Katy Perry Braless Sideboob Yummies

These are some tantalizingly delicious shots of Katy Perry‘s boobs. The art of the sideboob is a curious thing. We generally fawn over cleavage and nipples. Bot those of us who are experts know the power of the sideboob. Those girls are just begging for a warm hand and a nuzzle from a nose. My nose, to be precise. Katy’s face, I realize, can be alarming when not caked with makeup. But you see, Katy knows this, and keeps madeup. She tries extra hard to be a hot little totty. Do you see her out slumming in sweats, and greasy hair, and no makeup like Britney? No siree bob. She’s out to wow you and make you groan. Same thing in bed, I suspect. She would go that extra distance to make sure you knew she had been there. Not by kneeing you in the testicles, then clapping with delight. But by… well, I leave it to your imagination. The important part to remember is: a) they are big, b) they are currently braless, c) they are within a millimeter, a scant niphair of falling right out. The photographer jedi who took these photos probably had to go douse his face and neck with cold water just to calm himself down.

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