LeAnn Rimes Braless

We’ve been messing around with LeAnn Rimes here on BralessBlog since 2006. Here me now and believe me later: I know LeAnn’s boobies. And they’ve gotten bigger. After very carefully studying the size and shape and location of Leann’s mogombos, I can definitely say they do not seem to correspond to her bodyweight. For most women, gaining a little weight means gaining a little boob size. Not so with LeAnn. By that I don’t mean her boobs won’t grow if she gains weight – I’m just pointing out the fact in the photo below she seems to be as skinny/fit as I’ve ever seen her, and yet zee cans are biggar. Previous posts are pasted at the bottom of your page for reference. This makes me suspect augmentation, which as you can imagine I’m in no way against, just want to make my stance clear. And it’s sort of a 3-legged stance right now, because despite the fact that LeAnn has looked prettier, she makes the center leg of my tripod grow.

LeAnn Rimes
LeAnn Rimes Nip
LeAnn Rimes Braless and Exotic
LeAnn Rimes Shows ‘Em Off

How about a video to make it all better?

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