LeAnn Rimes Boobies Soothe

I don’t know why I’m so nice to all of you. You click on my stuff, and send me harassing notes, and do basically nothing but aggravate me. To celebrate my grumpiness, we will look at some famous boobies. I suspect that by staring at the bosom of LeAnn Rimes, I will be soothed, relaxed, transcended. Let’s see…

Nope, didn’t work. I’m just horny. I guess that’s better than nothing.

I have no explanation for the stretch marks on her boobicles. I don’t think she’s ever had a baby, but seriously I’m not babe-o-pedia or anything. Maybe she used to have a boob job, and then she had the implants pulled out. But I don’t think so. Any way, who cares. What she lacks in skin perfection, she makes up for with pocketbook and those eerily blue eyes.

Plus, she cold sing in the shower. Maybe yodel, like while I um soaped her up. That would be fine. I would splish splash a little too much, and she would bat those eyelashes, and those blue eyes would captivate me just before I stuck my nose between her slightly scarred up girlz and gave them a rather serious motorboatin. I wonder how tall she is. Answer: tall enough.

LeAnn Rimes PicLeann Rimes PicLeAnn Rimes PicLeAnn Rimes Pic

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