Sofia Vergara’s Boobs Amaze Me

Sofia Vergara is not somebody to be trifled with when she is hailing a cab. I sort of get the impression from these pics that she pulled one of her high heels off and pegged it at some stanky cabbie who passed her by. Now who in their right mind would fail to pick Sofia Vergara up on the side of the street, especially when those amazing boobs are on display like that?? Sheer madness. If I was a cabbie, and had President Obama in the back of my cab, and he was telling me “Hurry, man, this is a matter of critical National Security!” and I was hauling ass and squealing my tires and doing my best to save the world… and then we went by Sofia with her hand out on a street corner looking like that. Well, I would certainly screech to a halt and give her a ride. A *real* ride if you know what I mean. This lady is insanely curvy. She could probably prop a couple of flutes of champagne on the top of her buttocks, and then just tuck the bottle between those boobies, and be like a human champagne distribution center. I suspect I would knock some stuff loose though when I did my thing.

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