Braless College Babes

Ah, to be young and in college again. I actually hated college, because I was really poor, dumb as a rock, and never got laid. But the idea of college is nice. And I see pictures like this and I think, man I gotta go back and do it right this time. These girls obviously either don’t have a care in the world, or do an exceptional job of managing and compartmentalizing their stresses so they can go out for a braless night on the town and shake those boobies until they are sweaty and pokie. Look at those college babes smile. Do they believe this is the time of their life? Yessirree. Look at those college boobies. Are they firm and succulent and begging to be groped in a dorm room bunkbed? Youbetcha. I’m here to help however I can. All you college boys out there who are reading this, completely forget about what your friends think and all of your phony standards. Flip through your mental rolodex of chicks and select the one who is a) close by, b) likeliest to hump you. Now call her up and work your magic. Don’t matter if she’s a little fugly or has kankles, go do whatcha gotta do. And another evidently college cutie that you will want to examine.

Braless College Girls

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