Sophie Turner Braless

Unlike Edyta Sliwnska, who could be Kathleen Turner’s hot daughter but isn’t, Sophie turner has blonde hair and big round melons. She is skinny like a little waif. Her tummy is so slim you know she never stuffs herself or eats dairy and gets gas. Little skinny girls sometimes have big boobies. Usually, they are either kind of pointy and torpedo-like – which means they are natural – or they are round which means they were purchased. Don’t matter son, those pokies will get you through the night. And most of the day too. Taking this gal out to the beach would be fun. You could coax her into a orange bikini with really thin wet material, and then her nips would drive every other dude within 100 yards nuts. You could just sit back and congratulate yourself on how studly and successful you were. She would spend all your money (we’re pretending like you have some here) and she would cheat on you and tell all her friends what a dick you are, but man there would be a few good weeks or months or maybe even a year. Those little cat eyes and those red lips make me think she would work for the ring too.

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