Jennifer Love Hewitt Braless in Blue

Well I guess Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s toolbag decided to get her some roses for their anniversary, to to apologize for picking his nose in public, or maybe just to say I love you. Who knows. It’s possible he saw me coming out of left field, ready to swoop in and steal his girl, kankles and all, and he thought he would head that off at the pass with a little foliage. Either way, I’ve got this dude’s number, I’m going to win her heart and then we’re going to make lots of babies. After getting married and spending most of her money. The cool thing about J Love though is once we run out of money, we’ll just find her some kind of hot movie to star in, and she can run around braless or maybe have a topless scene or two, and bam we’ll be back in the money. I’m thinking something like that Stripper movie with Demi Moore. Jennifer’s boobs won’t last forever, eventually they will droop and sag and become pancakes, especially after a couple of kids. But until then, I figure we (as in all of us) should enjoy them and profit from them. This little blue dress is just about perfect in that it is deeply cut, shows off her rounded melons, and pretty much mandates that she goes braless.
Jennifer Love Hewitt picJennifer Love Hewitt pic

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