Jordan Carver Braless Tanktop

I am assuming it is unnecessary to point out the fact that Jordan Carver has a pair of mogambos that bring mere mortals to their knees. Maybe you don’t like big boobies, which suggests a number of things:

  • you don’t like big braless boobies because you’re mama did something terribly wrong during the course of breastfeeding you (e.g. slathered her nipples with lemon juice)
  • you find braless boobies disgusting and just happened to stumble across this website searching for “how to go braless without detection”
  • you don’t like braless boobies officially, but in the dark of the night you hug up tight to two basketballs and motorboat them until the skin on your nose is raw

My point is, if you are normally abnormal like the rest of us, the site of Jordan Carver writhing around doing contortionist yoga poses on a chilly morning in a natural setting without much in the way of clothes on is enough to make you schwing. Look at the heft and the perkiness of those things! And the pokies, wow perfect 10. The only way it could be better than this is if they were in my living room. I hear that she is lesbian, and only likes guys in the way I can appreciate a rugged Navy Seal with the body of a greek god.

Jordan Carver Yoga PicJordan Carver Yoga PicJordan Carver Yoga PicJordan Carver Yoga PicJordan Carver Yoga Pic

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