the hell out of Atlanta. I think she may be wearing a jacket and possibly a scarf, suggesting she has unzipped all the way to really punish all the horny dudes around her.

I describe another airport experience here

droopy boobs picOccasionally I run across a gal who is hot by psycho. What am I saying, all hot chicks are psycho. But you know what I’m saying, you can look at her face and you know instantly – oh my, she would get you fired, make your momma mad at you, piss on your bed and light it on fire, and then cackle wildly like a witch. Here ya go, this is one of them. Her boobs are droopy, yes. But they are also, hmm how should I say… tubular? Don’t matter, those nips are gonna get you going. They will bounce around, and the next thing you know you’re a gonner. Too bad she’s cray-cray and will stab you with Santa Claus scissors after you fall asleep. Look at her face really close; does she kind of remind you of the Joker? Even a little bit?

deep cleavage picDimples and cleavage. That’s certainly a great title for another esoteric BralessBlog article, too bad I’ve already committed myself to the whole plane pokey thing. This gal has some cute dimples and some tantalizing cleavage. My lord, those milky white boobies could keep you entertained for days couldn’t they?? I know it makes me sound like an old fogie, but I don’t like the whole nose jewelry thing. I know, I know – the women these days have to show a little non-conformance, a little edge, get all tatted up or nose-ringed out. Call me old-fashioned. Just don’t call me ignorant, cause I’m not saying I wouldn’t introduce her to my medium-sized friend.

fuzzy braless boobs picHellooooo fuzzy braless girl. Is that cashmere? That fuzzy yellow thing wrapped around her succulent braless boobies really makes me want to do the happy dance. The whole mirror selfie thing can mess you up, hard to tell right-hand from left-hand. But it sort of looks like she has a weird wedding ring on. I’m going to forgive her for the little pooch at her tummy, and for the crazy duck lips, but I have to stop and question a) the similarly fuzzy footstool (is that for tickling your tush?), and b) what appears to be a bra hanging in a picture frame on her wall. I would very much like to motorboat those bewbs, and afterwards prowl around her house and see what other perverted stuff she has hanging on the walls.

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Massive Sideboob and Other Perverted Phenomena

massive sideboobRegardless of how much discipline a guy has, it’s basically impossible to ignore big boobs. A priest sworn to celibacy gets a gander at a nice pair of hooters, and he can’t help but stare. A geeky nerd who has never actually had his hands inside a gal’s shirt gets big-eyed and pants when faced with deep cleavage. It’s a natural reaction. I have no doubt that any number of men, possibly hundreds if not thousands, went to the festival shown in this photo and stopped dead in their tracks when they saw this massive sideboob. Seeing them head-on must be quite a treat, but there is a tiny bit of magic in the side view isn’t there? She actually looks like she might be wearing some kind of bikini. Maybe this is a waterpark. I’d love to watch her go down the log plume. I bet even a gay guy would have to check them out.

asian sideboobWhile we’re on the theme, we might as well enjoy some Asian sideboob. What a rare treat. Asian women aren’t known for having big boobs. Not that I mean to denigrate or stereotype, just stating what has been my experience. I should research this and see if there’s any data to support my statement. Anyway, this young lady appears to have brought a new extreme to the idea of a “sweater stretcher”. She’s looking over at the camera all innocent like, “Oh my! My big natural D-cups, which are slightly droopy and still phenomenal, are about to pop right out of this garment. Would you care to watch me?” Yes, dearie. I would. (I’m raising my hand.)

braless taktopWe’ll leave off the sideboob for a moment, but of course we’ll stick to the big boob topic. My goodness, look at this gal. The frizzy hair, and the freckles, and the fake gold jewelry in no way slows down my ascent of her twin peaks. A man could get lost between those two mountains. Might want to take a canteen and a power bar in case you don’t make it back out the first day. Those have to be DD’s, right? Gotta be. Hard to say if they are natural, cause they sure are sticking out pretty far. But who cares?? Wowza, this girl in this dark colored knit tanktop bouncing down the sidewalk as she heads to the store would be enough to cause traffic accidents. A local radio station’s traffic chopper might spot her near the scene of an accident and plunge from the sky while the pilot hyperventilates.

white bikini pokiesThis girl with the nutso pokies in the wet white bikini looks familiar, but I just can’t place her. Where have I seen her before? Not in my bedroom, I can tell you that for certain. Those massive boobs are plastered by the bikini top, and it makes me wonder if she is going to reach up and pinch those nipples a time or two, just to keep them at attention. Would you like to see that photo? Mmm, me too. If I were laying beside her on the beach, I would have to bury the lower half of my body with a little toy shovel so that my aroused manparts didn’t offend anyone. If I were to get kicked off a public beach, she might be worth it.

