Rita Rusic Braless

Hahahaha. You thought every gal who had big braless boobies and ends up on bralessblog was going to be hot? Well here’s the truth ladies and gents. Even girls who aren’t smoking hot need a good thrashing between the sheets every now and then. And hey, we gotta help right? Remember Smokey Bear saying ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES? Well only you can smuggle your nose between Rita Rusic’s big mogambos and motorboat those suckers until your lips go numb. You don’t know Rita because she is just barely famous enough to have pictures out there on the internet. She isn’t like Katy Perry or some of the other big name singers. Rita is just some little old maid of a Croatian-Italian singer who likes to walk her dog in white tanktops with gigantic pokies on display. The fact that she is fifty-two years old doesn’t really slow her down at all. I guess it puts a little more droop in the cleavage, but jeez who can be picky on a Monday night, huh? Trust me, there are pictures out there of her looking a lot hotter, this is just the bare minimum dog walking look. You would bang her, so quit yer complaining and click on it.

Rita Rusic BralessRita Rusic Braless

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