Braless Women 11

Step rrrrright up, dearie. Slick your wet hair back out of your face so we can check your for excessive wrinkles or buck teeth. Cock your hip girl, we like ’em curvy around here. Adjust the boobs and make sure you’re covered, we’re only like pg-13. And if the nips ain’t standing at attention, tweak ’em for godsakes, we ain’t here to swim. Never mind about the camel toe, we like that too, even if your crotch kind of smells like seaweed right now.
Braless Woman

An yeah, gal number two will not win any beauty contests next week. She is just on this side of a 5. But upon close inspection (and hey, you know I inspect closely), she appears to have very large puffy nipples. Annnd she’s braless in a tanktop. That deserves something. Maybe not a trophy, but at least a gawk on bralessblog.
Braless Women

I wish the last photo were larger and not so overexposed. Sometimes I could just curse a photographer. Yo, bro, she is hot and she’s braless. Read up on your photography tutorial if you have to, but get it right. Do you think she perked those nipples up and slathered on some lipstick just so you could butcher her picture? I’ll elbow you right out of the way, let a pro show you how to snap a few photos. Uh, dearie, you don’t mind if I shake my marble pouch at you while I do this, right?
Braless Woman

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