Katy Perry Pink Nippage

Katy Perry is pretty big these days. And yes, I’m talking about her boobs, as well as her popularity. She was most recently in the news for heading to Hawaii or some such tropical paradise over Christmas without her husband. Shorty thereafter, oops, they are getting a divorce. Katy needs to date some kind of Adonis, or male model. [Like me.] She is damn near perfect. Her eyes are a little bit beady, but all the better to convey her ecstasy when they are rolled back in her head and she’s moaning. [Woops, I actually said that. Slipped out.] Her boobs are perfect, yes we know that we are after all on bralessblog. But check out her teeth. Bam, perfect. I’m not a foot man, but I bet if you check out her toenails, they are perfect too. Now if I can just convince her to go out with me, I feel certain I can put her under my magical spell and she will forever more associate my name with He-Man and all that is studly.

I would like to find a picture of Katy’s sister, and her mom, and see if Katy got those boobs directly as a gift from the heavens, or whether they kind of run in the family.

Katy Perry PicKaty Perry PicKaty Perry Pic

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