Gabrielle Union

I actually googled Gabrielle Union so I could provide you, my discerning and faithful readers, with a blog post filled with more factual information that just a bunch of gibberish and some immature pics of a mocha colored lady with delicious looking caramel breasts rarely supported by a bra. As if you care. As if you read anything on here, just clickclickclick until my server explodes and you are left unsatisfied and craving more. She is an actress. Did something with Kirsten Dunst. She was in Bad Boys 2. Does Memory Alpha from Star Trek ring a bell? No, I didn’t think so. Would you give up the ability to read for the next two weeks to see Gabrielle hawing her girls in a g-string? Mmm-hmm, I thought so. Just for that, I’m gonna make you click on the more tag to jump to the pics.

And once you get here and see this girlie, I’m sure you are gritting your teeth.

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