March Purple Bikini Madness

I realize you can’t see her boobs in a few of these photos, but this girl has such a yummy derriere that I’m sure you won’t mind at all. I was on the beach wearing a silver lame’ marble pouch and strutting my stuff just the other day. There were some exquisite hotties there just like this gal. Greek girls can sometimes be a little hair, but hey can’t we all. That is why there are so many different ways to get rid of the hair. That way, you can wear a revealing purple bikini and show off that phenomenal body that god was nice enough to bless you with and we an all have a really great time at the beach. Shoot, if you want to wear your purple bikini at the walmart store, we can all have a great time there too. I ain’t too picky. In fact, that would help keep the sand out of my marble pouch, a big plus if you ask me. I am 100% positive the nice workers at walmart would not stop you at the door or send you home just for showing up in this getup. You would have to carry your moolah folded up in your hand cause ain’t no pockets. Well, actually, I see a couple of places you could tuck it into now that I’m looking real close. There is just something about purple bikinis isn’t there?

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