Bras and Freedom

Take them off, and you’ll be free. That’s what I’ve been telling women for years. Braless is good, c’mon everybody chant with me. Well, here’s an interesting take on it:
Bras Liberate Women from Sex Slavery
CNN has this thing going where thousands of hot women who have too many bras donate them to the cause. The bras are then shipped to some third world country, where a) bras are kind of scarce, b) bras are a pretty hot commodity, c) women are maybe not all that hot and have hairy armpits. Anyway, ladies in these countries receive the thousands of bras, and then sell them, make a bunch of money, and retire on easy street. Or at least they no longer have to worry about getting sold into sex slavery and being sucked into some vortex of poverty.

The lady says her house is inundated with bra donations:

“He was constantly moving boxes out of his way to access his tools,” Langas said. “Down in the basement is where he keeps his table saw and other large tools, so besides having to move boxes, he would suffer a scolding from me from getting sawdust all over the bras!”

An interesting idea…

A shipping container would cost $6,500; money she says she just doesn’t have. When she hears about people traveling to Mozambique, she asks them to take an extra suitcase with them, filled with bras. But her goal is to raise enough money to ship all of them.

Perhaps I should begin donating my time to bra transportation. Do you think I would be marked by the federal agents for extra careful pat-downs and cavity searches if I became known as the Bra Transporter?

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