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Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan – Dynamic Duo of Boobs

I was semi-forced to watch the movie Freaky Friday the other day. Not at gunpoint or anything, but it just wouldn’t have been polite for me to refuse, and we all know I’m an incredibly polite and proper guy? (not)

Well the good news is the movie starts both Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. It was released in 2003, which means it was probably shot in 2002. That’s important, because it allows me to calculate the age of these two ladies at the time of the film. Lindsay was born in 1986, so she would’ve been around 16 years old, while Jamie Lee Curtis was born in 1958, so she would’ve been around 44 years old.

Jamie Lee CurtisJamie Lee Curtis’s boobs are ever-present, and I certainly noticed them in the movie. But I gotta admit, I also noticed she was looking a little old. These days she’s 58, so forget about it. I tend to remember her the way she looked in True Lies. Remember that one, the one with Schwarzenegger? That came out in 1994 when she was 36. Mmmm, I remember that stripping scene where she was bouncing around in the bra with the cleavage. A lot of monkey-spanking going on as a result of the show she put on there. I’ve posted a photo here to remind you, but you’ll have to check out a video clip to get the full effect.

Some examples here of Jamie Lee’s magnificent natural boobies in this brownish sharkskin dress. And a photo of her climbing out of a tanning bed in some movie while wearing a bikini and frankly looking a little doughy and pudgie. But those big soft melons would feel oh so nice. And the one where she’s peeking around the door with her top undone and her pants halfway zipped and her cleavage looking yummy I thought was irresistable.
Jamie Lee Curtis boobsJamie Lee Curtis soft melonsJamie Lee Curtis cleavage

I have of course talked about Lindsay Lohan before. This post was probably the most popular, probably due to the video. Her Wikipedia page has a larger section on “career interruptions” than it does on Filmography, which tells you a lot about what you need to know. She has a hard time keeping her shit together. Lots of rehab, lots of personal problems.

Lindsay Lohan pokiesShe is very freckled, and I’m pretty sure she has fake boobs. So that doesn’t work for everybody. But she’s done some nude stuff recently, and I can assure you that little 5’5″ body works just fine for me. Also, at least in the past, she has sort of a sexy voice. I’ve included a photo here of Lindsay holding her friend’s hand while wearing a white bikini top. We can of course always count on Lindsay to rock the pokies, clearly seen here. I’m not sure what’s up with the hand-holding, possibly she likes to eat at the Y every now and then. Doesn’t bother me at all, I’d give her a smooch right afterwards. Don’t forget your dental dam though.

The semi-candid photo of Lindsay at a party with her dress hanging open and her cleavage exposed is cute. And although they occasionally look inexplicably droopy, her side boob profile is a force to be reckoned with.
Lindsay Lohan cleavageLindsay Lohan side boobmore Lindsay side boob

If you’re so inclined, you can check out Katy Perry’s side boob goodness.

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Massive Braless Video Compilation

Hear ye, hear ye: I have pasted together another massive compilation video. This one is fourteen minutes long. Let’s talk about what is in this thing…

In the first clip, we have a braless blonde who apparently just woke up and got out of bed showing us what kind of smoothie goes well with her skimpy shorts and pokie nipples. I have no explanation for that little jiggly dance she does at the end, one can only hope she is not having a seizure.

In the second clip, a braless brunette stomps through a retail store in a sundress. There’s no wonder she gets so much attention, those unfettered boobies are bouncing all over the place.

In the 3rd clip, the girl in the red dress makes my heart go pitter-patter and my loins go schwing! In some scenes, the sun is shining down the front of her dress and you can see heaven.

In the 4th clip, a very busty brunette almost gives herself a black eye with those massive bouncing boobs. She better strap those girls down before somebody gets hurt.

Fifth clip, a bikini chick keeps spreading her legs and flopping her boobs around while turning cartwheels underwater. Clearly she can hold her breath for extended periods of time, which promises to help her… um, do some things that I need done.

Sixth clip, a girl at a baseball game shows us why braless D-cups in rompers are pretty freakin fantastic.

Seventh clip, about a dozen different gals giving us some handbra action. Which is your favorite?

In the 8th clip, a gal who admits she’s her boobs are way too big to go braless shows off a dress that she would love to wear with nothing underneath.

Ninth clip, another jiggly water bug in a bikini.

10th clip, my favorite college gal in a dorm room shows off a ton of lingerie. If you love those milky white d-cups, raise your hand.

In the 11th clip, a diver gets wet and can’t disguise those pokie nipples.

The 12th clip shows a milf with decals on her nipples who is absolutely going to wreck some marriages if she keeps taking photos and videos with those married hornball dudes.

Thirteenth clip, my hottie from clip ten shows off a dress that really emphasizes her curves. This is sort of a Star Wars/ Princess Leia looking thing?

Fourteenth clip, a braless brunette in a tanktop eats her breakfast and makes me thing naughty things.

Fifteenth clip, a bunch of busty gals ride a mechanical bull while they guys get free entertainment.

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