Sandra Ahrabian Braless

Nobody knows who Sandra Ahrabian is. But that’s ok – she’s about to become that much more famous. She went slinking around some Hollywood party all braless with her nips poking out and her cleavage sloshing about, and we are here to keep the public informed about it. Turns out she is some kind of German television celebrity. Like the semi-slutty equivalent of Vanna White maybe. Her father was Iranian, and her mother was German/Irish, which means she has a hot temper and a thick bush I suppose. Maybe she trims it. Please gawd. She is clearly using those boobs as delicious weapons, and o my it works. Try wearing a lemon-lime colored silk top slit open to your fineass belly button and tweak your nipples before you run out into the onrush of photographers just in case the pokies are not yet defying the laws of physics. Mmm, verah nice. If you ever find yourself in German, you may decide to flip through every TV channel you can find hoping you run across Sandra doing her thing.

Sandra Ahrabian PicSandra Ahrabian PicSandra Ahrabian PicSandra Ahrabian PicSandra Ahrabian Pic

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