Michelle Williams

I watched Shutter Island this weekend and noticed an extremely hot/cute Michelle Williams. She apparently started out on Dawson’s Creek and has graduated to real movies? The interwebs say she is oscar-nominated, which in some cases means somebody is talented, but I cannot confirm either the nomination or the talent. Just the cuteness. It’s mostly her smile and her eyes. She has a little touch of snaggletooth, which I find endearing, and her eyes are kind of sorrowful. Generally, she has small boobies, which doesn’t really match up with bralessblog (although I personally am equal opportunity). But below are photos of a pregnant Michelle. Pregnancy tends to overinflate the chesticles. I’m not sure what’s up with the frizzy hair. Maybe she and her tool rode a motorcycle to the premier, I would hope not since she has like a beachball under her dress, but dang the hair.

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