Kate Beckinsale Cannot Hide Her Nips

She may shrug and cover.  She may duck and jive.  She may hug herself and squeeze her eyes shut.  But no matter what, the stunningly beautiful Kate Beckinsale cannot hide those wonderful pokies from our view.  Why?  Because we are armed with 12 megapixel digital cameras, 12x optical zoom lenses, and cold breezes.

I have added a handful of photos of Kate wearing this ephemeral peach-colored dress. And why not, because if her nipples poked any harder against that thin fabric, something would be liable to tear. The fact that she is so clearly braless makes me wonder if that dirty girl might have left the house with no panties. But I digress. I really like the way she has her hair pulled up, and that color makes her perfect skin really pop.

Kate Beckinsale pokies 1Kate Beckinsale pokies 2Kate Beckinsale pokies Kate Beckinsale pokies 5

You can also see Kate here.

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