Jennifer Aniston a Braless Hot Mess

You knew it was coming – how long can we make it here on bralessblog without posting about Jennifer Aniston? She may be 42, but she is one hot braless mess and we love her. In these photos, her hair looks a little frumpy, but her eyes more than make up for it. And those boobies literally make me jump up and click my heels together. I think that may be Reese Witherspoon she’s hugged up on in the one photo. See how her boobs are kind of squashed up, and they are braless and unsupported and ready for a hug squash? Oooo-ahhh, that’s awesome. I need to get in there for some motorboating. At 42, Jenn is still young enough to be able to take some vigorous um action, but old enough to not be surprised by it. I feel certain she and I would get along fabulously. I could even grow my whiskers out and try to take her back to the days of Brad Pitt.

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