Kim Kardashian Pokies

As many times as we have visited the subject of ridiculously curvy Kim Kardashian, I’m not so sure we’ve tweaked the nips. What I mean is, pics of Kim’s pokies generally prove to be elusive. I have a few in my collection, don’t get me wrong. I may very well have a picture of every woman’s pokies ever made on god’s green earth. But Kimmie is photographed by a dozen people every day, in everything from ball gowns to bikinis, and it’s rare that she flashes those nips around. So it’s nice to be able to examine them in broad daylight, in perfectly clear photos, when she apparently did her best to keep them under wraps but failed. I mean, here she has a zip up hootchie-mama top, over a sheer sweat top, over I would guess a sports bra. But she’s a bit too cold for the nips to stay incognito. Or maybe she’s just too excited. Cause she is thinking of me and my adonis body, and the way I wipe my nose on my sleeve when I sneeze. Also, I have so much money, I put a new flag on my rusty mailbox last week. And girls like Kimmie get wet all the way down to their knees when they are in the presence of serious cashola like what I’ve got.

Kim Kardashian PokiesKim Kardashian PokiesKim Kardashian PokiesKim Kardashian Pokies

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